The Best Military Designs For 2017 has already started with completely new and different, highly detailed, colorful and professional looking military artwork for both active duty US Military as well as reserve units, ships, commands, squadrons and units. As new military designs arrive on the scene they are placed here so that out United States military can both see what has been recently designed but also to see designs they too might like done for their active duty units and commands.

Over the years VSW has designed thousands if original uniquely created designs that have been printed on products ranging from shirts, both cotton and dry fit, hoodies, posters, decals, plaques, coffee mugs and steins, seen them transformed into memorial crystals, coins and so much more. The VSW difference is that they are an OEM. That means they originate the design and then make it. They have become one of the leaders in military design because of their desire to listen to their audience from their Facebook page to their Pinterest customers and have worked hard with each of them to arrive at the finest military art in the industry.

Below you will see a growing list of new military designs for each of the US military branches with thought provoking concepts to incredible detailed and lavish artwork. If you are interested in having a custom design done for your unit contact them at for more information or go to their Rules of Engagement Page found at Custom Military Designs to get started!

The USS Tornado PC-14 received one of the most detailed designs for its crew and ship just recently when Vision-Strike-Wear.Com delivered this magnificent design and military shirts to the crew. Colorful, detailed, covering the USN ratings aboard ship, their mascot and their slogan all richly displayed. Seen at USS Tornado Custom Military Shirts.

USS Tornado PC14 US Navy Shirt

The United States Marine Corps has their Military Occupation Specialties like the 0331 Machine Gunners. This design was created at the request of a active duty US Marine with 2nd Battalion 7th Marines that wanted a design for their Grim Reapers in the ranks!

US Marine 0331 Machine Gunner Grim Reaper Shirt


The First Class Petty Officer Association (FCPOA) at NAS Oceana worked with VSW to develop this highly detailed custom FCPOA shirt for their command.

US Navy RSO Oceana FCPOA Shirts

When the Sailors aboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) asked for a custom design for their engineering division they contacted Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. They wanted their ship in high seas with lightning and a ghost fleet in their aft desired a razor sharp design like the one displayed below. Arrayed for Victory!

USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 Engineering Shirt

The United States Navy Chiefs – SLF Norfolk and the Goat Locker there representing the backbone of the US Navy requested a custom design for their command and VSW delivered. The Norfolk Area Submarines design was a collaboration of Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Chiefs who work within the USN Submarine Force community and wanted a design for their command.

The relationship between the US Navy and the people of Japan is a strong one. The FCPOA at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan requested a design that had Japanese elements like Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese flag along with the US Navy one as a working relationship built on trust and goodwill. Additionally the FCPOA asked for the First Class Petty Officers Creed to be placed on the globe centered on their US Navy shirts.

US Navy Fleet Activities Yokosuka Japan FCPOA Shirt

The United States Navy Chiefs really know how to crack the whip when they need something done or maybe its better when they drive the bull! Since April 1st, 1893 they have been the backbone of the US navy and nothing has changed in all of this time. This US Navy Chief Grabbing the Bulls By The Horns Since 1893 design was created in honor of the Chiefs and the Goat Locker.

US Navy Chiefs Grabbing The Bull By The Horns Since 1893 Shirt

A US Navy design created for the men and women aboard the USS Winston S Churchill and their Chief’s Mess. This is the only ship in the United States fleet that was named after a foreign dignitary.

USS Winston S Churchill Chiefs Shirt

USS Connecticut SSN-22 wanted a design for their crew featuring a bad ass squid with pea coat along with their silver dolphins for its enlisted crew members. At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com they got it. Arsenal Of a Nation.

USS Connecticut SSN-22 Arsenal Of A Nation Shirt

I shall fear no Evil. Psalm 23:4. Every US Military service person knows the world spoken with this famous and thought provoking Biblical Verse. A design created to capture its connection with those that go into harms way wear a shirt with a design like this because they know the strength, conviction and fearlessness that is required to fight on the battlefield and win. This military shirt was created making the distinct connection between faith and the warrior ethos.

I Shall Fear No Evil Psalm 23:4 Shirt

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of US Military service dog going into combat as K-9 teams. This K-9 Veteran design was created out of respect for these teams that have been in harms way since 1942.

We Will Never Forget Coin


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