FCPOA Shirts Set New Standards When It Comes To Military Art

FCPOA Shirts Set New Standards When It Comes To Military Art

FCPOA Shirts Set New Standards When It Comes To Military Art you better believe it and when it comes to First Class Petty Officers they know great designs when they see them. For over 8 years the military art and design team of vision-strike-Wear.Com has been one of the leaders when it comes to design for the First Class Petty Officers Associations of the United States Navy.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer responsible for their associations have the responsibilities for leading these informative and leadership oriented groups of US Navy Sailors. Here ideas, questions and most importantly answers comes from the collaboration of years and success as these experienced E- ‘s prepare for advancement into US Navy Chief Petty Officers.

FCPOA Shirts. Absolutely. Every small to very large FCPOA has shirts for their dues paying members and for many years the FCPOA shirts for the US Navy came from Vision-strike-wear.Com. Some of the FCPOA shirts created over the last few years are displayed below.


USS Ramage DDG-61 FCPOA Shirt

 USS Ramage FCPOA Shirt

The extremely popular Jolly Roger FCPOA shirt design

CNRSE Regional Operations Center FCPOA Shirt

First Classes Petty Officers are proud of their Crows and they should be. Some have earned the wearing of gold chevrons, others red but overall these accomplished leaders know a  good shirt design when they see one like the Crow and chevrons FCPOA shirt seen below.

CNSP FCPOA Navy Military Shirt



Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Salutes The Troops During Armed Forces Week

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Salutes The Troops During Armed Forces Week

We know that our men and women in uniform don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve. There are few enough holidays and occassions like Memorial Day, Fleet Week, Armed Forces Day or Armed Forces Week that honor the troops so we need to think of them more. Not enough credit is offered to these unselfish men and women in uniform that put their lives on the line every day protecting our freedoms.

Life Liberty Shirt

Life Liberty Shirt


Never a day goes by when you don’t hear about ISIS, Daesh in their tongue, doing everything possible to disrupt the lives of innocent people overseas. That threat has even gotten closer with the terrorist actions recently reported in Seattle and Texas.

ISIS Hunting Club DAESH Shirt

ISIS Hunting Club DAESH Shirt

I recently traveled to San Diego and while I was waiting for my airplane had the opportunity to site and vist with a United States Navy officer and diver recently back from an undisclosed location in Africa. Out of respect to his rank, his uniform and the need to maintain operational security no detailed questions were asked or responses offered but the single most important thing I discovered is the threat that ISIS does impose on not just America but the rest of the world. He did say in passing that we know little of really what is going on there and our media of course is not covering it. I thanked him, bought him his drink and wished him well and safe return.

So in this modern day with technology advancing as fast as the human mind can comprehend, the advancedments we see and hear about daily, we are still thrown about when we hear how people are being mistreated by these savages in and terrorists who are hell bent on destroying the world as we know it. So I turn back to our military men and women and those who will not accept these terrorists from taking away our rights and casting into a pool of hate and death. It is during Armed Services week that we should remember that we have our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and for many our children that climb into their cockpits, tanks or a shallow and cold trench at night because they stand as a defense and force that is equipped to fight these ungrateful haters of life and have the power to do something about it. So I ask all who take the time to read this to remember our soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, and coasties not jsut Armed Services week but each time you listen to a news article, read a military blog, listen to a song that brings them to mind and remember they are out there for us and above all they volunteered to do so.

As a contributing writer to the Vision-Strike-Wear.Com military blog I welcome you to experience a company that supports our men and women uniform not jsut one week or day a year but everyday. Vision-Strike-Wear.com has worked with dozens of military organizations from Helphealourvets.Org,

Help Heal Our Vets

IAVA.Org, Purpleheartsfoundation.net, Operationhomefront.net to Homeforthetroops.org and more! Each opportunity to provide support for our active duty and veterans is something they hold to whether it is sonating shirts to a fundraiser, offering to donate a custom designs for their organization or simply creating a store on their website where designs and and products can be purchased which in turn have a % of each sale donated to that military non- profit. It is daily for them.

