US Mint Coins Made Just Like Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Coins

US Mint Coins Made Just Like Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Coins

The design, stamping, cutting, removing of sharp angles and cuts, polishing and packaging follows a certain degree of manufacturing protocols and a series of steps aimed at producing the finest engraved coins but also takes on one of an art form.

The process of minting a challenge coins begins with design. The questions often encountered are the shape, size and what is requested for the front and back and whether sequentially numbering or some other sort of information like a custom text, anniversary date, military unit, ship or other important information one would want etched into their coins. The process of taking a custom design and having it minted begins with the design and having the right company that knows and understands how design can translate into a metallic medallion is an important one. Not all designs can become coins regardless of the desire to produce one. The right elements of art and metallic tool and die making must come together to make it happen.

US Navy Popeye Decal

The minting process to make a US quarter is exactly the same as the design used to create the US Navy Popeye Challenge coin with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. The US Mint utilizes for hundreds of years the same technology that is used by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com coins when it comes to producing the finest in military collectible challenge coins.


Taking a picture and then replicating it onto a large format clay mold is the next step is designing a tool used to stamp your coins.

The die

Once the design is reviewed and approved the die is next to be produced. Using the large clay mold the details from the large mold are then etched into a smaller piece of steel used for stamping out the coins. The above image illustrates how the mold is etched preparing it for stamping.

The tool once complete is tempered and heated to a rockwellian steel hardness allowing to keep stamping for hundreds and thousands of coin stamps. When customers ask why a die or mold costs what it does they fully understand the costs associated with it when they see what the finished product is. A great military design can be put on hold when the die is not made to the specifications or level of details expected.

Coin Production

The design is made, the mold and tooling completed now its time to stamp out the coins.

Separating Coin Blanks

After the coin blanks are separated, added to the presses and then punched out they are transferred to the paint area where workers add enamel paint by hand to the various levels and sides of the military coins. This is a slow and very intricate task and is also a large reason for the longer wait times during the coin manufacturing process.



Popeye US Navy US Coast Guard Double Headed Coin ™

With the coins now minted a sample is taken inspecting the coins for any flaws but also looking for correctness. If an issue is discovered the coins might be redone and the entire process gone through again to ensure the quality of the finished product is maintained.


Military coins upon their completion are then sent to the packaging area where they are often added to a clear poly bag for protection and presentation.

Vision Strike Coins Enters Military Coin Market Today

Vision Strike Coins Enters Military Coin Market Today

It has been in the gameplan for a long time and that is for the long awaited custom military designs of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to enter into the military design marketplace as Vision Strike Coins. The long awaited and razor sharp military challenge coins from  Vision Strike Coins is coming!

The military coin companies of the past will now have a new brother custom challenge company to share the industry with: Vision Strike Coins.

For over 7 plus years the design team of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com long known for the highly detailed military shirt designs has begun converting its custom military apparel designs into coins. All US military branches will come to experience the fine detail and raw power of originality in terms of military art. With over 2600 plus military designs in their arsenal, and more being designed everyday, Vision Strike Coins will be bringing its designs to bear and setting its focus on the military branches, their units, commands, ships, squadrons and more with the kind of quality and originality that made Vision-Strike-Wear.Com a household name in the military shirt industry.

Now that Vulcans hammer has struck with Vision Strike Coin forged precision their quality of minted coins will reach new zeniths and set new standards within the military challenge coin industry. The bar has clearly been raised.

Design ~ All military branches with coin designs that speak to their backgrounds, heritage, pride and accomplishments will be minted at the highest level. A challenge coin is about the unit, who they are, what they have done and its history. In the past the coin and its unit logo or crest made the difference between life and death. When challenged you needed to be able to prove what side of the fight you were on. Without this the fate of a soldier hung in the balance. The challenge today may represent something very different but its history is preserved to this day.

It is the goal of Vision Strike Coins to produce designs of the highest caliber.

