Trump has gone from You’re Fired to You’re Hired

Trump has gone from You’re Fired to You’re Hired

The military saw a pay raise that matched the rise in private sector wages for the first time in six years and many feel that Trump is the one to thank for that. Prior to the election Obama and congress seemed to be in a deadlock about how much of a raise the military would receive in 2017. Congress wanted to give the troops a raise that matched the projected growth in private sector wages, while President Obama had proposed a budget reducing the raise to 1.6% or a half a percent behind private sector wage growth. This has been his strategy as a way to save on the budget for some time and many veterans and veteran groups have been upset with the Commander and Chief trying to save money on the backs of the US men and women in uniform who are readily sent into harm’s way.

The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act submitted by the Obama administration also called for cutting 20k troops from the active duty Army alone. However after the election this was removed from the act and troop levels are to be maintained at their 2016 levels. One might presume that there actually may be a buildup in troops during the Trump administration.

President Trump has touted his support of the United States Armed Forces and its veterans throughout his entire campaign. He has made the terrible state of Veterans Affairs a focal point while gaining the support of veterans across the country. If you follow the link below he can even be seen giving a job interview to a veteran who questioned him during a press conference. He calls the woman up to the podium and gives her an on the spot interview after the woman asked if Trump Towers would be part of the Veteran hiring initiative. Needless to say I think he got that veterans support when she went to the polls on Election Day.

Pair all of this with the fact that President Trump selected one of the most respected Marine Corps generals in history as his Secretary of Defense and it sounds like this administration may be a major shift from the previous administration that saw the reducing of troop levels, buying power eroded, education benefits cut, and a crumbling of the VA system.

Even if President Trump is completely hands off from this day forward the Department of Defense can still look to General Mattis as the Secretary of Defense and feel a sense of security in an organization that can only be described as the largest band of brothers you could ever assemble. The military and its veterans are a family through thick and thin. We may have our fights, we may joke around with each other, we may even knock each other around but that’s ok because we are family. If anyone outside the family were to do it we would end their world. I for one am starting to feel very secure with the direction that that family will be heading in for the next 4 years.

Founding Fathers were Psychological Geniuses in Creating the American Republic

Founding Fathers were Psychological Geniuses in Creating the American Republic


The founding fathers were geniuses despite the modern rewriting of history and based our form of governance, a Republic with democratic powers, from the Human Brain. A fractal. They got it. In order to govern the masses fairly and as each a sovereign, it must pattern after how we govern ourselves. Genius.


The Triune Brain. Although the brain is a complex organ much like man is a complex creature culturally, we are still able to break it down into its fundamental functions.  The Reptile Complex, Limbic System, and Neocortex. The Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches are patterned after R complex, Limbic and Neo cortex.


The Legislative Branch represents the Limbic and like the Feminine energy of the Mammalian brain it is the first thing that is processed through the eyes viewing the outside world.  The Legislative Branch is where a new concept or law begins.  Like humans we must take what we see and understand. Understanding takes care. All symbols of the Limbic.


The reptile mother doesn’t care for their young. They lay the eggs and move on. Sometimes if the reptile mother is hungry will eat her own eggs to survive.

mammal cat nurture babiesdolphine

However the mammal, which we as humans also share this brain, cares. We nurture for months in the body then raise them til adulthood. All mammals do this. As Humans we care enough to discuss the issues and cooperate to a compromise for the benefit of the collective.


This is what happens in the Legislative Branch. The building is even shaped like a mother’s breast which symbolic sustains life.  Feminine energy indeed.  Where does our Legislative Branch meet? In Congress. Another word for making love. Or male and female energy coming together to create a new law(life) in the world for the Executive branch to enact and engage.

Young man kissing the belly of his pregnant woman
The Executive is the Neo cortex and unlike animals that have the previous two, we have evolve and have the higher faculties to rationalize our feelings and thoughts to take action in the world to hopefully improve it. Like the Neo Cortex the also called the Executive Brain the Executive Branch makes decisions and can veto or overrule the Legislative or Judicial Branches.  No other creature or government has ever achieved what Mankind and America has under this governance. The knowledge an understanding to take action in the world is what is necessary to perceive and change what is bad to good.