Some of their most recent designs can be found below. Each of these custom military designs were created so they could be worn with military pride on your favorite shirt, hoodie or apparel selection and what may be the most important worth noting is their dedication to supporting American brands from the shirts they print on to the vinyl decals they use for military decals and stickers.

Tin Can Sailors

Tin Can Sailors

Something for the sailors that serve abaord the backbone of the fleet: The Tin Cans!

Army Combat Medic

Army Combat Medic

Something for the Whiskey’s of the US Army. Army Combat Medics!

Gun Club Shirt

Gun Club Shirt

We love our guns. We love our freedom and the occasional draft isn’t bad either. This Gun Club shirt emcompasses everything we love about our country and the freedom to do it. The bacon isn’t bad either.

Ranger Snake Eater Shirt

Ranger Snake Eater Shirt

Something designed for the soldiers of the 75th Rangers.

US Navy Chief Tavern Shirt

US Navy Chief Tavern Shirt

Since April 1st, 1893 The US Navy Chiefs have served as the backbone of the US Navy. A design for them!

The Heroes Wall found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is just another example of the labor love VSW has for its military both past and present. Any family member that wishes to have a digital shadowbox of their friend or family member can email VSW at headquarters@Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and have their image, awads, dates of service even DD-214 added to their wall to be shown with diginity and preserved so friends and family can visit these pages from time to time.

So please remember of servicemen and women this Armed Services week and keep their support alive and well.


Battle Rattling For 240 Years With Freedom And Choice

Battle Rattling For 240 Years With Freedom And Choice

From the founding days of America our decsions have been all about one central concept: choice. The choice to leave the bonds of England, the decision to fight both Germany and Japan on two fronts, the choice to never quit, never surrender and never leave a brother or sister on the battlefield. Every merit and decision we have as a people have made in this country has derived from the concept of choice.

Freedom As A Choice!

Let’s face it, the United States who shares much if its history with England from a common language, similar religions and backgrounds did what others had not leading up to its departure from the British Commonwealth and that was to take back the freedom to choose self rule over colonial England rule and tyrrany of an English monarchy. It had to do with choice and choice means the freedom to do so. To think it up, take action and carry that out to its inevitable outcome. In our case the founding of the United States.

Choice comes from military planning!

Let’s face it. A whole lot of British soldiers never went home because the soldiers, guardsmen, minutemen, US Marines and members of the Continental Army decided let’s not stand in a line and fire our muskets at British Redcoats. Instead they made the choice to fire from trees, brush, brambles, in a non-conventional military manner. The British paid the price. Again this was the choice made by the tacticians of our US military down to the individual soldier who would not play by the rules set by others. Instead it was about choosing to fight on one’s own terms.


I for one feel lucky everyday I wake up in a country whose energy runs on the freedom found in the blood of each and every America. Our choices consume who we are and where we go, what we do and because America is the Land Of The Free and without much intrusion does have an environment that allows anyone to rise to achieve their dreams. Again its all about choice. Will I take a left when I should go right? Will I cross the line in the sand or make a comment where others fear to tread. Nothing is perfect but compared to other countries it isn’t bad either. Nothing is as perfect as we want it to be and guess what? You have the choice to make a difference and chnage it if you want to.

Military Choice!

From the day your recruiter asked you if you would make the choice to put on the uniform of the United States military and pedge and oath to the Constitution of The United States and its citizens you made a choice. You raised your right hand and you made a choice. Off you went to some bootcamp where professionally trained Drill Instructors took a slimy piece of whale excrement and trained it up to become a fine example of a US soldier, airman, US Marine, US Coast Guardsmen or US sailor. All because of a choice you made.

Battle Rattle! It is about choices.

Why Battle Rattle. Think of all the missions, ops, situations and roles our military takes when combating enemies all over the world? Each situation requires a different set of tools to complete the job and with that choice are made as to what type of gear is needed for the successful completion of those mission. What you take with you is one of the most important decisions you can make in the field.