Originality ~ Original art delivered all the time. Vision Strike Coins will not settle for anything less than the best. They will not copy, in part or whole the works of others, will not lower their standards and they will not produce a coin that was not originally created by them on behalf of their customers. Creativity and originality is at the forefront of their services. Creativity originality and dedication to providing the finest art for your coins is what Vision Strike Coins is all about.

Integrity ~ Vision Strike Coins will not lower its standards and will not compete without the highest level of integrity in the marketplace. They will not copy the works of others and will stand apart because of their decision to provide truth in coins. This means they will make what they quote, design original art and maintain the highest level of service and design originality. They know they are not the only coin company in town but they will strive to best they can be for their customers. Integrity also means quoting something once (like a mold or die) and not wrap it into a quote or hide it where customers unknowingly purchase that same mold or die over and over and over again with each repeat order they make. Being open and upfront with our customers will set us apart and keep the future generations of coin orders competitively priced and not have hidden fees unfairly charged to its customers a second time.

How did it all begin and why? ~ An important question and one that deserves an answer. At the core of Vision Strike Coins is its belief that coins should be designed by artists and done in such a way that they are new and do not copy or use any part of a coin that was created previously. After over 7 years of custom designs for apparel for all branchees of the United States military it was discovered on too many occassions to mention that their artwork was being copied by coin companies. These coin companies were making no attempt to change, alter or even ask for the permission for the use of our artwork. It was jsut anotehr day for them. Let’s not hire someone to create original artwork. Lets copy them and see if we can get away with it. We are sure that over the years hundreds of designs have been copied. We find them almost daily.

So taking the bull by the horns we decided that our designs, the ones we created, have copyrighted and made on behalf of our clients needed to be made into coins with the highest degree of quality and coin craftsmanship. The customers deserved it. No more copycat knockoffs but true originally created custom artwork that we designed and made. So that being said Vision Strike Coins came into being and will work towards making the coin industry put their customers first with original art.

The Chief’s Coin – Anchored~

One look around the internet and it wasn’t hard to find rip offs of the original artwork created for the United States Navy Chiefs bearting the dedicated look of the goat with khaki uniform and cover. We saw twisted versions of this design to be sure so again wanting to take make a coin, based on our original artwork, the metallic wheels of coin making went into high gear in the creation of the United States Navy Chief Coin aka Anchored!

2 inches of brass, gold and silver highlights and placards depicting the role the US Navy Chiefs have had since their birth on April 1st, 1893.

Popeye ~

Who doesn’t like Popeye? I know I do. Shortly after entering into the military coin market Vision Strike Coins was tapped on the shoulder and asked to participate in licensing with their offices in New York and boy did we get excited! To be designing cool Popeye coins made us rush headlong into the design process and designs were put together and then approved and licensed by King Features Syndicate followed by the production of our first ever Popeye coin.

Popeye All Men Are Created Equal Coin™

The American Eagle Army Coin ~

Taking our military mascot design concepts even further a coin design was rendered for our Army men and women to be collected for their personal use or given as a gift to a fellow Army veteran or friend.

US Army War Eagle Coin

The US Navy Jolly Roger Coin ~ The Original

An original design that first started with a t-shirt and one that essentially launched a thousand ships. See on the backs of both activey duty and retired US Navy personnel the Jolly Roger has always been a favorite design of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and now Vision Strike Coins. Too many imposters have shown up over the years it was time to take back our design and produce it inthe manner it deserved. We glad we did. With thousands having been sold in a matter of weeks this popular USN coin went tot he top of the list becoming the most purchased design so far with Vision Strike Coins. We are excited for the future and the development of more coins that will capture the interests of our US Navy community.


Jolly Roger US Navy Coin Takes Aim At Originality

Jolly Roger US Navy Coin Takes Aim At Originality

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com announced today that it has entered into the military coin arena with its sharp military designs created for military challenge coins. The arsenal of custom military designs have now fired a broadside as they have entered into the military challenge coin arena.

