Best Military Designs For 2017

Best Military Designs For 2017

The Best Military Designs For 2017 has already started with completely new and different, highly detailed, colorful and professional looking military artwork for both active duty US Military as well as reserve units, ships, commands, squadrons and units. As new military designs arrive on the scene they are placed here so that out United States military can both see what has been recently designed but also to see designs they too might like done for their active duty units and commands.

Over the years VSW has designed thousands if original uniquely created designs that have been printed on products ranging from shirts, both cotton and dry fit, hoodies, posters, decals, plaques, coffee mugs and steins, seen them transformed into memorial crystals, coins and so much more. The VSW difference is that they are an OEM. That means they originate the design and then make it. They have become one of the leaders in military design because of their desire to listen to their audience from their Facebook page to their Pinterest customers and have worked hard with each of them to arrive at the finest military art in the industry.

Below you will see a growing list of new military designs for each of the US military branches with thought provoking concepts to incredible detailed and lavish artwork. If you are interested in having a custom design done for your unit contact them at for more information or go to their Rules of Engagement Page found at Custom Military Designs to get started!

The USS Tornado PC-14 received one of the most detailed designs for its crew and ship just recently when Vision-Strike-Wear.Com delivered this magnificent design and military shirts to the crew. Colorful, detailed, covering the USN ratings aboard ship, their mascot and their slogan all richly displayed. Seen at USS Tornado Custom Military Shirts.

USS Tornado PC14 US Navy Shirt

The United States Marine Corps has their Military Occupation Specialties like the 0331 Machine Gunners. This design was created at the request of a active duty US Marine with 2nd Battalion 7th Marines that wanted a design for their Grim Reapers in the ranks!

US Marine 0331 Machine Gunner Grim Reaper Shirt


The First Class Petty Officer Association (FCPOA) at NAS Oceana worked with VSW to develop this highly detailed custom FCPOA shirt for their command.

US Navy RSO Oceana FCPOA Shirts

When the Sailors aboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) asked for a custom design for their engineering division they contacted Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. They wanted their ship in high seas with lightning and a ghost fleet in their aft desired a razor sharp design like the one displayed below. Arrayed for Victory!

USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 Engineering Shirt

The United States Navy Chiefs – SLF Norfolk and the Goat Locker there representing the backbone of the US Navy requested a custom design for their command and VSW delivered. The Norfolk Area Submarines design was a collaboration of Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Chiefs who work within the USN Submarine Force community and wanted a design for their command.

The relationship between the US Navy and the people of Japan is a strong one. The FCPOA at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan requested a design that had Japanese elements like Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese flag along with the US Navy one as a working relationship built on trust and goodwill. Additionally the FCPOA asked for the First Class Petty Officers Creed to be placed on the globe centered on their US Navy shirts.

US Navy Fleet Activities Yokosuka Japan FCPOA Shirt

The United States Navy Chiefs really know how to crack the whip when they need something done or maybe its better when they drive the bull! Since April 1st, 1893 they have been the backbone of the US navy and nothing has changed in all of this time. This US Navy Chief Grabbing the Bulls By The Horns Since 1893 design was created in honor of the Chiefs and the Goat Locker.

US Navy Chiefs Grabbing The Bull By The Horns Since 1893 Shirt

A US Navy design created for the men and women aboard the USS Winston S Churchill and their Chief’s Mess. This is the only ship in the United States fleet that was named after a foreign dignitary.

USS Winston S Churchill Chiefs Shirt

USS Connecticut SSN-22 wanted a design for their crew featuring a bad ass squid with pea coat along with their silver dolphins for its enlisted crew members. At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com they got it. Arsenal Of a Nation.

USS Connecticut SSN-22 Arsenal Of A Nation Shirt

I shall fear no Evil. Psalm 23:4. Every US Military service person knows the world spoken with this famous and thought provoking Biblical Verse. A design created to capture its connection with those that go into harms way wear a shirt with a design like this because they know the strength, conviction and fearlessness that is required to fight on the battlefield and win. This military shirt was created making the distinct connection between faith and the warrior ethos.

I Shall Fear No Evil Psalm 23:4 Shirt

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of US Military service dog going into combat as K-9 teams. This K-9 Veteran design was created out of respect for these teams that have been in harms way since 1942.

Goatfellas Don’t Mess With Best

Goatfellas Don’t Mess With Best

The backbone of the US Navy. The Leadership from the Deckplates. This line in the sand you do not cross. The United States Navy Chief. Goatfellas the Navy Goats that you will never cross and when they take you down you will never hear them coming. Worse than a knife in the ear, heavier than cement shoes and hitting harder than a pipe to the knees comes this wise guy Goatfellas design that captures the look and feel of the Goodfellas movie that gave America a good look into the Costra Nostra, the Mob, Our Thing.