Years ago Vision-Strike-Wear.Com adopted a similar philosophy when it came to chnaging the terrain called custom shirt design and printing. Fostered on the central concept of providing the tools for their customers they made the conscience decision to not adopt what other military shirt companies had done before them: make shirt they wanted to sell to you. Instead the decision was reached that it was more important that VSW customers have the freedom to choose what they wanted on their shirt and not visa versa. Battle Rattle military shirts was then created and since then a variety of Battle Rattle designs were made with features and options to build a custom shirt from the ground up by its customers.

The bottom line is that it creates a military design that customers can customitize on their own and see the changes on the screen as they select from a variety of options.

What are Battle Rattle Features and Options?

It’s a big list and with at least several designs the number of different options is quite literally in the millions. All branches of the military are covered and one of the most important things also to note is that American cotton shirts are available. The active duty, retirees, prior service, family and friends wanted a place where they could have American made shirts.  We responded.

Military Branches Covered!

The Battle Rattle designs from Vision-Strike cover the entire military and every branch. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Within each military branch there are several highly detailed and razor shapr military designs many with a broad level of interest from MOS designs, Navy rate designs such as one for Hospital Corpamen to Coast Guard military graphics that feature Coast Guard Cutters or Jayhawks.

Battle Rattle Graphics!

Design Your Own Military Shirt

Army Battle Rattle Designs

Have your Army Rank updated on this US Army Rank Battle Rattle design.

Army Rank Shirt


Build a military design for your shirt or hoodie with this Army MOS Battle Rattle design!

Army MOS Skull Shield Shirt


Cast fear into the enemy with this skull and crossbones with boonie cover Battle Rattle design.

Skull and Bones Shirt


The desert warrior Battle Design created for our active duty and veterans.

Desert Warrior OIF OEF Shirt


The Airborne Battle Rattle

Army Airborne Shirts


The 75th Rangers Battle Rattle aka Snake Eaters!

Army Ranger Shirts



Army Dustoff Shirt


One for the IED experts and Task Force Troy

Task Force Troy Shirt


The Special Forces Group Battle Rattle

Special Forces Group De Oppresso Liber Shirt



Navy Battle Rattle Designs

The Navy Rate and Rank design. Have your chevrons in red or gold displayed on this catchy air, sea and submarine backdrop.

Rank and Rate Navy Shirt


The Sea Is Ours. This US Navy design features the kind of updates we received hundreds of requests for from cover to aviation element updates.

Navy Rate Jolly Roger Skull Military Shirts


The Jolly Roger Battle Rattle!

Naval Skull and Bones Shirt


A Batle Rattle design for the Minemen and Minesweepers of the US Navy

Navy Minesweeper Shirt


The Navy Submarine Force Rate design

Navy Submarine Force Rate Shirt

The Sea Is Ours

Navy Sea Is Ours Military Shirt


Navy Search and Rescue

Search Rescue NAVY SAR Shirt


The US Navy Diver Battle Rattle

Navy Diver Shirts

Submarine Force!

Navy Submarine Force Run Silent Run Deep Shirt

Air Force Battle Rattles!

The Air Force Rank Battle Rattle

Air Force Rank Shirts


Air Force Specialties Battle Rattle

Air Force Specialties Military Shirt



SERE Shirt

Marine Corps Battle Rattle Designs

Your Marine MOS your way!

Military MOS Skull Shirt


King Of Battle Battle Rattle Artillery Design


Artillery King of Battle Guns of Death Military Shirt

Up Armored!

Up-Armored HUMVEE Shirt


US Coast Guard Battle Rattle designs!

