Best Of Cyber Monday Memes

Now is time for the Best Of Cyber Monday Memes! Still stuffed with Turkey from Thanksgiving, then suffering through hours of waiting in lines at the shopping mall during Black Friday and that was even if you could locate a parking space. Then the sniffling and caughing as you shared the germs of thousands of toy seeking brain dead zombines hellbent on receiving their doorkicker savings.

Let’s stop and give thanks that we don;t have to experience that again or at least for another year. Instead we get a dose of savings others found by shopping on-line. Cyber Monday! Now for a few of the funnier memes associated with this modern day miracle of computer shopping!

There is no relief from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

Another perspective on Cyber Monday!

Someone who actually gets it!

The force is NOT strong with this one.


Possibly but not at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

 No kidding. The Joker speaks the truth!

Not available on line or on Cyber Monday….yet!

Experiences may vary!

This will not happen on-line. Just saying.

So whether you are still in jor pretty pink jammies and surfing the net on Cyber Monday or jsut catching your first cup of coffee for the day remember that shopping on line is the best way to experience shopping with or without your clothes on!

Help Heal Our Vets!

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