Offically Licensed Popeye Designs Released

The newest officially licensed and approved King Features Popeye designs just released by the designers of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com! Get your officially licensed Popeye shirts and designs released from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Popeye returns with color and style and detail as he is displayed on two brand new Popeye shirt and hoodie designs for the millions of Popeye fans the world over.

All men are created equal then a few become destroyer sailors. The age old saying of many a Tin Can Sailor displayed prominently on this Popeye vintage design.

Popeye was a Tin Can Sailor!

Popeye Destroyer Sailor Shirt

Popeye the All American!

Sitting on the pier flexing a muscle or two and with that said an enemy submarine as well. The awe inspiring biceps that sent a few ships to the bottom, kep the girls swooning, the can of spinach always at the ready and when in need supplying the strength needed for the upcoming fight. Popeye has been an American icons for decades. A true All American!

Popeye Navy All American Shirt

An incredible relationship has been formed with the license holders of Popeye and the custom military design experts of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com with striking designs that are created for the new generation of Popeye fans and memorabilia collectors!

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