US Army Veteran Pfc Ernest Frost turned 91 this March and I (his grandson) made plans to fly him to Chiriaco Summit where the General George Patton Museum resides for a walk down memory lane- World War 2 style.

The museum was founded in 1988 to commemorate General Patton and the tank training base camp he forge in the southern deserts of California for they resembled the terrain of North Africa where they soon would be deploying.


Pfc. Ernie Frost stands next to Gen Patton’s bust and portrait.  He served under Patton in the 7th Army, 3rd Infantry Division.


Grandpa tells me about the types of rifles he used during the war.


Being a scout his main weapon was a 1903 Springfield Sniper rifle having over 20 confirm kills.


Various games and products from the era celebrating the Battle of the Bulge.


The updated bazooka.  Grandpa had a much smaller version.


P08 and P38 Walther pistols.


Looking at the Nazi Luftwaffe helmet along with may other he remembers putting holes in them with his rifle;)

He had many stories of Junker JUs and BF109 pilots strafing them from above.  HE said the sound they made when the aircraft began to dive on them was unforgettable.


The BAR Browning Automatic Rifle.  Had fired in training but never used in combat.


Lugar P08 9mm. Grandpa got one of these off a dead German soldier.


Grandpa said they drove one of these around Strasbourg after curfew with a 50 cal to take out any lights that weren’t supposed to be on.  Martial Law was in effect and the Germans were told to follow the rules or get there asses kicked.


Didn’t take long for museum manager, Mike Pierson, to notice grandpa wearing his US Army uniform from 1945.


Pfc Ernie Frost points out the Bronze Star award which he received for his actions during the Colmar Pocket Campaign.


Nazi dress uniform daggers and stilettos.  The German Army definitely loved their blades.


Walking through the outdoor portion of the museum he reflects on memories of engaging these metal monsters.  Once he was asked by his Lt. to take a bazooka and attack a Tiger tank wedged in an intersection.  The guns we still able to rotate so grandpa quickly instructed the the Lt to go do it himself if thinks he can.  He knew it was a suicide mission to try to attack a Tiger tank with one of our old bazookas.  Not a chance.


After the museum manager, Mike Pierson, discovered grandpa he quickly included him in the presentation for the patrons that afternoon.


He asked him questions and described all the decorations on his uniform.


Grandpa was enjoying all of his attention and discussion about his participation in the greatest conflict of all time with the one of the greatest Americans in history!


Learn more about this WW2 hero at this link.  US Army Pfc Ernest Frost.

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