Over the past 7 plus years Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has been sought after for its unique and detailed approach to csutom US military custom designs for apparel. While that focus has never left the core of the work that VSW does it has been asked repeatedly to produce cutting edge designs for military coins.

So many companies have copied their artwork and most in a truly horrific way that the owners of VSW had to finally get involved and take charge of their designs and produce coins with their artwork the way it is deserved. The days of copycat coin companies has come to an end.

The United States Navy Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours coin is actually the 3rd coin produced by the military art leadership of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Coin 1 was the highly successful US Navy Anchored coin inspired by a Navy Chief and made for Navy Chiefs. Coin 2 came shortly after which was the highly prized commemorative coin design created for Popeye fans the world over. Then arrived the US Army Eagle coin with a mascot look to this Army challenge coin featuring the American bald Eagle.

The lastest edition to the line of military challenge coins and one that is expected to be highly popular among the active duty and reserve components of the United States Navy, not to mention the retired US Navy sailors is a design that is based upon the Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours design originally created for shirts and apparel now updated to reflect how a VSW design should be done in true military coin form.

Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours Original US Navy Coin ™

2 inches in diameter, created with multiple metal types and colors and depicting the naval supremacy of the United States Navy. Serialized and with a custom die/mold shape makes this a great military coin collectible from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

And jsut in its wake of the Sea Is Ours US Navy coin comes another Jolly Roger coin that gets largers, weighs in more and is meaner and agressive like its brother United Tstaes Navy Coin. This one measures 3 inches and weighs in at 5 mm making it both incredible detailed, strong and perfect for your military coin collection.

Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones Coin

The Jolly Roger Skull and Bones coin LIVE!

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale !

The first ever release of a brand new coin from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com! The original US Navy Chief Released for the United States Navy Chief’s! Only 100 made then these color coins get cased never to produced again with this design!  Get yours in time for the Holidays!

US Navy Goatlocker Coin

Navy Chief “Anchored” Challenge Coin

The most copied Navy Chief design in the United States Navy has now become a coin designed by the original artist, Frost Call, of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Navy Chief Goat Anchored Coin

Years In The Making ~

For the last 2 years the artists of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com have watched diligently as their designs had been copied by other companies often without permission, often with the excuse of gee wiz I didn’t know or they sent me the art and I just printed what they asked of me. The failure to respect and honor the original artists went on and on.

We called them and asked them politely to remove the designs from their website often meeting resistance followed by us providing evidence that the original art belonged to us. Always striving to take the high road with other small business we thanked them for their cooperation and tried to be understanding.

Then There Was The Not So Nice Copy Cats~ Who Are They Kidding?

One day a relationship fostered between Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and another coin company developed. It was developed because Mr. Coin Co thought the artwork of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com would look cool as heck on metallic challenge coins. We agreed. So a business relationship started.

Shortly after the artwork was sent to Mr. Coin with the request that the coin art be reviewed before it was put out for sale on its Ebay store location, it was found that Mr Coin was selling it anyway. Problem 1. Problem 2 occurred when the design supplied by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had been taken, altered, butchered and turned into what others referred to as a “hunk of metallic guano, ie. bat shit!” Nothing the design team of VSW would want to be associated with so it was requested that those designs be removed until updated and have the appearance of quality. Mr Coin in the most interesting turn of events said no.

Hard to imagine that theoir standards were so low but here we were. Military challenge coins that others thought looked terrible and no one wanted. This simply would not do.

So the end result was a severing of ties with Mr. Coin or so we thought.

It Gets Worse! ~

So Vision-Strike-Wear.Com moves on leaving Mr. Coin and his Ebay store to do what it has been doing. However, after a little bit of investigation and a review of Mr. Coins Ebay store it was discovered that during their relationship Mr. Coin had been copying the artwork of VSW without permission and without their knowledge. So while in a business relationship with Mr Coin he was copying and selling the VSW artwork out the back door without their permission and profiting from it. It had to end.

A sample of the knock off!