Coast Guard Rate Battle Rattle

Coast Guard Rate Skull Shirt


Coast Guard Cutter Rate Battle Rattle design

Coast Guard Rate Shirt


MSST Battle Rattle

Coast Guard MSST Detect Intercept Interdict Shirt

Semper Paratus Battle Rattle

Coast Guard Semper Paratus Shirt



240 Years of Freedom and Choice!

When you think about the age of our country and how long we have operated with a heightened sensitivity towards choice once must realize that choice and freedom go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

How old is America? Here is an interesting little trivia. Well when you consider the lifespan thus far of the United States can stretch between the lives of only 4 US President’s not as long as you would think. We have been alive and kicking and our military men and women on the line, the fence, outside the wire, in the trenches, on the sea and in the air have been defending our way of life since our birth in 1776. Our military many people who might already know are actually as old as 1775 to include the US Marines and US Navy who share the same birth year and are one year older than the United States.

Just in case you didn’t believe you can go back to the founding of America based on the lives of just 4 US Presidents.

When President Obama was born (1961), President Herbert Hoover was still alive (1874-1964). When Hoover was born, President Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) was still alive. When President Johnson was born, President John Adams (1735-1826) was still alive. And just like that, we’ve connected present day to the Founding Fathers. (Source – The Washington Post)

Custom Kicking Ass and Taking Names Military Shirts and Designs of 2015!

Custom Kicking Ass and Taking Names Military Shirts and Designs of 2015!

Over the past 7 plus years at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com we have seen many things come and go! The departure from kick ass custom military designs have sadly taken a backseat to cheap! Cheap means something you wouldn’t get caught dead wearing to Uncle Groove’s Clam Bake and Chowder House.

America Is Waking Up from Cheap Quality!

The American public is waking up though and realizing very quickly that cheap is cheap and unless you do wish to get caught dead wearing a faded, heat transfer (last about once and then cracks and peels) shirt from a number of Mr. Cheap shirt companies then honestly you get what you paid for.

Custom? No it deasn’t mean expensive. It means someone took the time to actually design something verses throwing it up on their computer and copieed and pasted the art together. Worse still they most likely took it from someone else and are pushing it off as thei rown. Oh the stories we could tell you. The hits jsut keep on coming and things have gone from bad to worse. The average Joe on the street corner doesn’t realise that Uncle Groove wants one thing. Your money and the shortest distance and least amount of work to get there is what he is about.

Not us. Not today. Not tomorrow either. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com will not settle for the ambush tactics others take. Instead they will provide the best designs, based on affordable budgets, custom designed and custom printed.

You can have it all when it comes to custom designs and military graphics. Why? Cause we want to provide it. Does it have to cost a lot more? No. For less than the cost of a cup of Starbuck’s Coffee you can have what others will not offer or cannot offer.

American Made!

Seems a little funny putting shirts produced with cotton made in China, Honduras, Vietnam or even Mexico on the back of our military. We offer American Made apparel items to all the troops and give them the choice when it comes to having the finest American made shirts produced for them in the industry.

Let’s take a look!

Get some ideas for a custom US Army shirt and design!

1-41 Field Artillery Bn


US Navy designs for your Command!

NHC Hawaii SCPOA Shirts

US Air Force custom military shirts and designs!


USMC shirts and designs!


US Coast Guard designs for military apparel!

VSW722_USCG Chesapeake Bay

With custom designs delivered with a passion and zeal for our US military, the design team at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com takes custom military design very serious because they want the very best for the troops. Why? Cause at one time they also wore with pride the military uniform of the United States and were proud to call these same men and women in uniform brothers and sisters. Now they want to pay it forward by providing the very best designs they can for them.

So while you think about how to get the best in a design let’s take a moment to show you why going with someone that either doesn’t do artwork correctly or is going to give you copycat artwork that doesn’t even belong to them.

Vanguard Industries.

A few years ago a customer of ours contacted us and asked us if we could do a design for them. They sent in a proof from Vanguard Industries and wouldn’t you know it. They had copied our design and sent it back to us? It was like can we do this artwork? The answer was yes. We already did. Below is a copy of the copycat art. Below this you will find the original artwork created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com years before Vanguard tried to copy it.


The Vision-Strike-Wear.Com original design.

