When a new military challenge coin company comes into being it is worth noting and sharing this information among military coin collectors and those who are looking to add to their military coin collection, their shadowbox, to offer a gift or coin exchange or something to simply just enjoy and remember their time in the service. Whether as a US Army soldier, A US Marine, A US Navy sailor,  A US Air Force airmen or a US Coast Guard coastie there is always a delight when it comes to collecting coins.

They mean something. They have value. They help all of us to remember the bond we had with our brothers and sisters in the military while serving in the defense of the United States. It spans time and it brings our military together.

Vision-Strike-Coins.Com is a young business that for many years was associated with the military artwork of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and it highly detailed military graphics seen on military clothing and apparel, military decals and stickers, plaques and other highly sought after military collectibles.

Never forget the US Coast Guard! Ever. At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com every military branch is treated with respect. The United States coast Guard receives the same highly detailed and original artwork that the other military branches experience. The latest coin from VSC, USCG Ask The Chief has that certifiable original look and feel. Another great coin to add to your personal collection or exchanged. A USCG coin that makes the perfect part of your military coin collection.

Since May 18th, 1920 the US Coast Guard has been asking the Chief!


Side B



USAF TACP Coin. When it comes to the newest military coins for the United States Air Force then the TACP (Tactical Air Control Party Coin) is perfect. Designed for the highly specialized and highly trained USAF Airman these battlefield surgeons that call in the close air support and eradicate the enemy.

US Air Force TACP Tactical Air Control Party Coin

USCG Cutter Crew Coins

The USCG Cutters of the United States Coast Guard perform an amazing amount of different roles and missions from drug interdiction to search and rescue. Tasked with the patrol and security of the United States coastlines the USCG is always prepared to do what it is tasked to do. The USCG Cutters from East coast to West coast are honored with this USCG Cutter coin produced for them

USCG Cutter Semper Paratus Coin


United States Army Staff Sergeant Coin

A coin design with the look and feel of what a truly designed E-6 military coin should look like. Highly detailed 3d graphics constructed in a 4mm thick coin that creates an added depth for the kind of etching and cuts needed to construct the finest in military coins.

US Army Staff Sergeant This We'll Defend Army Rank Coin




Who said US Naval Coins couldn’t be kick ass? No one.


The Sea Is Ours Coin!

2 inches of all US Naval Coin crafted from the original art and design of Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. Originality must exist for a coin to be well received by US Navy Sailors. As a country it has been long established that our distance from other countries and the seas that divide us has always protected us. But that protection cannot exist unless America has the ability to defend her coasts, the sea lanes, fighting piracy wherever and whenever, rushing to an ally or fighting above below and on the sea. This is why the United States Navy must control the sea. The Sea Is Ours!

USN Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours Original Coin


From design to mold to construction and onto shipping the jouney a US Navy coin takes is not as easy as one would image. First it begins with incredible art. It has to. In order for the military coin to really sizzle it needs to first have the kind of design and art that will produce a first class coin. How does this heppen? Mainly its originality and then talent. You can have the best ideas in the world but you have to be able to transalate that coin design into something magical and that means understanding the metals and construction needed to produce the kind of detail that a coin requires. There can be the mediocre out there and for some that search for price only anything will do. Then there are the US Navy commands that know that while a military shirt can cost upwards of a year at best the military coin for the United states Navy can and will last a lifetime and for far less than a naval tee.

So in the end a US Navy coin can and will always be great if the talent, inspiration and originality are there. With Vision-Strike-Coins.Com it is!

The First To Lead coin for the US Navy is one example of the kind of detail and 3D elements that make up this exciting coin. Its original. Its copyrighted and it was made out of love and respect for the US Navy!


With the recent announcement of military coins, Vision-Strike-Coins.Com has taken these cutting edge military designs and transformed them into some of the most detailed and well recognized military coins in the marketplace. Displayed below are just some of the many US Navy coins, Army coins, Marine Coins, Air Force coins and Coast Guard coins recently released that are already being spoken about across America. Each with its own story and love for our military. Look for many more coins to be created over the next year as these new generation coins are minted and created for you.

Navy 1st Class Petty Officer Coins ~A Murder Of Crows!


A USN 1st Class Petty Officer coins for the E-6’s of the United States Navy. This design features the Navy crow perched on the chevrons of the enlisted 1st Class PO. The US Navy sailors call the eagle found on their rank sleeve a crow and in this US Navy tradition we created this US Navy Crow coin for them.

December is the birthday month of the United States Army National Guard: The oldest of the military services. Out of respect to the US Army National Guard the coin artisans at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com developed two different coins in their honor.

US Army National Guard ~ Always Ready. Always There

Founded on the roots of this country is its minutemen. The citizen soldier that grabbed his rifle, powder and rushed off in a minute to fight the enemy that was not an ocean away but right in his very own backyard. The American minuteman! This National Guard coin was designed by lead military artist, Frost Call, in honor of the men and women of the US Army National Guard.

US Army National Guard Coin

11 Bravo! Ground pounders. Bullet catchers. Infantry!

The men of the United States Army and Army National Guard to their testament and incredible bravery spanning the history of the UNited States had this coin created out of respect and honor to them. The 11 Bravo military coin.

US Army 11 Bravo Infantry MOS Coin

The US Flag, crossed M4 rifles, 5.56mm ammunition, stars, boonie cap and the skull with grenade pin its mouth a favorite among infantryman!

Out of respect to all military branches of the United States, Vision-Strike-Coins.Com has also created from their original designs creative and unique military coins many of which are displayed below.

Gator Navy!

From the jaws of a US Navy Amphibious ship comes the most dangerour and terrifying warriors. They come from over the horizon on their landing craft, the hovercraft, the LCACS and their desitnation the beaches of dome distant land Like the Marines of the 2nd World War during the island hopping campaigncs of the South Pacific against their then nemesis, the Enpire Of Japan, the Gator Navy unleashed hell upon coastlines and beaches and knocked back the enemy. Today the US Navy Gator Navy is still alive and well and doing the same thing by providing Marine assualt forces the equipment, sailors and drive to take any beach head and deliver hell upon any coastal defense or enemy. They are the amphibians of the US Navy. They are the Gator Navy!

US Navy Gator Navy Vintage Coin ™

Since Oct 13, 1775 America has defended hersefl on the oceans and seas of the world. The Gator Navy recognized for the ships and men it has at its disposal fights and transports amphibious elements of both the US Navy and US Marine Corps to the beaches and coastal hot spots around the world. In the event of disaster relief and bringing much needed supplies to countries across the globe the US Gator Navy is there. This Gator Navy coin was created in honor of these men and women that serve with distinction in the US Navy!




We Will Never Forget Coin


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