Military Appreciation Month Honors Our Service Men And Women

Military Appreciation Month Honors Our Service Men And Women

It’s more than just recognizing our men and women in uniform. It is also about honoring their legacy and the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen that served with honor in all the preceding generations that have put on the uniform of the United states military and served with honor and professionalism. The sporting events with US flag and military branch flags displayed provide a glimpse on the occasions when they are displayed that show the public that our men and women serve not just once in a while but all the time and that while we as Americans enjoy our way of life and our freedoms it is our military that ensure it day after day. May honors the troops because we recognize that America exists because our military ensures we continue to live as a free society.

Military Appreciation Month, as one might guess, is the month we Americans take out of every year to celebrate, honor and appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform. It was established by Senator John McCain in 1999 (A Veterans of the Cold War, a Naval Aviator and more) intended as a symbol of unity and appreciation for servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

Every year in the month of May we celebrate National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). The month was not chosen at random: on May 29th of each year we celebrate Memorial Day, a federal holiday dedicated to the military’s fallen. It is, in essence, the cap of an entire month of observances dedicated to the men and women of the armed services and their families. Here’s a comprehensive list of 2017’s NMAM observances each with its own focus and importance:


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The month begins with a proud look at our American heritage. It’s a day set aside to reaffirm our dedication to the United States, a day where we can together look to the future and be proud of where we’ve come from. It’s been a long road behind and it’ll be a long road ahead, but we’re Americans. We are unique in that we are very independent as individuals but agree that we can dna do come together as a people, as a culture of red blooded, freedom loving Americans that will work together as a team when called upon to preserve our way of life. We’ll get there.


This week, as you might guess, is intended to celebrate and honor the service of our local, federal, and state employees. They get a bad rap more often than not but isn’t always the case and no they aren’t all DMV workers of VA administration. But consider this: a disproportionate number of government employees are former military. Not all of them are military but many are. This list also includes employees of federal agencies, like the FBI, CIA, ICE, FEMA, Homeland Security, not to mention state and local police officers.

Respect where respect is due.


Otherwise known as Victory in Europe Day. It just wouldn’t be right to have an entire month dedicated to the armed forces without giving a solid nod to that time in 1943 when we beat the everloving tar out of the Nazis.

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We’ve all heard the horror stories about dependapotamis. Remember? I had you at Tri-Care. For a minute, though, appreciate the fact that there a lot of husbands and wives married to our servicemembers who raise children and maintain lives stateside alone while their spouses are overseas fighting the good fight. The spouse of a deployed military service person may be one of the hardest jobs out there keeping household intact, kids in school, making sure bills are paid, keeping a job down and ensuring the safety of one’s family all important things that are done while the other head of household is gone for a year at a time in many cases.

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If you think that’s trivial, consider this: how effective would our guys be if they knew they were coming home to a dilapidated house, underfed kids, and unpaid bills? Coming home to security and solidarity is worth its weight in gold. I’m here to tell you, there’s nothing better than coming back from 11 months overseas to a hot meal, a warm bed, and a good woman.


This is the day during NMAM that we set aside to appreciate our active and reserve forces in all branches. These are our active duty military that put on the uniform of the United States military in all branches and go to work and lay it on the line each and every day. When you’re out on May 20th and you see a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman in uniform, shake their hand. It might sound trivial, but you’ve got no idea how important it is to troops who may be having a rough go of things, knowing that the American people have their back.

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday, celebrated the last Monday in May of every year. It’s the day we set aside our political differences (God knows we need to an more than one occasion) and squabbling, bickering  and honor the sacrifices of millions of men and women who have given their lives in the name of this country. All the battles, wars, engagements and the engagements America has ever been in are remembered and those that answered the bugle’s call.

You might disagree with the war. You might disagree with the politics. Never, ever disrespect the fallen, because whether you asked for it or not, you enjoy the freedom that they died to protect every single day. As Americans we rise above our personal desires and interests and remember our fallen because without them our country would not exist.

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Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap?

Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap?


Why Don’t Americans Wear the Liberty Cap? Learn to celebrate your independence from British Royalty and Banking tyranny by donning your “Liberty Cap”!  The identifiable symbol for many revolutions and was the key symbol in the US Army featured here.  It was prominently associated with rebellion.

