Custom US Navy Military Shirts Seen Across The Globe

Custom US Navy Military Shirts Seen Across The Globe

Custom US Navy Military Shirts Cross The Globe At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and its an every day thing. The custom military United States Navy shirts originally designed and printed at Vision-Strike-Wear have gone from Pearl Harbor to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, ATG Mayport and Jacksonville to Groton, Connecticut, New York Nuclear Training facilities to Subic Bay, Sasebo and Atsugi, Japan have travelled the world on US Navy destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibs, small boys and big boys alike and have graced the backs of US Navy Sailors from Seaman to Master Chiefs. Annapolis to Great Lakes and every major A School in the US Navy has enjoyed the morale building naval tees created by VSW and it has been an amazing journey for all.

US Navy Shellback designs, VBSS Teams, JEA, SCPOA, FCPOA and CPOAs, aka the Goat Lockers where the backbone of the United States Navy resides, The Chiefs, have had custom US Navy shirts created for them by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com with each new design bringing originality, flair, morale, creativity and overall kick ass unique US Navy designs to be enjoyed by US Navy Sailors the world over. If you are interested in having a design created please contact us at Custom US Navy shirts.

Below please find VSW designs that have been originally designed specifically for the commands, ships, squadrons and men and women of the United States Navy. It is an honor to serve you.

Custom US Navy Shirts

A design created for Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 FCPOA of the United States Navy. They wanted a highly detailed and very colorful look for their First Class Petty Officer shirts.

The USS Wayne E Meyer needed a shirt 90 days out from their return to home and something with a twist aimed at their galley and they got it. Straight Out Of The Scullery. DDG-108 custom shirts designs for the US Navy and its sailorsl

USS Wayne E Meyer DDG-108 Galley Shirts

Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt

Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt

Getting A Great Custom Military Shirt is a great question of your command or association for example just assigned you the task.
Before you get down to the brass tacks when it comes to getting a great custom military shirt design you have to think about it beyond the normal wanting it “fast and wanting it cheap” mentality. It’s the wrong approach when it comes getting quality.
You can have great quality but it comes with a price. The question is why. Simply put a custom shirt requires a custom design and that means someone has to think it up and draw it. Not easy for most people or everyone would be doing it and there are far less affordable and qualified illustrators out in the world that know both how to design, understand how to create original concepts and finally do it in a way that makes the end result truly fantastic. If you want great, well it is possible and for less than you might imagine if done it’s correctly.

USS Tornado PC14 Shirts

So what does it cost?

Before we get into that let’s see what you think is affordable. Let’s take the average military shirt. Most on-line military shirt companies are going to try and sell a basic subdued shirt with few colors and a sleeve print on average for around 19.00 to 23.00. Anyone selling a military shirt on-line for more than this needs to have their head examined. Anything over 20 bucks is ridiculous.

So in the world of costs what does 19.00 buy you?

1. A really decent hamburger, fries a shake and a drink at a better than average restaurant. Not talking a drive through extravaganza.
2. 3.5 cups of coffee with a minimum of three shots per. Maybe 4 if you are dating the barista.
3. Almost a decent car cleaning if you don’t get the lifetime wax and polish treatment. You got a chance to keep it under 19.00 if you miss this wonderful option.
4. Maybe a ride share to work. Maybe and only if there is no tip involved.
5. 4 packs of really good water bottles
6. An overpriced military shirt if the graphics are 1 and two color, the cotton is so thin you can see through it and it’s a “Brand”. Not very exciting.
7. Or you can get involved in a fully custom designed shirt with top-notch military art, professionally printed, on a great shirt. It does happen and it can happen.

So how do we get started? If you have gotten this far then it means you are interested and want a killer designs. We want to help you to achieve this.

