US Congress Creates A New Military Branch

US Congress Creates A New Military Branch

US Congress Creates A New Military Branch

September 18th the US Congress Creates A New Military Branch and passes the National Security Act of 1947 effectively combining the US Army, US Navy and the newly formed US Air Force into the Department of Defensive.  Consequently, James Forrestal was confirmed as the first Secretary of Defensive.  At its core the USAF represented more than just warefare having a high emphasis on technology and science.

It started with the Aeronautical Division , US army Signal Corps in 1907. After decades of US air warfare development and grew, World War 2 launched American Air Power into the forefront.  The need for air defensive was imparitive at the dawning of the cold war and protection from the Soviet Union and escalating arms race. Today is the 67th Birthday of the USAF protecting our skies and keeping us safe.

 Pop Culture Movies and Games

Hollywood embraced the fear of attack by created a slew of B Horror Films targeted to the new Baby Boomers such as the Blob to the more recent Armageddon where the USAF saves the day!

If you want to experience some of these themes download USAF:Operation Sentinel and play an airmen in the USAF dealing with Asteroids, Alien Invasion and more!

Even the elite USAF Combat Control Teams have shown off their talents in Transformers



Cold War TV shows with USAF characters

60’s hit ” I dream of Jeannie” centers around a US Air Force Astronaut that stumbles upon a magical bottle while on a space mission containing a beautiful Jeannie that is eternally indebted to him offers to help the Major through many USAF hi-jinks and slapstick with her unlimited wishes!

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BOGO Decals For All of August At VSW!

BOGO Decals For All of August At VSW!



BOGO On All Military Decals!

In honor of The United States Coast Guard, Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is pleased to announce that throughout the month of August all military decals for all branches will be offered on a buy one, get one free sale!

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Whether a car, truck, rv, atv, motorcycle, HUMVEE, M-1 Abrams or perhaps some other form of conveyance then a military decal might just be the perfect thing! For the very best applications it has to be vinyl and something that will stand up to the bone cracking heat of the desert or the eye popping cold of Korea and the DMZ then you need a decal that will stand the test of time.

VSW834_AlQaedaHuntingClub-v (1)

The New Design of Cool

You know you have seen them whether they were displayed on the back of a Ford, Chevy or GM truck parked outside the local VA or maybe in some podunk shopping mall in some corner of the US then you have witnessed them – My Mom’s A  Marine, Proud Navy Dad, Uncle of an Airmen!

We think America needs a car wash and needs to get fitted with the next generation of military cool when it comes to a military decal. Let’s chuck the old lazy designs of the passed in the bin!

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What Makes A Cool Military Decal?

Pride. Honor. Integrity. The completion of a tour of duty. A unit being acknowledged. Remembering a fallen brother or sister. A War. A thought or general emotion on the subject that is meaningful to you. The use of a military decal on your rig is a lot more than just a piece of vinyl. It has to be. The United States military has honor and traditions that span decades and lead back to the founding of our country so it better stand up to the weather and the elements and be able to withstand some knuckle dragging punk or bullshit hippie, or even worse, some mind depraved draft burning card member of the social elite!

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Tin Can Sailors of the US Navy

 How about a design for the Tin Can Sailors of the US Navy? This Tin Can sailor decal is what we are talking about when it comes to a vibrant and colorful US Navy decal.


Feel like Opening A Can of Whoopass?

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What is most important is that you are part of a brotherhood and sisterhood that has taken the oath to defend this country and you have every right to display on your car or truck window what means the most to you!




What the $%*& is a BOGO?

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There is so much to celebrate and honor in the month of August!

The United States Coast Guard has many very interesting things that have gone on during their 224 year history marked with their Birthday on August 4th.

Just the following historical USCG dates have occurred on August 1st.


US Coast Guard Decals

Secretary of Treasury described the ensign and pennant authorized to be flown by revenue cutters as “consisting of 16 perpendicular stripes [one for each state in the Union at that time] alternate red and the Union of the Ensign to be the Arms of the United States in dark blue on a white field.” 1799

VSWA184 USCG Kodiak Bear


Alaska was designated as a separate lighthouse district, with a district office and depot established at Ketchikan for directing operations. 1910

The Coast Guard released a photograph of unidentified flying object (UFO), taken by a Coast Guard photographer on 16 July at the Salem Coast Guard Air Station. 1952


The Marine Safety Detachment in Manila closed on 1 August 1979, marking the end of active Coast Guard presence in the Philippines. 1979
1st – USCG – The 49-year old cutter Ingham gained the distinction of being the oldest commissioned cutter in service when her sister, Duane, was decommissioned. 1985

CGC Hamilton attempted to seize the Russian fishing trawler Gissar in the Bering Sea for fishing in U.S. waters. The Gissar then attempted to return to Russian waters, whereupon a boarding team from the Hamilton boarded the trawler. Soon thereafter, up to 19 other Russian trawlers surrounded the two vessels, thereby prohibiting the Hamilton from taking the Gissar to a U.S. port. The Hamilton’s boarding crew was removed from the Gissar and the Gissar was turned over to the Russian Border Guard vessel Antius. 1999


CGC Jarvis returned home after a three-month patrol that opened cooperative international efforts between the U.S. and other nations of the North Pacific heads of coast guard agencies. Jarvis engaged in officer exchanges and joint operations with Korean, Japanese and Canadian Coast Guards, the Russian Northern Border Guard and the Chinese Fisheries Enforcement vessel Zhong Guo Yu Zhen.2005


MSD St. Paul responded when the I-35W bridge collapsed in the Twin Cities. The Coast Guard established a security zone around the collapsed bridge and maintained a presence for 20 days. Boat crews from St. Louis, Milwaukee, Two Rivers, Wis., Duluth, Minn., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., MSST 91106 (New York), Sector Lower Mississippi River, Sector New Orleans, Station Gulfport and Station Aransas assisted during the three weeks following the bridges collapse. 2007

USCG Videos In Honor Of Coast Guard Month!