This Christmas Santa Clause also Wears the Liberty Cap!

Good ol’ St Nick is also known for sporting a Red Liberty Cap.  The Original Santa Claus comes from the Siberian Shamans that use the Amenita Muscaria, a Large red fat mushroom with white polka dots.  During these periods of winter the shaman would bring these magic mushrooms to the snowed in Scandanavians.  Cabin fever was easily abated with the visions of gum drops dancing in their heads.


Bill Murray donning the Red Liberty Cap in “Life Aquatic”

Its probable the French Revolutionaries got it from the American Revolutionaries who lead the revolt against the brutal military and banking tyranny of the British Empire and Vatican Hegemony.  In 1776, the Americans had had enough and in the ancient tradition of the Phyrgian Slaves donned Liberty Caps to represent the American Revolution with the British Royal Empire and The Holy Roman Empire!

This is a brimless, relaxed, cone shaped hat fitting the head.  Originally worn by the peoples of Phyrigia a region known as Anatolia in ancient history.  Today his region is called Asia Minor.  In 1593 Cesare Ripa wrote the book Iconologia recognizing these caps and there history.  The Phyrigian cap was worn by slaves of ancient Rome and Greece.  Later it was worn The Liberty Cap Seal of the US Senate.for ceremonial purposes.  The cap also played a part in the ceremony of the manumission slave.  Its connection to Asia Minor is tenuous.  The understanding is that the Phyrgian slaves who when freed ould again wear their traditional head wear.  Whichever it may be, the Phrygian cap was adopted and symbolised liberty to the libertarians during the Enlightenment.  The “Phrygian cap” , French for “bonnet Phrygian“,  is generally displayed as a red cap, “bonnet rouge” or Liberty Cap, “bonnet de la Liberte“.

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The Liberty Cap represents SOVEREIGNTY which means that nobody other than God is your RULER.  Sover (Super) in Latin means Above.  Reign is to Rule Over.  Or Above Rule.  Above any one else’s Ruler-ship or Monarchy.  In the American colonies the Liberty Cap was pervasive in promoting the the rebellion from Britain and birthing of a new nation under God and no other.  The Sons of Liberty in 1765 was the first annotation.  Later during the American Revolution some soldiers wore knitted red stocking caps with the occasional stitched words “LIBERTY” or “Liberty or Death” along the brim.  This style was imbued in the attire of “Jonathan” an allegorical figure of the New England tale.

Liberty Caps were generally atop a Liberty Pole during the American Revolutionary War as a symbol of Freedom.  Perhaps it was the “Dangling Carrot” ever chasing what is just out of our reach for it seems we have yet to achieve true Liberty from the evil doers of the British Royal Empire and their Banking Regime.  Many coins have the Liberty Cap positioned a loft a pole or hovering behind the head of Lady Liberty where the Limbic brain or the part of the Brain that processes the Care principle.  If we don’t care enough we will not stand up to the tyranny upon us!  On the right we also see it on the seal of the United States Senate supplanting the fasci in the center.  Very powerful symbology here.

Seal_of_New_York.svgA golden Liberty Cap appears on the seal of the State of New York the original capital of the United States of America.  The latin phrase beneath translates to “The Figure of Liberty Proper”.  Her hair is is unkempt and adorn with pearls, azure gown, sandals, cincture around the waist, fringed gules, a mantle of the last depending from the shoulders behind the feet, the dexter hand a staff adorned by a Phrygian Cap Or, a sinister arm holding and supporting the shield of the dexter chief point, a Royal Crown by her sinister foot rejected.


A Liberty Cap also appears on the state flags of New Jersey and West Virginia.  It is predominant on the US Army Seal!  Also painted on many murals within the US Capital in Washington D.C. like the Apotheosis of George Washington and artifacts with the same for Benjamin Franklin.

liberty-cap-us-capital     Imacon Color Scanner

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The figure here is detailed in the painting “Telegraph” in the US Senate by Constantine Brumidi personifying America wearing a Liberty Cap.  However the Liberty Cap is commonly associated with the revolution of the Americas from Great Britain it not shown worn.  Its either an isolated symbol or on top of a Liberty Pole or shaft.  The one here shows it colored as an American Flag.  Another shows it on a pole crossing a fasces.  This design is from an envelope during the American Civil War.  It was to be featured in the painting in the US Capital authorized in 1855 called the ‘Freedom triumphant in War and Peace” but was rejected by Jefferson Davis , then the Secretary of War, and demanded a Roman helmet be used in its place.

