A murder in the United States Navy

Navy Petty Officers Release the Crows!


The Leadership!

There is A murder in the United States Navy.  A Murder of Crows!  Navy petty officers the crows of the fleet! The United States Navy Petty Officer is the rising leadership in the USN. They are proven leaders developing additional skills that will propel them into the ranks as future Chief Petty Officers. They participate in JEAs, SCPOAs and FCPOAs, working with their local communities and engage in everything from fundraising activities to donating their time to schools and other worthy causes. They serve in the United States Navy constantly refining their skills within their rates and begin the passage of leadership working and educating lower ranked sailors in a variety of activities and training through their example of hard work, dedication and constant development.

The custom and unique Navy Petty Officer designs created exclusively at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com are offered exclusively for the US Navy Petty Officers both past and present. These Navy Petty Officer crow military designs, shirts and apparel were created out of honor and respect to the core leadership of our naval warriors. They are our finest! Let your US Navy crow fly with these detailed United States Navy Petty Officer Crow shirts!

Navy Petty Officer Crow Shirt


“I am a Petty Officer in the United States Navy, the strongest Navy in the world. I have the distinct privilege of being a leader of the finest Sailors anywhere. As such, I owe my Sailors leadership that they can depend on, trust, and follow.

I will neither fear nor shun responsibility and I am always responsible for my actions. I am always fair and impartial when dealing with my Sailors; remembering not to accept full credit for “A Job Well Done” without proper recognition of my Sailors first.

I am loyal to my subordinates, peers, and those officers appointed over me. I cannot favor either; my integrity must be beyond reproach.

I will fully support all Navy Regulations and Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I have the duty to correct and report all violations of these regulations that govern my Navy.

I instill Esprit de Corps throughout the Petty Officer grades in the Navy; bearing allegiance to each other. I owe all of the above not to just myself, but to the United States, to my Navy, and to the Sailors who work for me.” (Source: Militaryauthority.Com)


Our United States Petty Officers also serve aboard US Navy submarines and in their spare time they play a mobile game app designed just for them!

Dive Dive!



Navy petty officers the crows of the fleet. Check out the latest Petty Officers donning their peacoats and “dixie” cups ala squid style! Another featured design created during October in celebration of US Navy and its Birthday this month! Release the Crows!


Navy Petty Officers Release the Crows!

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