When it comes to custom designed United States Military shirts and apparel the year 2011 brought a new level of design and sophistication in the detail when it comes to our United States Marine and the shirts they wanted. When the Marine Corps goes on deployment and remain behind the wire or head outside the wire they often wear under their uniforms the designs that bring luck, confidence, and a sense of bad assery to any engagement, firefight or battle. So let’s take a look at some of theĀ US Marines Custom T shirt Designs from 2011.

Vision-Strike-Werar.Com in 2011 even received a call from a USMC unit (from a sat phone) that come under fire, returned fire and at the same time placed their order for shirts. We heard the rounds and crackle of battle in the background and asked the Marines to call us back when things at the office were not so busy. We did and they did and afterwards a great design was created for their experiences while on deployment. The stories we could tell and we are just a bunch of Marine veteran shirt guys. For us its the best thing we could ever want to do and working with our Marines just makes it even more exceptional!

1st CEB Support Co


1 MLG CLR 17 Comm Co Maint Pl-2!


MACS-2 Det-B FOB Ramrod!





8th COMM 20137 PSC







3d CEB H&S Co S-6 shirt!


MATSG-21 custom Marine shirt!



MACS-2 ATC FWD OEF 11-1 design



Marine RS San Francisco custom shirt design!



USMC MSG Det Baghdad Damn The Rockets!




2-12 Motor Transportation custom USMC shirt!

VSW947_USMC 2-12 Motor Transportation


Custom military design for MASS-1 when they were on deployment during OEF.




Newport News Semper Fidelis “The Beast” created for the recruiters and Poolies getting set for Marine Corps bootcamp.


VSW877_RSS Bad News


Created for 13th MEU The Work Horses Engineer Detachment




Tactical Vehicle Operations with the USMC, Coast Guard and US Navy!


VSW856_USMC Tactical Vehicle Operations


Regional Targeting Cell created for RC Southwest – 72 Virgins Dating Club!


VSW821-1 USMC 72 Virgina


The United States Marine Corps has brough their heavy artillery with their triple 7’s. This design created for the cannon cockers of the USMC for their custom Marine shirts from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.



Noithing beats a great USMC custom shirt design and over the years it has been a realy humbling experience to work with the United States Marines and their incredible units, commands from MEU to platoon!

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