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The Liberty Caps around the world

La Liberté guidant le peupleDuring the American Revolution the only European country to aid was France.  The Liberty Cap was also used by the French Revolution that lead to teh beheading of the Royals!  I guess someone wanted some heads to roll;)  The French Revolutionary Army donned the Liberty Cap as seen here in this illustration of a Marienne.  It was documented in 1789 but hte cap became popular in the Spring of 1790.  It was worn by the Liberty Goddesses and Nation prior and became a part of the uniform of the sans-culottes.  King Louis XVI, on June 20th 1792, donned a Liberty Cap when pressed by a large crowd that had stormed the palace of Tuileries. Later the Liberty Cap was placed on the mitre of the fleeing Archbishop of Paris.

By 1793, members of the Assemblies of Paris were obligated to wear a Liberty Cap and accepted it as a national symbol placing it on the French Seal of the State of the Republic and to replace the Fleur-di-lis on milestones. The cap was definitely considered an important icon.  Here is a postcard with a large red Liberty Cap portrayed.  It is identified with more extreme revolutionaries and as been subdued during periods of stability when the French Government discouraged any uprising or disturbing the apple cart.  Under the Consulate regime the capped Liberty was replaced by a less provoking Minerva helmet as well as ALL public monuments.  Take a clue!

Pictured here is a painting called “La Liberte guidant le peuple” – Liberty Guiding the People, by Eugene Delacroix and is currently hanging in the Louvre in Paris.  Here Lady Liberty is brandishing the French tricolore Flag and wearing a red Phrygian Liberty Cap.  Inspired by the insurrection of July 1830 in Paris ending the last king of France, Charles X, forcing him to abdicate and was replaced with the “King of the French” Louis-Phillippe.

During the 2nd Republic, rebellions caused the provisory government to add a Liberty Cap on the white stripe of the French tricolore Flag in February 1848.  Then the cap disappeared again from the flag and the seal then was reestablished as a national symbol during the 3rd Republic.

The liberty cap continues to be worn by Marianne, the female illustration of the French Republic; however solely generally. Her bust, that adorns town halls of France, generally sports a rather less revolutionary jeweled headdress. She wears a awfully discreet cap on the new French brand shown higher than.

       The French National Motto              

100 Franc coin of 1989. Note the Phrygian cap as well as the motto.

A cap is visible on the 1989 one hundred monetary unit coin shown on the proper. till 2002 the cap appeared, in conjunction with the Cross of French region, on the brand of a rightist French organisation referred to as Rassemblement pour la République (RPR), the neo-Gaullist party of Jacques Chirac. the brand isn’t any longer used, maybe attributable to the pardonable tendency to ascertain it as as a unshapely parrot. (The parot’s “eye” is truly a blue, white and red decoration.)

Other Countries

Elsewhere, the Liberty cap was incorporated into the image of the late eighteenth century Irish revolutionary movement called the Society of the United Irishmen. It additionally carried over to occupant revolutions of the decennium. The cap appeared on Mexican coins through the late nineteenth century into the middle twentieth century (including the previous eight Reales coin). Today, it’s featured of the coats of arms, national flags or seals of Central American country, Central American country, Colombia, Republic of Paraguay and Cuba. In Argentina it seems not solely on the national arms and flag, however additionally those of the military and navy, on presidential flags and therefore the flags of provinces together with Corrientes, Jujuy, Mendoza and urban center. As within the US, the cap invariably appears to feature on high of a stick, instead of people’s heads.

The Phrygian Cap before it became a Liberty Cap

Before the Phrygian cap came to symbolise freedom or revolutionary fervour, it had another message within the west. it had been an emblem related to the east. so it appears to own been worn by arange of peoples within the Balkans and peninsula. Macedonian, Thracian, and Dacian military helmets all had forward inform tiptop maybe mimicking Phrygian caps.


