NS Lakehurst FCPOA Shirts Are On The Way!

NS Lakehurst FCPOA Shirts Are On The Way!

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FCPOA T-Shirt Lakehurst
The Navy First Class Chief Petty Officers of the Unites States Navy have been significant in their leadership dating back to the beginning of the US Navy. Their tireless dedication, heritage, traditions and uncompromising excellence has created the most superior naval force in the history of the Oceans.

The NS Lakehurst FCPOA First Class Petty Officer Association Shirt designed for the First Class Association of Naval Station Lakehurst ¬†holding the rank of E-6. Displaying the Jolly Roger, with knife, crossed tridents, rank chevrons displayed in both red and yellow, and the statement “leading From the Front” carrying their message was created specifically for them.

This US Navy FCPOA shirt design features many United States Naval Tee elements that cover the diversity and important roles the US Navy has.A classic and vintage design that is licensed and approved by the US Navy. Designed for active duty USN personnel, retirees, veterans, family and friends.

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