US NAVY Chiefs Goatfellas

US NAVY Chiefs Goatfellas

Chief, Senior Chief, Master Chief watch over their sailors and if they don’t pass muster they could be sleeping with the fishes. Robert Dinero, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci have nothing over the Goatfellas who command the seas, their ships, their commands and make sure things get done. They get done or you get done. The choice is yours.

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale

Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale !

The first ever release of a brand new coin from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com! The original US Navy Chief Released for the United States Navy Chief’s! Only 100 made then these color coins get cased never to produced again with this design!  Get yours in time for the Holidays!

US Navy Goatlocker Coin

Navy Chief “Anchored” Challenge Coin

The most copied Navy Chief design in the United States Navy has now become a coin designed by the original artist, Frost Call, of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Navy Chief Goat Anchored Coin

Years In The Making ~

For the last 2 years the artists of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com have watched diligently as their designs had been copied by other companies often without permission, often with the excuse of gee wiz I didn’t know or they sent me the art and I just printed what they asked of me. The failure to respect and honor the original artists went on and on.

We called them and asked them politely to remove the designs from their website often meeting resistance followed by us providing evidence that the original art belonged to us. Always striving to take the high road with other small business we thanked them for their cooperation and tried to be understanding.

Then There Was The Not So Nice Copy Cats~ Who Are They Kidding?

One day a relationship fostered between Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and another coin company developed. It was developed because Mr. Coin Co thought the artwork of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com would look cool as heck on metallic challenge coins. We agreed. So a business relationship started.

Shortly after the artwork was sent to Mr. Coin with the request that the coin art be reviewed before it was put out for sale on its Ebay store location, it was found that Mr Coin was selling it anyway. Problem 1. Problem 2 occurred when the design supplied by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had been taken, altered, butchered and turned into what others referred to as a “hunk of metallic guano, ie. bat shit!” Nothing the design team of VSW would want to be associated with so it was requested that those designs be removed until updated and have the appearance of quality. Mr Coin in the most interesting turn of events said no.

Hard to imagine that theoir standards were so low but here we were. Military challenge coins that others thought looked terrible and no one wanted. This simply would not do.

So the end result was a severing of ties with Mr. Coin or so we thought.

It Gets Worse! ~

So Vision-Strike-Wear.Com moves on leaving Mr. Coin and his Ebay store to do what it has been doing. However, after a little bit of investigation and a review of Mr. Coins Ebay store it was discovered that during their relationship Mr. Coin had been copying the artwork of VSW without permission and without their knowledge. So while in a business relationship with Mr Coin he was copying and selling the VSW artwork out the back door without their permission and profiting from it. It had to end.

A sample of the knock off!


Lawyers ~

Scorched Earth policy sadly and from it the only parties that ever really win are the attorneys. Truth. So after the nuclear fallout of attorney letters and exhanges the coins came down from Mr. Coins Ebay store. It was either that or becasue no one was buying them. No way to really tell. Then comes the good news. Mr. Coin received a lot of hate mail from the US Navy Chiefs and others telling them to remove the extra coins they had made for the commands they had done business with. Only problem is that no one gave them permission to profit from this. It gets better and people wise up. Mr. Coin was actually selling the coins on Ebay as a different company than the one he was involved in with his coin business that had been handed down to him from a parent, even a Chief, that had served in the US Navy. So not really an arm’s length transaction and a way to not catch hell from the Chief community but eventually it was discovered and finally they decided at the request of the US Navy and its Chiefs to take down their Ebay coins.

sex sex

Peace at last ~

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had had it and wanted desparately to produce quality coins in the waks of so many counterfeits and sad copy cats hell bent on stealing what was not theirs. We coined the phrase “Cheating but not competing!”

Answer. Make coins with our original artwork and do it better than the other guy. Why not? We did the art. We created it. We have the detail, the US Navy licensing to produce it and furthermore the desire to make sure the original art became metallic military challenge coins that had detail, style and quality the others lack. So now we are pleased to offer the first of many original, brand new and quality intensive military coins for our brothers and sisters in the US military, veterans, retirees, family and friends.


Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran’s the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.
Your purchase of the Helphealourvets.Org hoodie allows all proceeds to be donated to military charities and organizations who do the job right and take care of the veterans. No more red tape or layers of bureacratic salaries that produce little nothing for our veterans. These dollars go to the veterans. Your purchase of this hoodie makes this possible.
This Veteran’s Day will mark the beginning of the fundraising campaign created by Healp Heal Our Vets and between this Veteran’s Day and next years Veteran’s Day 2015 where we will announce the amount that will be donated to the organizations that do the most good within the veteran community. We are excited to partipcate and be part of a fundraising campaign whose sole purpose is to help heal our veterans.

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie


US Navy Crows, Squids, Gators and Goats Oh My

US Navy Crows, Squids, Gators and Goats Oh My

You will not find a lion, bear or tin man here! What you will find are more aggressive things that hunt ships and submarines at day, at night, in the air, on land and at sea.