The Phrygian cap may be seen on Trajan’s Column, worn by the Dacians, and on the Arch of Septimius Severus, worn by the Parthians. Roman poets routinely used the term “Phrygian” to mean Trojan. In Greek art, the Phrygian cap served to spot Paris as a Trojan – and then positively not a correct Greek. The mosaic on the correct shows mythical being sporting a Phrygian hat. The cap additionally seems on murals in an exceedingly fourth century Thracian topographic point at Kazanlak in fashionable Bulgaria.

The Phrygian cap was worn by the god Mithras – shown on the correct. He was a Saviour god within the adherent Persian tradition supported the Zoroastrian faith.Mithras was a forerunner of the Saviour-god Hebrew United Nations agency borrowed Mithras’s halo, his birthday and his temple on the Vatican Hill in Rome, however not his Phrygian hat. identical headgear conjointly options on the heads of the 3 Magi in previous depictions of them – marking them as being from the east, like this depiction (above left) from a church in pitched battle. The name Magi denotes Zoroastrian clergymen from Persia.

Liberty Cap Mountain Peak

Liberty Cap is a granite dome in Yosemite parkland, California, USA that lies at the northwestern margin of the Yosemite park. It lies adjacent, to the north of American State Fall,  on the naturalist path. It rises 1,700 feet (520 m) feet from the bottom of American state Fall to a peak elevation of 7,080 ft (2,158 m). A smaller, mesa-like dome referred to as Mount Broderick stands forthwith adjacent to cap.

Liberty Cap in Coins

Liberty Cap – Head Facing Left (1793)



Liberty Cap – Large Head Right Facing (1794)



Liberty Cap – Sm. Head Right Facing (1795-1797)



American Legend Paul Bunyan wore the Red Liberty Cap representing the freedom of the new frontier!

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Islamic State of Iraq ISIS Return To Iraq

Islamic State of Iraq ISIS Return To Iraq

isisRemember Operation Iraqi Freedom and its many deployments?

Well it hasn’t been long and the vacuum left by the United States leaving this country militarily has created conditions whereby other opportunistic groups, mainly ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, have secured control of major cities in both Iraq and Syria.

The end result may be America’s eventual return to Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Crazier things have happened.

VSW724_NAV SPEC WAR GRP 3-vJune 13th – Marcus Luttrell, US Navy SEAL, of recent movie and bestseller “Lone Survivor” was even quoted recently on his Facebook page on June 13th, 2014:

“Do I think we should go back to Iraq no, it’s hard to fight for people who will not fight for themselves. do I think we will have to go back yes.”

This Sunni Islamic extremist group has taken over most of the regions in northern and western Iraq.

As quoted on NPR ~ All across the city of Mosul are black flags with the words “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the state of Ninewa.” They’re a proclamation that the group — so extreme that even al-Qaida has disavowed it — is firmly in control there.”

And in case anyone remembers when a tyrannical leader by the name of Saddam Hussein was in control, mass executions, gassing and other forms of torture were ideals of the day often resulting in widespread fear and ghastly executions. Now ISIS is reported as already boasting of mass executions of Shiite members of the security forces and this likely just the beginning. 


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ISIS and Order Number 34

Just in case anyone is wondering what the present state of affairs might be it is reported last last Friday, ISIS set off alarm bells when it issued a declaration of laws called “order number 34” and read it in mosques across the city. Those who come under our protection, the order says, are safe and should have peace of mind. No harm will come to you.

VSW363_USMCMSGDetBaghdad_noegaBut those who are spreaders of evil will be subjected to killing, crucifixion or amputation. And women are ordered to stay inside; if they have to go outside they should cover up. People who worked with Iraq’s government can repent, the order says, but those who don’t will be killed. A clear signal that ISIS is controlling its part of ISIS held Iraq and will quickly be attacking and acquiring more.

If this is a sign of things to come it will not be long before the United States is requested by world leaders to return to the Tigris and Euphrates regions once again. With US Marines and Special Forces already underway and heading downrange when do you think a shooting war will occur. Odds are sooner than later.

Preview Of Coming Attractions!

US Special Forces, US Navy SEALs, Delta Force, MARSOC, Recon and a those we still have never heard about in the quiet ranks of unconventional warfare specialists come to known as the hunters. We referred to them in the past as the Al Qaeda Hunting Club members. Now we will soon refer to them as the ISIS Hunting Club.

We have the design that defined generations of extreme terrorist hunters and now we have the design for the next generation of ISIS Hunters.