Lawyers ~

Scorched Earth policy sadly and from it the only parties that ever really win are the attorneys. Truth. So after the nuclear fallout of attorney letters and exhanges the coins came down from Mr. Coins Ebay store. It was either that or becasue no one was buying them. No way to really tell. Then comes the good news. Mr. Coin received a lot of hate mail from the US Navy Chiefs and others telling them to remove the extra coins they had made for the commands they had done business with. Only problem is that no one gave them permission to profit from this. It gets better and people wise up. Mr. Coin was actually selling the coins on Ebay as a different company than the one he was involved in with his coin business that had been handed down to him from a parent, even a Chief, that had served in the US Navy. So not really an arm’s length transaction and a way to not catch hell from the Chief community but eventually it was discovered and finally they decided at the request of the US Navy and its Chiefs to take down their Ebay coins.

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Peace at last ~

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had had it and wanted desparately to produce quality coins in the waks of so many counterfeits and sad copy cats hell bent on stealing what was not theirs. We coined the phrase “Cheating but not competing!”

Answer. Make coins with our original artwork and do it better than the other guy. Why not? We did the art. We created it. We have the detail, the US Navy licensing to produce it and furthermore the desire to make sure the original art became metallic military challenge coins that had detail, style and quality the others lack. So now we are pleased to offer the first of many original, brand new and quality intensive military coins for our brothers and sisters in the US military, veterans, retirees, family and friends.


Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran’s the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.
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Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie


Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap?

Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap?


Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap? Learn to celebrate your independence from British Royalty and Banking tyranny by donning your “Liberty Cap”!  The identifiable symbol for many revolutions and was the key symbol in the US Army featured here.  It was prominently associated with rebellion.

This Christmas Santa Clause also Wears the Liberty Cap!

Good ol’ St Nick is also known for sporting a Red Liberty Cap.  The Original Santa Claus comes from the Siberian Shamans that use the Amenita Muscaria, a Large red fat mushroom with white polka dots.  During these periods of winter the shaman would bring these magic mushrooms to the snowed in Scandanavians.  Cabin fever was easily abated with the visions of gum drops dancing in their heads.


Bill Murray donning the Red Liberty Cap in “Life Aquatic”

Its probable the French Revolutionaries got it from the American Revolutionaries who lead the revolt against the brutal military and banking tyranny of the British Empire and Vatican Hegemony.  In 1776, the Americans had had enough and in the ancient tradition of the Phyrgian Slaves donned Liberty Caps to represent the American Revolution with the British Royal Empire and The Holy Roman Empire!

This is a brimless, relaxed, cone shaped hat fitting the head.  Originally worn by the peoples of Phyrigia a region known as Anatolia in ancient history.  Today his region is called Asia Minor.  In 1593 Cesare Ripa wrote the book Iconologia recognizing these caps and there history.  The Phyrigian cap was worn by slaves of ancient Rome and Greece.  Later it was worn The Liberty Cap Seal of the US Senate.for ceremonial purposes.  The cap also played a part in the ceremony of the manumission slave.  Its connection to Asia Minor is tenuous.  The understanding is that the Phyrgian slaves who when freed ould again wear their traditional head wear.  Whichever it may be, the Phrygian cap was adopted and symbolised liberty to the libertarians during the Enlightenment.  The “Phrygian cap” , French for “bonnet Phrygian“,  is generally displayed as a red cap, “bonnet rouge” or Liberty Cap, “bonnet de la Liberte“.

Sovereign Shirts at

The Liberty Cap represents SOVEREIGNTY which means that nobody other than God is your RULER.  Sover (Super) in Latin means Above.  Reign is to Rule Over.  Or Above Rule.  Above any one else’s Ruler-ship or Monarchy.  In the American colonies the Liberty Cap was pervasive in promoting the the rebellion from Britain and birthing of a new nation under God and no other.  The Sons of Liberty in 1765 was the first annotation.  Later during the American Revolution some soldiers wore knitted red stocking caps with the occasional stitched words “LIBERTY” or “Liberty or Death” along the brim.  This style was imbued in the attire of “Jonathan” an allegorical figure of the New England tale.

