Bad Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2014

Bad Ass US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2014

US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2014

Jarhead. Leatherneck. Devildog. Grunt. These terms and literally thousands more are used to decribe the awesome Marine Corps and our United States Marines. Terms like these have developed from hundreds of years of dedication, winning, honor and traditions. These US Marines Custom T shirt designs 2014 represent several units that desired a custom design for the USMC unit and asked for the detail and razor sharp graphics that the United States Marines want and deserve.

A sketch can start the whole process when it comes to a great USMC design.

For the Marines at Parris Island!

VSW1026_USMC 1st RTBN Plt 1101

USMC Motor T

VSW1114 USMC 3rd.BN.25th

3-7 Marines!

VSW1002_USMC 3-7 Marines-2

Born To Fight!


Marine aviation at its finest!

VSW1057_USMC Ordnance_pocket

Marine Aviation Ordnance – One Time every time!


 CNATT TOP III Custom Marine Corps design “One Team, One Fight”

NAVY Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training

A design for the USMC Georgian Liaison Team 12!

USMC Georgian Liaison Team 12

 US Marines Custom T- Shirt For the 3-7 Battalion Run

USMC Infantry 3-7 Marines

The USMC IYAOYAS Community of Okinawa wades in with this custom Marine shirt design!

USMC Ordnance

A custom CNATT Marine Corps shirt! Center For Naval Aviation Technical Training

USMC CNATT Marine Unit New River

MARSOC USMC Custom Shirt design!

USMC Force Recon MARSOC Drifters

India Co 3-7 Marines Custom USMC Deployment Shirt

3-7 marines

The US Marines want the very best when it comes to custom USMC military shirts and design. Some of the custom designs seen over the years have been cutting edge USMC artwork featuring Marine ranks from E-2 to E-9, all USMC Warrant ranks and Officer ranks as well. Several exaples of these cutting edge designs can be found below.


A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC PFC’s.

USMC Lance Corporal

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Lance Corporals.

USMC Corporal

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Coporals’s.


A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Sergeant’s.


A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Staff Sergeant’s.

USMC Gunnery Sergeant

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Gunnery Sergeant’s.

USMC Master Sergeant

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC PFC’s.

USMC 1st Sgt

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC 1st Sergeant’s.

USMC Master Guns

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Master Gunner Sergeant’s.

USMC Sgt Major

A custom Marine Corps design created for the USMC Sergeant Major’s.

 The USMC wants the best in custom Marine Corps designs and they deserve it.

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Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie


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Marine Corps Shirts With Cutting Edge Features

Marine Corps Shirts With Cutting Edge Features

Marine Corps Shirts With Cutting Edge Features

Improvise. Overcome. Adapt has been the mantra for many decades withthe United States Marine Corps. Often treated like a red headed step child, never given any toys to play with and often discarded with hand me downs from other branches and never seen with its true value as exceptional soldiers. Marines have a driven attitude of being the best, overcoming any hardship, thus the name often bestowed upon them, grunts, and when the adversary continues to attake, throwing missiles, assaults, rifle fire or artillery fire at them they come out number one and victorious.

Since 1775 they have been kicking ass and taking names.

No more deserving than the other branches, US Marines deserve designs with attitude and grit. They deserve the same they expect from each other. Hard core, edgy, moto and the ability to overcome and adapt. Solution. There is one.

Marine Corps Battle Rattle Shirts!

So what is it? Simple. A Marine Corps rank shirts that allows the owner to create a custom one-of-a-kind design with the avaialble options. Its a custom USMC shirt that you can make on-line. Come take a look at Marine Corps rank shirt and see the difference in custom Marine shirt design at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

More changes and options than you can shake a Kbar at!

What can I do to my shirt? Simple. You can have your ammunition, rank and weapons selected. Select your options and watch the graphic update right in front of you. You get what you select and receive a custom Marine rank shirt you make from the choices you select. Add IR or colored USA flags to your sleeves, or make a long sleeve shirt and have full sleeve art options selected. It is your shirt and you can make it anyway you want!

Time to hit the beaches?

Pick up the most custom option oriented Marine Corps shirt on the planet at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Top 10 Marine Corps Memes

Top 10 Marine Corps Memes

Top 10 Marine Corps Memes

We have seen them all or have we? It never astonishes us when along comes a new military meme, or better a Marine Corps meme that just is amazing. We have comprised a lsit of top 10 Marine Corps memes to get your opinion, feedback or even encourage you to offer up your own one or two USMC memes and show us the best!

Lets take a look down Leatherneck Highway as we find the top USMC memes!

72 Virgin Dating Service!

Never ceases to amaze us!

Copy that!

Opinions Vary!

