At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com all veterans are honored such as those of Desert Storm¬†Honoring the Warriors of Desert Storm With Incredible Military Designs is what the team at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is all about. The military units that participated in Operation Desert Storm can experience their units vibrantly displayed on shirts which pay respect to the warriors that served in the sand box during the days when names like Sadaam Hussein, Baghdad, Kuwait were on the tips of American tongues. These are the units and aircraft that participated in what our enemy called the “Mother Of All Battles”.

The cutting edge military designs for shirts and apparel are often found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. For over 9 years they have been designing for US Army Soldiers, their commands and their units reaching across the globe from Fort Polk to Seoul, South Korea. Their military art is often designed for a variety of apparel types from hoodies to long and short sleeve shirts. Customers have the option of also selecting Made In America apparel options. At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com we feel it is important that our men and women in the United States military and US Veterans wear an American Made product.

Below you will discover many of the most popular US Army shirt designs created in 2017 with many more on the way.

The 24th Infantry Hawaiian Division created at the request of the units association.

The Big Red 1. A number of the US Army Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division asked for a cutting edge designs (literally) and we were happy to oblige their request with this 1st ID design and 75th Ranger Tab, knuckle breaker knife, boonie cap, skull, crossed M-4s with 203 and the blue colored infantry shield.


The First Team. The 1st Cavalry Division also requested this design out of Fort Hood and went into design mode immediately. Earn Your Spurs!

1st Armored. Old Iron Sides. Tanks. Black berets, crossed rifles and the color of Armor sweep past this highly detailed US Army armor design.

A military hoodie designed and created for the Veterans of Operation Desert Storm.

Up Armored. At the request of a few soldiers the request for an Up armored HUMVEE was developed so that the Soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan during OIF and OEF could have a military design they wanted and received.

The US Army Cavalry military shirt with Copperhead Snake, crossed cavalry sabres, Cavalry guidon in red and white and the American Motto “Don;t Tread On Me’ has become one of the most popular US Army shirt designs we have created.

Patrick Henry said it all and this Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death design was created and fashioned on this military hoodie and then offered in shirts and more for both active duty US Army and prior service. The crossed hatchets, fierce skull and Army Star complete this highly articulated design that has been extremely popular among the troops!

The US Air Force came ready, loaded and screamed across the Arabian skies bringing modern air supremacy and air combat to Operation Desert Storm. The designs below feature the US Air Force aircraft that raced for Baghdad in their fight against Iraq.


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