How to Get To a Great Custom Military Shirt

Quick Step Guide to Great Custom Military Shirts

1. The best place to start is to have an idea of what you want on the front and back of the shirt, if sleeve printing is involved, if the design will be a black and white or full color and the style of the art. Do you want the art to be comic oriented, serious, maybe something in the middle? Do you know what the text will be on the front and back of the shirt? Is there a motto or slogan that you would like to see. What are the elements you envision? The way to look at this is if you could make a list for example of the top 5-10 things that are most important inn a design what would they be?
2. Quantity. How many items do you want? Quantity plays a major role in how much your shirts and items cost. If you don’t know but think you know offer a range. I would like pricing for 25-100 items. Are there discounts, bulk pricing options and can I get a better price if I order more items? The answer is typically yes.
3. Shirt or apparel color? Important but not crucial. If you know please provide but keep mind most printers understand these things can change. Can I mix and match colors? Absolutely. You want Navy Blue but also a Type 3 Chestnut brown, athletic heather or pink? No problem.
4. What about hoodies, long sleeve, tank tops? Yes. Adding more to your quantities includes these types of items. The price of a hoodie is more than a shirt but overall it helps bring the overall cost down because they can all get printed at the same time.
5. Cotton or dry fit shirts? You bet.
6. Where in the world are these shipping to? APO FPO? No problem. On base or off base housing. No problem. If it can get there with USPS, DHL, FEDEX, or UPS we can get them to you. Having an address helps us know the best and most affordable way to get your items shipped to you.

Let’s Get Started by clicking here at Custom Military Shirts.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Salutes The Troops During Armed Forces Week

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Salutes The Troops During Armed Forces Week

We know that our men and women in uniform don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve. There are few enough holidays and occassions like Memorial Day, Fleet Week, Armed Forces Day or Armed Forces Week that honor the troops so we need to think of them more. Not enough credit is offered to these unselfish men and women in uniform that put their lives on the line every day protecting our freedoms.

Life Liberty Shirt

Life Liberty Shirt


Never a day goes by when you don’t hear about ISIS, Daesh in their tongue, doing everything possible to disrupt the lives of innocent people overseas. That threat has even gotten closer with the terrorist actions recently reported in Seattle and Texas.

ISIS Hunting Club DAESH Shirt

ISIS Hunting Club DAESH Shirt

I recently traveled to San Diego and while I was waiting for my airplane had the opportunity to site and vist with a United States Navy officer and diver recently back from an undisclosed location in Africa. Out of respect to his rank, his uniform and the need to maintain operational security no detailed questions were asked or responses offered but the single most important thing I discovered is the threat that ISIS does impose on not just America but the rest of the world. He did say in passing that we know little of really what is going on there and our media of course is not covering it. I thanked him, bought him his drink and wished him well and safe return.

So in this modern day with technology advancing as fast as the human mind can comprehend, the advancedments we see and hear about daily, we are still thrown about when we hear how people are being mistreated by these savages in and terrorists who are hell bent on destroying the world as we know it. So I turn back to our military men and women and those who will not accept these terrorists from taking away our rights and casting into a pool of hate and death. It is during Armed Services week that we should remember that we have our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and for many our children that climb into their cockpits, tanks or a shallow and cold trench at night because they stand as a defense and force that is equipped to fight these ungrateful haters of life and have the power to do something about it. So I ask all who take the time to read this to remember our soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, and coasties not jsut Armed Services week but each time you listen to a news article, read a military blog, listen to a song that brings them to mind and remember they are out there for us and above all they volunteered to do so.

As a contributing writer to the Vision-Strike-Wear.Com military blog I welcome you to experience a company that supports our men and women uniform not jsut one week or day a year but everyday. has worked with dozens of military organizations from Helphealourvets.Org,

Help Heal Our Vets

IAVA.Org,, to and more! Each opportunity to provide support for our active duty and veterans is something they hold to whether it is sonating shirts to a fundraiser, offering to donate a custom designs for their organization or simply creating a store on their website where designs and and products can be purchased which in turn have a % of each sale donated to that military non- profit. It is daily for them.

Some of their most recent designs can be found below. Each of these custom military designs were created so they could be worn with military pride on your favorite shirt, hoodie or apparel selection and what may be the most important worth noting is their dedication to supporting American brands from the shirts they print on to the vinyl decals they use for military decals and stickers.

Tin Can Sailors

Tin Can Sailors

Something for the sailors that serve abaord the backbone of the fleet: The Tin Cans!

Army Combat Medic

Army Combat Medic

Something for the Whiskey’s of the US Army. Army Combat Medics!

