Peshmerga Volunteers

The ISIS Hunting Club found at IHC raises funds with every sale it makes of ISIS Hunting Club shirts, coins and more. It isn’t about making money it’s about raising money and for a worthy cause: The Peshmerga Volunteers!

With every purchase made a % of every sale is collected and placed into an ISIS Hunting Club Fund which is then used to purchase medical supplies and then mailed to them in the field where it can help save lives and keep the Peshmerga Volunteers in the fight.

Please find below a display of the ISIS Hunting Club coins and products we have produced to help raise funds. Your purchase helps saves lives and keeps these men and women safely cared for on the battlefield.

The ISIS Hunting Club Member Coin! Serialized.

Isis Hunting Club Official Coin ™ $50 Donation

Daesh hates it! We love it! The official ISIS Hunting Club logo and design for shirts. This design has been purchases by ISIS Hunting Club members that have traveled overseas and fought against ISIS.

ISIS Scythe Hunting Club Shirt 25.00 Donation!

ISIS Just Kill It! You know where this parody design comes from and since ISIS hates Nike almost as much as we hate them we couldn’t resist the desire to create this very popular design.

ISIS Just Kill It Shirt 25.00 Donation

The official ISIS Hunting Club Patch. The skull and scythe designed over this detailed embroidered patch with male velcro on the reverse side has been worn in combat. We have had customers even ask us to mail it to them so a Peshmerga Volunteer could have one on their uniform. We did so gladly!

Isis Hunting Club Official Patch 10.00 Donation

Not outlandish and not some whimsical approach to the fight in the Middle East or some ridiculous approach to design these ISIS Hunting Club products were carefully crafted under the supervision of the Peshmerga Volunteers and created with professionalism and integrity!


We Will Never Forget Coin


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