Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs

When King Features, the license holder of the Popeye trademark, reached out to Vision-Strike-Wear.Com they did so with a single purpose: create a fresh and modern look for Popeye! Vision-Strike-Wear.Com took to the challenge and responded with brand new, modern and colorful Popeye designs. Popeye Flexes His Muscles With Modern Designs because he deserves it! No one does it better than Popeye in the heat of battle, sailing the raging mane or saving the damsel in distress. He fights the bad guys, wins and saves the day! Pretty simple!

Over 10,000,000 (this is ten million) Popeye fans got the very first ever look at the modern Popeye when he was introduced ont he Official Popeye Fan Page and the reviews were fun, fantastic and highly supportive of the new designs illustrating Popeye!

The reviews and shares on the Popeye Facebook numbered in the tens of thousands and before too long Popeye shirt and hoodies were literally flying off the shelves!


Popeye Navy All American! A Popeye fan from the official Popeye Facebook Fan Page displaying a recent purchase of their Popeye Hoodie!

Popeye Veterans Day Promo-Hoodies

Veteran’s Day Was a huge success at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com when veterans of the US Navy caught their first glimpse of the new and cool Popeye! The responses were fantastic!

popeye black fridays promo

Black Friday! Popeye worked on deck and below deck and this second Popeye design was released right in time for Black Friday! Popeye has always been seen as a true sailor and when he joined the Navy as the official Popeye historians would suggest (Yes he was also Coast Guard even earlier)  he has forever been known as the Backbone of The Navy!

HHOV_Hoodie (4)


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