The most modern naval power, the United States Navy, has had its mascots over the years. Animals that help define the character or attitude of a special group of US Navy sailors.

So the next question is what do you have when you find a murder, congregation, shoal and tribe massed together?

Murder – A grouping of crows!

Congregation – A grouping of alligators!

Shoal – A grouping of squids!

Tribe – A grouping of goats!

Answer? The meanest most bad ass group of United States Navy sailors!

The US Navy Petty Officers! ~ The Crows!

VSWA201NAVYCrowGeneric-v (1)

US Navy Petty Officers – The Crows!


Petty Officers in the United States Navy are the oldest of the ranks found within the United States Navy! They are proven leaders. They have advanced their careers by providing proof that they are tough both mentally and physically and can handle the rigors of duty both in a command on shore or fighting the seas with their shipmates in the waters, oceans and seas of the world.

Identified as connected as crows the Petty Officers wear eagles above their rank chevrons but tradition in the Navy has them identified instead as crows. The crow is the Petty Officer and the Petty Officer is the crow!


Crow Facts – Meet Mr Corvus!

Some interesting crow facts

“Corvus is a a widely distributed genus of birds in the family Corvidae. Ranging in size from the relatively small pigeon-size jackdaws (Eurasian andDaurian) to the common raven of the Holarctic region and thick-billed raven of the highlands of Ethiopia, the 40 or so members of this genus occur on all temperate continents except South America, and several islands. In Europe, the word “crow” is used to refer to the carrion crow or the hooded crow, while in North America it is used for the American crow or the northwestern crow.

The crow genus makes up a third of the species in the Corvidae family. The members appear to have evolved in Asia from the corvid stock, which had evolved in Australia. The collective name for a group of crows is a flock or a murder.

Recent research has found some crow species capable of not only tool use but also tool construction. Crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent animals with an encephalization quotient approaching that of some apes.” (Source: Wikipedia)

So what we have is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth that hunts in packs called a murder!



Navy Squids – We Own The Seas!

VSWA199NavySquidGeneric-v (1)

US Navy squids!


For decades other military branches have tried to issue insults at our US Navy sailors by calling them squids. Truth is you might poke fun at a squid but would you really want to piss it off! Nope! They will drag you down faster that a turbo jet to the oceans depths then grasp you and tear you to bits! So for those of us who have used the word to define American sailors we suggest thinking twice.

Photo: Giant squid attacking bait squid

Meet Mr Squid!

“The giant squid remains largely a mystery to scientists despite being the biggest invertebrate on Earth. The largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed nearly a ton (900 kilograms).” (Source: National Geographic)

Navy Gators! – Meet the Amphibians!

The US Navy and it days of running landing craft up to beaches, launching attacks from offshore and firing salvos to help pin an enemy down on a beachhead while US Marines engage enemy pillboxes and fortified emplacements has been the calling of the US Navy and its host of amphibious forces. Hello Gator Navy!




Seen what a alligator can do?


So when a group of Alligators get together it is called a congregation.

More facts about alligators

“An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. The two living species are the American alligator (A. mississippiensis) and the Chinese alligator (A. sinensis). In addition, several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains. Alligators first appeared during the Oligocene epoch about 37 million years ago.

The name “alligator” is probably an anglicized form of el lagarto, the Spanish term for “the lizard”, which early Spanish explorers and settlers in Florida called the alligator. Later English spellings of the name included allagarta and alagarto.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The Goat Locker!



Since April 1st, 1893 the United States Navy has maintained a backbone of proven leaders and sailors who are not made. They are built! These are the toughest, most well trained sailors that have ever commanded. They are the leadership and experience of the US Navy! They are the goats!


Between crows, squids, alligators and goats the United States Navy has an arsenal of the most experienced, well trained and dangerous men and women that protect America across the word’s seas and oceans and man the finest and most powerful navy in the history of naval warfare!


For more original custom military designs, visit us at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare United States Navy Chiefs Honored at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!


 New Navy Chief T-Shirts

The United States Navy Chief’s are the backbone of the United States Navy and in honor of their never ending loyalty, dedication and hard work to preserving the time honored traditions and maintaining the level of expertise to keep America’s Navy fit we honor them with three brand new designs for them.

The US Navy Chief Surface Warfare, Aviation Warfare and Dolphin insignia are displayed on these colorful, professional and exclusively offered Vision-Strike-Wear.Com designs created by lead artist Frost Call!

VSWA174 NAVY Navy Chief Submarine Warfare-v

VSWA192 NAVY Chief Enlisted Aviation Pin

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All Vision-Strike-Wear.Com designs like the ones displayed above are copyrighted and their reproduction in part or whole without written approval is not granted. If your company is interested in licensing a Vision-Strike-Wear.Com design please contact us at US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare !


We Will Never Forget Coin


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