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Doctor Who in the USA

Doctor Who in the USA

Tomorrow, November 22nd is the 50th Anniversary of the kickoff of the popular SciFi show Doctor Who. Since I am a huge Doctor Who fan, I thought what better to kick it off than with the history of Doctor Who and the USA!

The 50th episode will have both the 10th Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler as well as the 11th Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald and the new “War Doctor” who is rumored to be the Doctor Who incarnation that fought in the fabled Time War.

On 4 November 2013, the BBC released the official synopsis: “The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special. In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.” (source: Wikipedia)

So let’s get on with some interesting US-Britain Doctor Who stuff shall we?

kennedy queenThe 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination was today.  In the photo above you can see the Kennedy Family meeting the Queen of England. Their grand-daughter held a memorial service in England today. The memorial service was held at Runnymede Meadow, Berkshire and Caroline Kennedy’s daughter, Tatiana Schlossberg, represented the family.

“An Unearthly Child” was the very first Doctor Who episode and it aired the day after Kennedy’s Assassination. It aired 1 minutes and 30 seconds late because the news show before it went slightly over time relating the latest details known about what happened with Kennedy.  Another little known fact is that they replayed the first episode the following week, fearing people had been paying more attention to the news about Kennedy and the audience they were trying to reach was not there on November 23rd.

In February 1985, “The Mark of the Rani” was aired in which two opposing Time Lords are present and trying to use the disguise of war to hide their evil deeds.  It is during the American Revolutionary War against colonial rule by Britain when Rani is using the cover of the violence to steal soldiers in the war and tap their brains for a chemical fluid to use on her home planet’s population. Also in 2005, the Ninth Doctor claims to have been part of the Boston Tea Party.

In one TV Show, two audio (radio) broadcasts and one book, the Doctor and his companions are in the USA during the American Civil War between 1862 and 1865. About 15 years later, in 1880, is the time frame when the First Doctor was involved with the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and later, the 10th Doctor and his companion Martha landed in Redwater during the 1880’s. There they battled a unique foe who was a weapon that would take over it’s host and had killed their previous civilization which had invented them to help win a war, though the origins are never explained in detail.

cultofskaroLater in the 1930’s (in the show, not the actual 1930’s) the Cult of Skaro was killing citizens of New York City trying to turn them into a new race of Daleks and in 1938 during the broadcast of War of the World, the Eighth Doctor thwarted an attempt to take over the planet starting in the USA using the radio show as cover for it’s alien invasion.  This was a radio broadcast episode also, which made it a little extra creepy!

Area 51 made an appearance on the show with the episode where in 1958 the Doctor is taken to Area 51 to have his mind erased and where he discovers the true alien secret behind area 51.

The 1960s was a popular time for Doctor Who characters to travel to.  6 TV Episodes, a book and a radio show all include the Doctor travelling to some time in the 1960s. In a two part episode, set in 1969, a little girl calls President Richard Nixon somehow, and tells him about a spaceman that was coming to eat her, and warns him about monsters in the oval office. Which of course, turns out to be true.

In the early 1960s, the United States Military confronted the Soviet Union and Cuba in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fear of nuclear war during the crisis “kept Barbara Wright awake at night”. This was from an Audio episode of Doctor Who which was played on the BBC Radio in 1963.

After the 1960’s episodes, the future gets a little confusing.  For example, in the 1990’s and 2000’s episodes, some of them were traveled to “in the future” from episodes actually filmed as long as 30 years earlier.  This causes some strange inconsistencies with what people in 1970 thought 2010 would really look like.  However, if you take it with a grain of time-travelling salt and explain it away with the past having modified the present… well, at least for me, it all works out in the end.

town called mercy

“Despite the franchise’s popularity in the US, since 1963 only a handful of TV episodes have featured scenes set within the US, and to date there have only been seven TV stories set in their entirety in that country: The Gunfighters (the only story of the classic 1963-89 series set entirely in the US), the 1996 TV movie, Dalek, the two-parter Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, the 2009 animated serial Dreamland, the Series 6 two-parter opener, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, and the Series 7 episodes A Town Called Mercy and The Angels Take Manhattan.” (source: TARDIS Data Core)

I hope all you Doctor Who fans out there enjoyed this little throw back on some Doctor Who USA History and I\are as excited as I am to see the 50th anniversary special!

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