The Army 68 Whiskey known as Army Combat Medics are doctors of the battlefield. They train and go into combat with their 11 Bravos and help dispense much needed life saving medcine, care, wound management and often pickup and retrieve soldiers that need to get out of the fire and back to safety. Army 68 Whiskeys get their very own Army pinup design featured on their Army Combat Medic coin.

The United States Army 68 Whiskey’s have a coin just for them. If you are training in Whiskey Land or working step by step with the 11 Bravos and Infantrymen of the US Army complete pickup, help the wounded and provide battlefield medicine whenever the need calls for it. Whether aboard a blackhawk on a Dustoff mission or working in garrison the men and women of the US Army that perform the life saving role of Combat Medic are integral to the US Army and its soldiers.

The nose art seen on the bombers of the Second World War featured military pinup art and many of those ladies of decades past were seen on aircraft to this day are still know by their name alone. Names like the Memphis Belle, Full Boost, Lucky Lady, Texas Raiders, What’s Up Doc, Special Delivery and Sho Sho Baby to name a few. These beautiful pinup ladies were classy then and they are classy now and they have become very much a part of the military history and experience to this day and are part of the military tradition.

This Army Combat Medic The Louder You Scream The Faster We Come Coin is 2 inches in height and 4mm in thickness and makes the perfect addition to your military coin collection.

The Louder You Scream The Faster We Come!

The original Army Combat Medic The Louder You Scream The Faster We Come Coin

Deep 3d relief with metallic gold, red and silver accents.

2 inch coin (4mm thickness)

Highly detailed relief Commemorative antique silver with gold accents coin.

Coins sold individually.

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