R Complex is the R Complex or reptile brain and like the R Complex humans share this old brain with many lesser animals going way back. The Judicial Branch is the equivalent. Like the R Complex we as animals have been living under the very strict law of nature for a long time. This branch represents the laws of humans aside for the law of nature. It is to PROTECT us from royals and tyrants. From our neighbors that wish to take from us. It sets up boundaries and functions to enforce that law. All characteristics of R Complex.

Unfortunately we have been under Nationalist Socialist which patterns after a slave mind not knowing thyself, isolated and not sovereign. Following the master subservient to any authority hoping for a handout they can achieve while selling out their neighbor to get ahead and above the trash heap of waste, pollution and ignorance that socialism always creates. Like the homeless wandering the streets, the Socialist too are shadows of their true selves, slaves to the system, money and ego shrouded by altruistic lies. We are being lured back into the fold of the monarchy’s foul leathery wing.


Nazi Symbol on the walls of the US Congress.  Not sure but based on pictures these were not present prior to WW2.


Lets get back to the US Constitution and the understanding of what it means and the principles for which it stands.


Take action in the world and make sure we maintain this idea.  Otherwise you are a slave not a sovereign.  Recognize our Great Republic and Keep it.  Be Sovereign!




Is ISIS Learning Recruiting Strategies From Online Sexual Predators?

Is ISIS Learning Recruiting Strategies From Online Sexual Predators?

There is a common thread behind so called “homegrown extremists” in France, England, and even in the USA.  Surviving family members and friends who had no idea their children, friends or even siblings had become radicalized.

There the mother who had no idea that her child or children met extremists online. The wife who thought her husband was just taking the day off from work, or the sister who realized she had never met her brother’s new gang of friends. Transformations, especially in young people can be subtle, taking place over months and eluding relatives along the way.

Mia Bloom of the University of Massachusetts says groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda go after young women in the West by using other young women as online recruiters. The tactics they use are similar to that of an online sexual predator: establishing a rapport and building trust.

“It’s another woman. She’s cool. She’s just a few years older. And so this is how they will initially approach,” Bloom says. It’s an attempt to dupe unsuspecting young women in places like the United Kingdom, France and United States into joining. But it begs another question: Are the young women who end up being recruited victims or terrorist masterminds?


Countries in Europe, like the England, are often arresting “fighters” who return from Syria or Iraq and sentence them to prison trying to avoid more home-grown terrorist attacks.  When their families cooperate with authorities and their children are imprisoned, it could discourage other families from working with police or security organizations to bring their kids back home.

“In the same way that we have former gang members talking to high school students to prevent them from entering gangs, we may be missing out on an invaluable resource to have these girls speak to other young women not to get involved,” she says.

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20-year-old Aqsa Mahmood from Glasgow is a case in point. She traveled to Syria in 2013 and married an ISIS fighter. She then starting promoting terrorism back home via Twitter. Dr. Bloom says they try to recruit others by selling an idealized version of what life will be like in Syria.

“She’ll be online extolling the virtues of living in the Caliphate and how wonderful it is to have this sisterhood, especially if you are the second or third wife,” Bloom says.

Some of the other tactics used to recruit young men and women to ISIS and al-Qaeda resemble those used by cults or online sexual predators who prey on children. One technique is ironically called ”love bombing.” They attempt to influence a person with continuous and lavish demonstrations of affection and attention.  Expecially to people who already feel alienated in their local city, town or culture.  They also can work by putting some kind of prize in front of potential recruits in exchange for an agreement.

In many cases, ISIS themselves could be considered sexual predators as many of the women recruited to marry ISIS fighters are under the legal age of consent.  Some of the “officers” in the ISIS military groups take multiple wives, many of them as young as 14 year of age.

People drawn to both terror groups, online predators and cults tend to be seeking something missing from their lives. ”They’re not necessarily going to be damaged individuals,” Bloom says. “But I do think that the terrorist organizations do prey upon a certain kind of individual, especially converts to Islam who, because they converted, tend to overcompensate.”