USS Gunston Hall LSD-44 Shirt

So the next time you want to look for affordable, custom made, American designed, made and printed apparel and shirts check out Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

Cheap shirts. Cheaply made shirts printed cheaply for a cheap searching audience searching for cheaply made cheap shirts. Isn’t that sad.

So who are they?

They are the ones that advertise cheap shirts. They want to sell cheap shirts. Cutting corners and giving you what they want is their priority.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com makes a difference with custom shirt designs!

At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com we provide what our customers want and we develop custom artwork for them based on their descriptions and the types of design they want to see created for the CPOA, FCPOA, unit, command, artillery unit, infantry or grunt unit, warship, shore command, deployment designs and much more.


Not Using American Made Shirts?

Not Using American Made Shirts?

Not Using American Made Shirts?

You Should Apologize!

When producing custom military designs, custom law enforcement (LEO) shirts and fireman shirts for our nation’s bravest wouldn’t it make sense to not using American made shirts?

Doesn’t it simply make sense?

There are companies out there, and we mean a lot of them, that promote their shirt designs and find some clever trick to engage your patriotism and support of America either through a quote from an American Army General or Admiral, political and American great such as President George Washington or Abraham Lincoln but when the ink is finally dry on their Salvadorian, Mexican or Vietnamese made shirts, the memes created and published on Facebook or Instagram followed by some truly stupid ass small business owner thinking that rolling down some hill in panties simulating an Airborne drop is going to sell some shirts they might be right. But where they are wrong is that these hooligans aren’t selling shirts Made In America! And for that they should apologize!

Sure you can call them and write them, post to their Facebook page and intelligently ask the question why their shirts aren’t American Made and why they don’t support American Made products and for your effort you get the following “I am running for political office too busy to respond intelligently to your inquiry” reply.

“We have such a large demand for our shirts, producing almost as many as Nascar here that we cannot locate an American shirt company that can keep up with our production.”

In short: Lame.

Also: Not true.

So as these companies continue to press home their chest thumping diatribe on how great America is they quickly forget (intentionally it seems) that they put profits ahead of America! Even though American made shirts might be slightly higher, their craftsmanship is better, they CAN keep up with virtually any demand and let’s face it, it does support America by keeping money in the USA, hardworking Americans at work and supporting our military with more than a fancy quote or cut past military graphic. It supports our men and women in uniform with real American made quality that they deserve to wear and not some Boom Boom Mama San Sweatshop Made in some Fuckamericanstan country!

So while our country and its politicians still refrain from calling out American enemies like China and Pakistan let’s remember that purchasing their shit only helps build their infrastructure and shifts our assets to other countries. Yeah let’s keep doing that right?


Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.25.55 PM

So where in the world does your shirt come from?

We don’t mean the company that is printing the shirt. Where it gets printed is only one small % of the piece of the puzzle. What country does the actual shirt get made in?

If the tag fits wear it!

Does your shirt tag read Made In USA or Made In America or does it have some printing in the shirt that hides this important fact? It’s all in the details. If the company printing or designing your shirts cannot come out and say it then chances are its not USA Made. Ask the question. Inquire. Find out!

Who has recently been asked if their shirts are Made In the USA and been told it is not. If we are wrong then let us know or if recently changes have occurred help us to updater this information. This is not a knock about “this shirt company or that shirt company”. It is about supporting America and her hard working men and women that build this country day after day and it is about our men and women in uniform who deserve more than a shirt made in some overseas sweatshop. The following list discusses the location of the shirt itself and not where it is printed.

Not Made In The USA

7.62 Design – Not USA Made shirts.

Rangerup – Not USA Made shirts.

Unapologetically American – Not USA shirts.

Tapout – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Amy at the following number 866-352-6809

Underarmour – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Lauren at the following number 1.888.727.6687

Made In The USA

Affliction Apparel

Tapout – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Amy at the following number 866-352-6809

Underarmour – Some yes and some no. Confirmed 9-11-2014 with CSR Lauren at the following number 1.888.727.6687