Led By A Lion T-Shirt and Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt

Led By A Lion T-Shirt and Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt

Led By A Lion T-Shirt and Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt

Led By A Lion T-Shirt and Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt . Two fantastic new Military Quote T-Shirt designs from Wear your attitude with these two new designs with quotes from Henry V and Alexander the Great.

Led By A Lion T-Shirt


“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

Alexander the Great

Led By A Lion T-Shirt

Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
Let pry through the portage of the head
Like the brass cannon; let the brow o’erwhelm it.

Once More Unto The Breach T-Shirt

American General and Legend: Black Jack Pershing

American General and Legend: Black Jack Pershing

American General and Legend: Black Jack Pershing


((( Spoiler Alert: Promo for all branches at bottom of this post! )))

America has had its fair share of incredible leaders from the time of its inception, General George Washington, Ulysses S Grant, Winfield Scott, Robert E Lee, Dwight D Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George S Patton, Matthew B Ridgway, H Norman Schwarzkopf and the one remembered today: Black Jack John J Pershing! Now is the time to remember American General and Legend: Black Jack Pershing!


Black Jack Pershing

An intellectual, identified as extremely intelligent from an early age, John would teach school for 4 years prior to his appointment at West Point in 1882.

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The Indian Wars

As a newly commissioned 2nd Lt with the famous 6th Cavalry Regiment in June of 1886, he was instrumental as an officer during the American Indian Wars.  The name “Black Jack”would soon be given to him as a result of his command of the famous Buffalo Soldiers.

6th Cavalry Regiment

The Spanish-and Philippine-American Wars

It was then soon after the Indian Wars that General Pershing served with the tenth cavalry at San Juan Hill.  As the leader and commander of troops during the Philippine-American War he again served with amazing leadership from 1899 to 1901. As an experienced officer and battle tested he sought a battle and after a short period of time found himself in San Francisco in 1914 where he took command of the 8th Infantry Brigade.


World War 1

The year is 1917 and after a shirt interview with President Woodrow Wilson, the decision was reached that Pershing would become the commander of the the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in Europe. With is arrival coming in France on June 23 thus began the buildup of American forces in Europe and preparation of war.  French then demanded that US forces fight under French commanders and immediately Pershing refused. This was simply not going to happen.  During his time in France, Pershing maintained the AEF as an independent fighting force and commanded three major offensives in 1918 consisting of Aisne-Marne from July 25 to August 2, Saint-Mihiel from September 12 to 19, and the final Meuse-Argonne offensive on September 26 to November 11.

A historian and commander that had clearly studied his fellow generals, Pershing was quickly adopted tactics learned from General Lee he operated by taking advantage of the enemies flanks to lodge them from their trench tactics. Up to then trench warfare was costly, resulting in too many casualties. Pershing use of flanking maneuvers resulted in success in effective routing of the enemy.

The first to use air power he was able to reduce concentrations of enemy forces and used airplanes verses artillery to bring the fight tot he enemy. French and British leaders claimed the war would conclude in 1919 or 1920 but Pershing stated the AEF would end it by by 1918 and through his brilliant tactics and leadership it did end.

As the first ever appointment as General of the Armies of the United States in July 1919 thus making him the first and only general to receive the rank in his own lifetime created a significant historical event in the history of the US Army. Not often remembered due to the fact that the AEF did not participate in the earlier European campaigns it nevertheless provides a glimpse into this most effective of American Generals.


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USCG Auxiliary 75th Anniversary Is Honored At VSW

USCG Auxiliary 75th Anniversary Is Honored At VSW

USCG Auxiliary 75th Anniversary Is Honored At VSW
75 years uscg

USCG Auxiliary 75th Anniversary Is Honored At VSW

USCG Auxiliary 75 Years And Going Strong!

Not often spoken about in the headlines, newspapers, periodicals or within the ranks of the US, the USCG has a little secret up its sleeve: The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary!


Since 1939 the USCG Auxiliary has served as the backbone of the US Coast Guard and has been there to support the USCG in every way it possibly can!

 What is the USCG Auxiliary?

Source from Wiki~

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG Aux) is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard (“USCG”). Congress established the USCG Aux was June 23, 1939, as the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

uscg reserve

What does the USCG Auxiliary do?

1. An excellent article by Rande Wilson of the USCG goes into a nice discussion about the duties of the Auxiliary, their roles and missions. What does the Coast Guard Auxiliary do? This is a question I once caught myself asking when I was active duty at Sector Seattle. And for the average Coastie out there it’s a question that they too may not be able to answer. So, as today’s educative post I would like to tell you what I know of the Auxiliary, their actions, and their potential. More information found at  at

Missions and Core Values!

Per Wiki~Administrative support to the Coast Guard
Aids-to-navigation verification (ATON)
Assistance to local government
Augmentation of Coast Guard billets
Bridge administration
Surface, air and radio operations
Contingency preparedness
Licensing of merchant mariners
Marine safety and environmental protection (MSEP)
Port safety and security (PS&S)
Public affairs support (PA)
Program visitor (PV)
USCG Academy Recruiting
Search and rescue (SAR)
Vessel examinations
Waterways management as part of USCG the Auxiliary’s core values are the same as those of active Coast Guard: Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. The USCG motto is “Semper Paratus”(Always Ready).

Semper Paratus!

Always Prepared!

semper paratus

USCG Auxiliary Videos

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