Sometimes that compensation, especially for Western recruits, is for a lack of success in life. ”They are tired of being objects of history and want to be agents of history,” Bloom says. “Being in the caliphate is a way of being someone important. You’re making a difference — even though it’s a terrible difference.” (Source: OPB)

Radio Interview with Dr. Bloom:

As crazy and it sounds, these people are going to be coming back from Syria, Iraq and other countries and in some cases, there is no way to know who they are.  In Europe, some experts are suggesting there could be potentially thousands of extremists who were fighter or conspirators of ISIS.  Without programs to “de-radicalize” these people, the potential for acts of terrorism is a matter of “when”, not “if” it will happen.

A representative from France (unidentified in the radio interview) said, “the [government] is starting to realize they cannot capture or kill them all.  IS Fighters could be coming back tomorrow or a year from now, but they are returning. And when they return, they have the will, the training and the contacts to coordinate attacks. Our best hope may yet lie with de-radicalization programs, like those currently used in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.”


Regardless of the consequences, the increasing threat may be slowed or stopped by using tactics that are currently employed to fighter online sexual predators. The US government and many local police forces already have programs in place to find online predators and these programs may be able to be used to track ISIS recruiters because they are taking their game plan from existing tactic used by online pedophiles and predators.

Shellbacks Making a Comeback in the US Navy

Shellbacks Making a Comeback in the US Navy

Hazing has been a part of the “Shellback” ceremonies in the US Navy for years, but the new Hazing Prevention task force is trying to end that. Hazing is classified as any and all actions that are, “cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning or harmful.” It is nice to know that Shellbacks Making a Comeback might be at hand.

SECNAV Instruction and the new task force say that their mission is clear, and that mission is to end hazing. However, the Navy does not want to stop the comradery and team building associated with these ceremonies.

What is Acceptable and What is Banned

Throwing a bucket of water on someone, or a flavored/color drink, small amounts of non-poisonous grease or other non dangerous agents is considered to be “OK”. Engine Lube, or poisonous substances are out. Beating someone with a rubber hose is out, but covering someone with vegetable shortening sounds like it’s good “clean” fun still.

The object here to still let people have a good time but in a way that endangers someone’s life or well being. In other cases something is allowed based on their classification. Such as shaving someone’s eyebrows is considered hazing, yet is not if you are a Navy SEAL, as it is considered special circumstances and “a unique requirement of their job.”

Only 30 cases of hazing have been reported in fiscal 2013 by the Navy. Some more serious than others and a few reported to include “abusive sexual contact.”

Often these ceremonies will also contain gifts, and mementos such as special coins called Challenge Coins. These are made with specific designs emblematic of the location of the Shellback Ceremony. Also decals, sticker, custom unit shirts and other products are used to give the new sailors a lasting memory of the events and the accomplishment of the ceremony itself.


An Important Right of Passage

The Shellback ceremonies are still an important right of passage for those in the US Navy. the definition of the ceremony is “Crossing line ceremonies involving  ‘Shellbacks’ or sailors who have crossed the equator before and initiating  ‘Pollywogs’ or new sailors, crossing for their first time.”

Bronze Statue of King Neptune’s Court




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Shellback King Neptune’s Court in Bronze!


This important right of passage can build a feeling of accomplishment as well as comradery, as long as things are not taken too far as leave people injured, physically or mentally.

Emerald Shellback T-Shirt


Titles of Shellback Accomplishments

  • Ancient Order of the Deep
  • Court of Aurora Borealis
  • Emerald Shellback
  • Golden Shellback
  • Imperium Neptuni Regis
  • Mossback
  • Order of the Ditch
  • Order of the Lakes
  • Order of Magellan
  • Order of the Golden Dragon
  • Order of the Red Nose
  • Order of the Rock
  • Realm of the Czars
  • Royal Diamond Shellback

The Safari to Suez

VSWA152_Safari to Suez

Controversy vs Comradery

Today’s ceremonies have calmed down considerably. The new sailors will most times dress funny, sing and chant and get hosed down or splashed on by water buckets.

A corpsman in Virginia was quoted saying, “War is stressful, battles are dangerous. We need to be tough on each other so that we know we can count on each other when things go downhill.”

We hope that the Navy will allow the ceremonies to continue as it is an important moment for many Navy Men and Women. As long as the ceremonies are done in a safe and non-damaging way to our brave soldiers and sailors, we believe the benefits outweigh the issues involved.