God Bless The Marine Corps!

 Pretty much! One mind, any weapon!

Works in any military branch!

 Not what entirely what was meant. Damn recruiters!

 I’ll raise you one Freedom and toss in a Liberty too!


Now with these exceptional USMC memes advancing down the page now comes serious bad ass Marine Corps aircraft right over the the Vision-Strike-Wear.Com headquarters!

USMC Cobra buzzes VSW HQ!

 USMC Blackhawk Flies Over Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Headquarters. CEO Captures the intensity of this Marine Corps aircraft.

 V22 Osprey flyover near Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Marine Corps buzzes Pacific Beach photographed by CEO of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Semper Fidelis From Vision-Strike-Wear.Com where the military gets its cover!

Marine Bulldog Semper Fidelis Shirt

Top US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2013

Top US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2013

US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2013

The United States Marines in 2013 wanted some great, detailed and custom USMC shirt designs from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and we were honored to have provided them with this. These US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2013 represented some insightful design into the world of the USMC from deployment shirts to recruting shirts for those stationed in various locations throughout America. Rifleman to Transportation. Logistics. Air Wings and much more!

The following designs represent some of the custom USMC designs for 2013.

1st Mardiv Trucks!


USMC Casevac 3rd MAW (FWD)

USMC Casevac

2nd Battlion 11th Marines requested this custom Marine Corps design for their shirts.

2nd BN 11th MAR

MWSS-371 Motor T Custom USMC shirt design.

MWSS-371 MotorT

HMH-461 Det A USMC received this custom Marine Corps design upon request.

HMH-461 det A

RCS Newport News VA asked for this USMC bulldog design for their recruting location.

RCS Newport News VA

C Company 1st CEB custom USMC design.

C Company 1st CEB

RC(SW) I MEF deployment shirt


USMC Tool Shed 29 Palms. An inside joke.

USMC Tool Shed 29 Palms

USMC JCSE custom Marine Corps design.


Created for USMC CLB-13 while on deployment.


RSS Bad News in Newport News for USMC recruiting.

RSS Bad News

USMC MASS-1 Marine Corps custom shirt and military patch design for the unit.


USMC 3RD LAAD USMC Marine Corps custom unit design.


USMC 2-12 Motor Transportation Marine Corps custom design.

USMC 2-12 Motor Transportation


Razor Sharp US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2011

Razor Sharp US Marines Custom T shirt Designs 2011

When it comes to custom designed United States Military shirts and apparel the year 2011 brought a new level of design and sophistication in the detail when it comes to our United States Marine and the shirts they wanted. When the Marine Corps goes on deployment and remain behind the wire or head outside the wire they often wear under their uniforms the designs that bring luck, confidence, and a sense of bad assery to any engagement, firefight or battle. So let’s take a look at some of the US Marines Custom T shirt Designs from 2011.

Vision-Strike-Werar.Com in 2011 even received a call from a USMC unit (from a sat phone) that come under fire, returned fire and at the same time placed their order for shirts. We heard the rounds and crackle of battle in the background and asked the Marines to call us back when things at the office were not so busy. We did and they did and afterwards a great design was created for their experiences while on deployment. The stories we could tell and we are just a bunch of Marine veteran shirt guys. For us its the best thing we could ever want to do and working with our Marines just makes it even more exceptional!

1st CEB Support Co


1 MLG CLR 17 Comm Co Maint Pl-2!


MACS-2 Det-B FOB Ramrod!





8th COMM 20137 PSC







3d CEB H&S Co S-6 shirt!


MATSG-21 custom Marine shirt!



MACS-2 ATC FWD OEF 11-1 design



Marine RS San Francisco custom shirt design!



USMC MSG Det Baghdad Damn The Rockets!




2-12 Motor Transportation custom USMC shirt!

VSW947_USMC 2-12 Motor Transportation


Custom military design for MASS-1 when they were on deployment during OEF.




Newport News Semper Fidelis “The Beast” created for the recruiters and Poolies getting set for Marine Corps bootcamp.


VSW877_RSS Bad News


Created for 13th MEU The Work Horses Engineer Detachment




Tactical Vehicle Operations with the USMC, Coast Guard and US Navy!


VSW856_USMC Tactical Vehicle Operations


Regional Targeting Cell created for RC Southwest – 72 Virgins Dating Club!


VSW821-1 USMC 72 Virgina


The United States Marine Corps has brough their heavy artillery with their triple 7’s. This design created for the cannon cockers of the USMC for their custom Marine shirts from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.



Noithing beats a great USMC custom shirt design and over the years it has been a realy humbling experience to work with the United States Marines and their incredible units, commands from MEU to platoon!

We Will Never Forget Coin


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