Liberty Caps were generally atop a Liberty Pole during the American Revolutionary War as a symbol of Freedom.  Perhaps it was the “Dangling Carrot” ever chasing what is just out of our reach for it seems we have yet to achieve true Liberty from the evil doers of the British Royal Empire and their Banking Regime.  Many coins have the Liberty Cap positioned a loft a pole or hovering behind the head of Lady Liberty where the Limbic brain or the part of the Brain that processes the Care principle.  If we don’t care enough we will not stand up to the tyranny upon us!  On the right we also see it on the seal of the United States Senate supplanting the fasci in the center.  Very powerful symbology here.

Seal_of_New_York.svgA golden Liberty Cap appears on the seal of the State of New York the original capital of the United States of America.  The latin phrase beneath translates to “The Figure of Liberty Proper”.  Her hair is is unkempt and adorn with pearls, azure gown, sandals, cincture around the waist, fringed gules, a mantle of the last depending from the shoulders behind the feet, the dexter hand a staff adorned by a Phrygian Cap Or, a sinister arm holding and supporting the shield of the dexter chief point, a Royal Crown by her sinister foot rejected.


A Liberty Cap also appears on the state flags of New Jersey and West Virginia.  It is predominant on the US Army Seal!  Also painted on many murals within the US Capital in Washington D.C. like the Apotheosis of George Washington and artifacts with the same for Benjamin Franklin.

liberty-cap-us-capital     Imacon Color Scanner

Life, Liberty And Pursuit Of All Who Threaten It Shirt

Life, Liberty And Pursuit Of All Who Threaten It Shirt

The figure here is detailed in the painting “Telegraph” in the US Senate by Constantine Brumidi personifying America wearing a Liberty Cap.  However the Liberty Cap is commonly associated with the revolution of the Americas from Great Britain it not shown worn.  Its either an isolated symbol or on top of a Liberty Pole or shaft.  The one here shows it colored as an American Flag.  Another shows it on a pole crossing a fasces.  This design is from an envelope during the American Civil War.  It was to be featured in the painting in the US Capital authorized in 1855 called the ‘Freedom triumphant in War and Peace” but was rejected by Jefferson Davis , then the Secretary of War, and demanded a Roman helmet be used in its place.

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The Liberty Caps around the world

La Liberté guidant le peupleDuring the American Revolution the only European country to aid was France.  The Liberty Cap was also used by the French Revolution that lead to teh beheading of the Royals!  I guess someone wanted some heads to roll;)  The French Revolutionary Army donned the Liberty Cap as seen here in this illustration of a Marienne.  It was documented in 1789 but hte cap became popular in the Spring of 1790.  It was worn by the Liberty Goddesses and Nation prior and became a part of the uniform of the sans-culottes.  King Louis XVI, on June 20th 1792, donned a Liberty Cap when pressed by a large crowd that had stormed the palace of Tuileries. Later the Liberty Cap was placed on the mitre of the fleeing Archbishop of Paris.

By 1793, members of the Assemblies of Paris were obligated to wear a Liberty Cap and accepted it as a national symbol placing it on the French Seal of the State of the Republic and to replace the Fleur-di-lis on milestones. The cap was definitely considered an important icon.  Here is a postcard with a large red Liberty Cap portrayed.  It is identified with more extreme revolutionaries and as been subdued during periods of stability when the French Government discouraged any uprising or disturbing the apple cart.  Under the Consulate regime the capped Liberty was replaced by a less provoking Minerva helmet as well as ALL public monuments.  Take a clue!

Pictured here is a painting called “La Liberte guidant le peuple” – Liberty Guiding the People, by Eugene Delacroix and is currently hanging in the Louvre in Paris.  Here Lady Liberty is brandishing the French tricolore Flag and wearing a red Phrygian Liberty Cap.  Inspired by the insurrection of July 1830 in Paris ending the last king of France, Charles X, forcing him to abdicate and was replaced with the “King of the French” Louis-Phillippe.