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USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

United States Coast Guard shirts and designs have been created for the Amazing Guardsmen of the USCG!


Harbor Master Port Authority PWCS All American Detect Intercept Interdict

The Ports Waterways Coastal Security Harbor Master USCG Shirt design at can be found at

The Ports Waterways Coastal Security Harbor Master USCG Shirt created for Coasties and one of the 11 major mission types the USCG focuses in when conducting operations all over the world PWCS. Even though the smallest of the United States military branches, the US Coast Guard no less has some of the finest men and women in uniform working extremely hard each and every day helping to protect our shorelines, harbors, sea lanes with their incredible skills and talents.  Detect Intercept Interdict!
PWCS, one of the many roles the USCG performs involves the employment of awareness activities including; counterterrorism, antiterrorism, preparedness and response operations; and the establishment and oversight of a maritime security regime.  PWCS also includes the national defense role of protecting military outload operations.
This USCG design was created specifically for those involved in PWCS activities both active duty, reserve, retirees and veterans alike.




Who Shot Osama Bin Laden – Does It Really Matter?

Who Shot Osama Bin Laden – Does It Really Matter?

Robert O’Neil says that he was the man who shot Osama Bin Laden.


He is a former Navy SEAL and the Pentagon has confirmed was one of 23 Navy SEALs on SEAL Team Six that went on the mission to find Osama Bin Laden. He claims to have fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden.  O’Neil said Friday that he was inspired to reveal his secret after meeting with the families of victims from the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Robert O’Neil Describes What Happened On The Today Show

“This wasn’t my first mission. This was probably mission 400 plus. So, I took the shot because it was my primary threat and then I went to the secondary, tertiary threats. And that was to clear the room and make sure the other two in the room were properly taken care of.” – Robert O’Neil

Did O’Neil Shoot Bin Laden and Should He Even Be Talking About It?

There are conflicting reports whether he was the man who shot Osama Bin Laden, former Al Qaeda leader, or if SEALs are even supposed to disclose those kinds of details to anyone. He said that after speaking at an event for the families of victims of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and seeing the reactions of the families, he was inclined to speak out about what happened.


Montana native, Robert O’Neil, being interviewed November 14, 2014 on NPR said that the families “found solace and closure” by knowing that Osama was killed and knowing who “punched his ticket”  made it seem “real” to them.

I think it’s a difficult secret to keep,” he told CBS News. All 23 SEALs who participated in the raid on a stronghold in Pakistan back  in 2011 were sworn to secrecy about the mission. Some say that there were thousands involved in the hunt for Osama and that O’Neil was merely the “tip of the spear” or the “triggerman” in the multi-year world-wide man hunt for Bin Laden.

Previously, a book published under the pen name “Mark Owen” by former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette, is under investigation by the Pentagon.

“A former member of the Navy SEALs who wrote a best seller about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden is under criminal investigation for possibly disclosing classified material, according to federal officials and his lawyer.” (source: NY Times)

Don Mann, Also of SEAL Team Six, Talks About The Announcement

“These things have to be kept quiet for a number of reasons,” Don Mann, a former SEAL and author of Inside SEAL Team Six, said Sunday. “Talking out like this goes against the fabric of our community.” But Mann cuts O’Neill some slack: first of all, the government made it clear, shortly after bin Laden’s death, that SEAL Team 6 was responsible (“To me, that’s the bigger problem,” Mann says). Then Bissonnette took too much credit for his role, Mann believes. (Source: Time Magazine)

What Matters Most

I doubt that there will ever be consensus on an issue such as this, however there are a few points that everyone can agree on.

  1. Osama Bin Laden had to be removed, even if he was only a figure-head at that point and not operationally involved.
  2. The families of the victims of 9/11 deserve any small amount of comfort or closure we can give them.
  3. We need to do everything we can to guarantee the operational safety of our men and women in uniform.

Robert O’Neil does not seem to have a direct profit motive, as he is not promoting a book or product and he does work with a registered charitable organization.  However, he broken the code of secrecy that SEAL teams swear to uphold.  Even if his motives are honorable, the code is in place to protect our troops during and after their active duty, and that is a line he has crossed.


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