Gun Club Shirt

Gun Club Shirt

We love our guns. We love our freedom and the occasional draft isn’t bad either. This Gun Club shirt emcompasses everything we love about our country and the freedom to do it. The bacon isn’t bad either.

Ranger Snake Eater Shirt

Ranger Snake Eater Shirt

Something designed for the soldiers of the 75th Rangers.

US Navy Chief Tavern Shirt

US Navy Chief Tavern Shirt

Since April 1st, 1893 The US Navy Chiefs have served as the backbone of the US Navy. A design for them!

The Heroes Wall found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is just another example of the labor love VSW has for its military both past and present. Any family member that wishes to have a digital shadowbox of their friend or family member can email VSW at headquarters@Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and have their image, awads, dates of service even DD-214 added to their wall to be shown with diginity and preserved so friends and family can visit these pages from time to time.

So please remember of servicemen and women this Armed Services week and keep their support alive and well.


Go Quality Or Go Home On Custom Military Shirts

Go Quality Or Go Home On Custom Military Shirts

Go Quality Or Go Home On Custom Military Shirts

Quality Custom Military Shirts

We like to say in the industry: Go Quality Or Go Home On Custom Military Shirts! Frequently asked questions always start with how much? What is this going to cost? Hey the guy down the street working in his garage quoted me 3.00 bucks a shirts why can’t you? The simple answer is because you get what you pay for. The best is out there for the best military shirts its just a matter of finding where they come from. Honestly you can’t even get a good cup of coffee for 3 bucks much less 5 these days so why would it be any different when it comes to quality designs and custom artwork on unit military shirts.

It’s all about the artwork!

NAVY VP-40 Squid

I have lost the count how many times someone has emailed us one of our designs on some one else’s design program. Then they ask us if we can do this artwork followed by our simple reply that “We already did”. Then of course the next question. The so and so shop outside the gate wants to charge us 5 dollars for the shirt but needs your permission to use it. The quick answer. No f’ing way.

So get the best custom military art! It makes a difference!

NAVY Fort Sam Houston Steer (1)

The reasons why people come to Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is because of the artwork and the quality of printing and knowing that when the day is over and their shirts arrive that they will have quality.

Navy Amphib Alligator

No some cheese cloth special that rubs off after you wash it the first time. There is nothing sadder than our military spending their hard earned money on the crap that people are peddling these days. Actually it is worse than sad. It’s maddening. As a retired US Marine I hate the stories of we bought it, we paid for it and we got shit quality when it arrived so we have to live with it. Not the type of thing I want to hear no matter who they went with.


There are really two options:

Get Quality or Suffer!

Quality or Suffer From Amateur Hour and Poor Quality! Wanna see the difference?

Here is the 400 shirt order ordered from the guy down the street. The shirts are still in the box and could not be sold. The customer forked over 8.00 per shirt on 400 shirts which is 3200.00 hard earned dollars. The shirts did not return enough to pay for the shirts themselves. Sad.

It gets worse. The design being worn by this customer was created by a challenge coin company in China. Here is the design that is presently collecting dust in a box in some office in Texas.


 Now for quality!

The following design was priced also at 8.00 based on 400 shirts. The difference is this design sold out in less than 24 hours and the customer contacted Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to arrange for another 400 shirts and by the time the 238th US Navy Birthday had arrived they placed a third order. The committee was very happy and this became one of the most successful fundraising events for the 1st Marine Division and US Navy Birthday Ball!

Navy 238th Navy Ball

The next design is an example of letting the artists create and trusting the relationship that Vision-Strike-Wear.Com brings to the table. After creating the Mars Attacks design it was successful in selling several hundred within a 24 hour period followed by an email requesting another several hundred more navaltees.

NAVY AUTEC Bahamas Mars Invades

Quality Over Crap Everytime!

Quality over cheap. Quality will win every single time. has been honored to work with and serve at the request of the US military creating custom military shirts for all branches of the service. So the next time some printer or pusher of bad design contacts you, run and when you do run away very fast!

Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran’s the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.
Your purchase of the Helphealourvets.Org hoodie allows all proceeds to be donated to military charities and organizations who do the job right and take care of the veterans. No more red tape or layers of bureacratic salaries that produce little nothing for our veterans. These dollars go to the veterans. Your purchase of this hoodie makes this possible.
This Veteran’s Day will mark the beginning of the fundraising campaign created by Healp Heal Our Vets and between this Veteran’s Day and next years Veteran’s Day 2015 where we will announce the amount that will be donated to the organizations that do the most good within the veteran community. We are excited to partipcate and be part of a fundraising campaign whose sole purpose is to help heal our veterans.

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie

6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

There are 6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt at using many options for selecting what YOU want to have based on your specific military history and career.

1. Shirt Color

This is the most common customization which most shops will offer. At Vision Strike Wear, we  don’t offer every color under the rainbow. We stick to colors that we know print well with our designs and will make the design of your choice stand out. Vision Strike Wear (VSW) is committed to only the best quality products for our military men, women, veterans and their families.

2. Design Placement

We don’t force you to print only on one spot on your T Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt or Hoodie! You can select full back and front left chest, full front and back, front only, back only or even just the front small left chest design.


3. Custom Left Chest and Upper Sleeve Art Designs

Vision Strike Wear has hundreds of custom front left chest designs. When you design your shirt with a full back and a front left chest, you can select from our designs. We have designs for every branch as well as several hundred custom unit designs with the logos we created for those units at their request! That way you know the design is not only customized, but is true to the spirit of that unit. The design is also available ONLY at Vision Strike Wear!


Airborne-Wings Airborne-Wings-Senior Airborne-Wings-Master

 Aviation-Boatswain-Anchors Aviation-Structural-Mechanic  Boatswain-Anchors

 Crossed-Anchors Crossed-Anchors-Gold

Crossed-Cannons Crossed-Cannons-Gold

 WiredBarbed Barbed-Wire

Navy_IYAOYAS Bullet-Holes

 Navy-Anchor-Goldr Navy-Anchor-Silver

Purple_Heart Purple_Heart-Star

4. Lower and Full Sleeve Art

Select from 20+ designs for sleeve art such as American flags, a Purple Heart, the Ace of Spades, Airborne, Anchors and other cool artwork. Sleeve art can be on the shoulders, forearms, or we also offer custom designed full sleeve art.


Ace of Spades


Army Artillery




Army Combat Action Badge CAB


Army Combat Infantry Badge CIB


Army Combat Medic Badge


Army Ordnance


Barbed Wire


Army Cavalry




Lightning Flight WIngs




US Air Force Metallic Silver


USCG Anchors




USCG Anchors Old English




USCG Anchors Stencil




Navy Crow and Anchors Latin




Navy Crow and Anchors






Navy Submarine Force



Full sleeve art runs from the shoulder to the mid forearm. Full sleeve art designs are ready for your long sleeve shirt, hoodie or crewneck shirt for all branches.  We have Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard designs as well as other cool full sleeve designs.

5. Custom Text

Add your own custom text drop to the front and back design, just the front design or just the back. Any text you want! Put the words you want on your shirt that no one else will have. Have a saying you or your unit go by? Nickname? Want to put your ship or designation on your shirt? A place and a date? Make your custom shirt a complete original.


6. Battle Rattle

New from! Even more customization when you see the BATTLE RATTLE logo. Choose your Cover, Weapon or War Paint. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has created MORE military customization to change your BATTLE RATTLE design into a one-of-a-kind shirt, plaque or decal for yourself or a gift to someone you love serving in theArmy, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.










M16A2 – M16A3 – M4/M4A1 carbines – M4/M4A1 – M203 – M249(SAW) – M240G – M40A1 – M24 – M82A1M – M2 – MP-5N – M252 – M224 – M120 – SMAW, MK-19 – SA-80 rifles – Galils – UZI – AK-47s – HK MP5 – MK18 – M-14 – Rocket Launchers – Shotguns – Wrenches – Blow Torches – Swords and more!








Customize Now!

I hope this short blog post will help you see the ways you can customize your military t shirt, custom unit shirt, hoodie, crewneck or other apparel. Remember, that we also have customization for other products, such as decals, posters, license plates, mugs and plaques.

Customize your own shirt now!