During the 2nd Republic, rebellions caused the provisory government to add a Liberty Cap on the white stripe of the French tricolore Flag in February 1848.  Then the cap disappeared again from the flag and the seal then was reestablished as a national symbol during the 3rd Republic.

The liberty cap continues to be worn by Marianne, the female illustration of the French Republic; however solely generally. Her bust, that adorns town halls of France, generally sports a rather less revolutionary jeweled headdress. She wears a awfully discreet cap on the new French brand shown higher than.

       The French National Motto              

100 Franc coin of 1989. Note the Phrygian cap as well as the motto.

A cap is visible on the 1989 one hundred monetary unit coin shown on the proper. till 2002 the cap appeared, in conjunction with the Cross of French region, on the brand of a rightist French organisation referred to as Rassemblement pour la République (RPR), the neo-Gaullist party of Jacques Chirac. the brand isn’t any longer used, maybe attributable to the pardonable tendency to ascertain it as as a unshapely parrot. (The parot’s “eye” is truly a blue, white and red decoration.)

Other Countries

Elsewhere, the Liberty cap was incorporated into the image of the late eighteenth century Irish revolutionary movement called the Society of the United Irishmen. It additionally carried over to occupant revolutions of the decennium. The cap appeared on Mexican coins through the late nineteenth century into the middle twentieth century (including the previous eight Reales coin). Today, it’s featured of the coats of arms, national flags or seals of Central American country, Central American country, Colombia, Republic of Paraguay and Cuba. In Argentina it seems not solely on the national arms and flag, however additionally those of the military and navy, on presidential flags and therefore the flags of provinces together with Corrientes, Jujuy, Mendoza and urban center. As within the US, the cap invariably appears to feature on high of a stick, instead of people’s heads.

The Phrygian Cap before it became a Liberty Cap

Before the Phrygian cap came to symbolise freedom or revolutionary fervour, it had another message within the west. it had been an emblem related to the east. so it appears to own been worn by arange of peoples within the Balkans and peninsula. Macedonian, Thracian, and Dacian military helmets all had forward inform tiptop maybe mimicking Phrygian caps.


The Phrygian cap may be seen on Trajan’s Column, worn by the Dacians, and on the Arch of Septimius Severus, worn by the Parthians. Roman poets routinely used the term “Phrygian” to mean Trojan. In Greek art, the Phrygian cap served to spot Paris as a Trojan – and then positively not a correct Greek. The mosaic on the correct shows mythical being sporting a Phrygian hat. The cap additionally seems on murals in an exceedingly fourth century Thracian topographic point at Kazanlak in fashionable Bulgaria.

The Phrygian cap was worn by the god Mithras – shown on the correct. He was a Saviour god within the adherent Persian tradition supported the Zoroastrian faith.Mithras was a forerunner of the Saviour-god Hebrew United Nations agency borrowed Mithras’s halo, his birthday and his temple on the Vatican Hill in Rome, however not his Phrygian hat. identical headgear conjointly options on the heads of the 3 Magi in previous depictions of them – marking them as being from the east, like this depiction (above left) from a church in pitched battle. The name Magi denotes Zoroastrian clergymen from Persia.

Liberty Cap Mountain Peak

Liberty Cap is a granite dome in Yosemite parkland, California, USA that lies at the northwestern margin of the Yosemite park. It lies adjacent, to the north of American State Fall,  on the naturalist path. It rises 1,700 feet (520 m) feet from the bottom of American state Fall to a peak elevation of 7,080 ft (2,158 m). A smaller, mesa-like dome referred to as Mount Broderick stands forthwith adjacent to cap.

Liberty Cap in Coins

Liberty Cap – Head Facing Left (1793)



Liberty Cap – Large Head Right Facing (1794)



Liberty Cap – Sm. Head Right Facing (1795-1797)



American Legend Paul Bunyan wore the Red Liberty Cap representing the freedom of the new frontier!

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