United States Minemen Receive A USN Minesweeper Coin All Their Own

US Navy Mineman Coin
Minemen clear the way!

The United States Navy Minsweepers have one of the most important roles in the US Navy fleet. Clear the sealanes ports and harbors of the variety of mines an enemy can employ to attempt the destruction of any passing by warship. Their specialized hulls prevent magnetic mines from locating their ship as they close in and deploy their sophisticated equipment that erradicate mines that get in the fleet’s way. They are known to be the first in last out when it comes to mine clearance. They are there for a reason and that reason is a threat to the security of the US Navy. Navy minemen are highly trained sailors that know and understand their mission and they do it well.This US Navy Minesweeper Coin was designed for the men of the minesweeping ships of the US Navy. This US Navy Minesweeper Coin is 2 inches in height and 4mm in thickness and makes the perfect addition to your military coin collection.

Wooden Ships. Iron Men!

The original US Navy Minesweeper Coin

Deep 3d relief with metallic gold, blue and silver accents.

2 inch coin (4mm thickness)

Highly detailed relief Commemorative antique silver with gold accents coin.

Coins sold individually.

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US Navy Squid Coins Helps United States Navy Take Back Its Mascot

US Navy Squid Coins Helps United States Navy Take Back Its Mascot

What used to be associated with a slimey, spineless, destroyer of ocean depths puking ink at every moment as it runs scared to some den of misery under some aquatic rock, a squid. It is no longer a denizen but a much feared and intelligent predator of the seas of the world and its famous nom de guere has been taken back by the men and women United States Navy sailors.

Furthermore the squid has now officially become the silent mascot of the US Navy. It has become the landlord of the ocean and now can be said with a clear sounding voice that the “Sea Is Ours” and when it speaks it means us and by us it means the United States aka America!

The Sea Is Ours

US Navy Squid The Sea Is Ours Original Coin ™

Since October 3th, 1775, America’s Navy has fought, defended, and protected America all over the world. The honor, courage and commitment the US Navy has demonstrated has ensured America’s way of life and the people of the United States could never be as proud of the finest Navy in the world. America’s Navy!

US Navy Squid The Sea Is Ours Vintage Coin ™

Because of America’s love for her Navy, the history and her traditions the metal coin artisans of Vision-Strike-Coins.Com have created two US Navy squid coins that capture the connection of the US Navy, her passion for the seas, her command of the oceans and dominance across the globe.

So whether you are at military garrison, working the top deck or below deck of a US Navy warship, in the air, under the sea, active duty, retired US Navy or prior-service these cool US Navy squid coins are central to your coin collecting and no USN coin collection is complete without a US Navy squid coin.

Stolen Valor Is A Common Thing With Military Coins

Stolen Valor Is A Common Thing With Military Coins

Taking credit for the work of others whether it be by someone that purposely wears the military uniform of a US military service person, impersonating them, is commonly referred to as stolen valor. Stolenvalor comes in many forms. Wearing the uniform of a service person is just one example. Take credit for the work of others and pawning it off as their own is another. Filing one excuse after another as to why they shouldn’t take responsbility for ripping off someone else’s artwork or design is another form of both cowardice and stolen valor.

The military and copyrights ~

Our men and uniform are not trained in copyright law. They don’t often understand its intracacies and they don’t get that exposure or training and that isn’t their fault. Often times a design is seen doing a simple Google search and they locate a cool military design they would like to see made into a military coin. They forward it on to some coin company and presto chango they get a coin.

Seems simple enough. But not really. The reality of it is that more times than not the design is often owned and copyrighted by its owner and that means permission is needed. In order for that work of art to be made into a military challenge coin you have to have the written permission of the artist. Not to receive this permission causes significant issues with the military and can be detrimental to your career in the military because it is a legal matter and an ethical one. So when in doubt ask. If the artwork was not originall created by you then it needs permission. Do yourself a favor and just ask.

The Copy Clowns ~

It can still get worse believe it or not. Not only does our military not often get the training they need in deciphering complex copyright law or at least navigating the mine infested law of custom military artwork but they get to work in an environment of shark infested waters where coin companies are ready to pounce at any opportunity our military gives them: right or wrong.

Right ~

Sending artwork you have permission to copy or use to a company to produce coins is the right thing to do.

Wrong ~

Sending artwork to a company you don;t have permission to copy or use is wrong.

Answer ~

Very simple. Use a reputable company that considers its own ethical behavior and knows right from wrong and values its own reputation before you consider consider working with them. A brand new design created from scratch is always the best move. This way you never have to worry where it came from, have a hard tracking down the owner of the artwork and you can ensure it is yours to work with. This is the best course of action.

The Cheaters & Non-Competers ~

So who do you stay away from? Better yet you should run away from these so called cheaters and non-competers. Why? Because they don’t ask, don’t care and would take your money any way they can and put you in harms way when it comes to a legal issue of copyright infringement. When you take a design to a cheater you are guilty of a copyright violation that could wind up costing the government a lot of money and throw your career in the military into a tailspin. Furthermore, the company that took your order is also guilty for not making sure you have written correspondence from the owner of the artwork. If you cannot prove you have written permission then you don’t and the company that is making the military coins for you is equally liable for making them. It’s not worth your career and losing your business over.

Example ~

The following coin was produced by Kidder Corporation. The design was created for the US Navy at a training facility.


Sounds great? Only problem is that Kidder Corp did not have permission from the copyright holder and had been told repeatedly never to copy the arwork of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com ever. The US Navy sent a design from the website located at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com (Which also bore the name of the website it came from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com) to Kidder helping to provide evidence of its original location and copyright holder and instead of asking for permission they submitted the design to Kidder Corporation and the coin was made. The artwork was not authorized to be produced.

Kidder Corp also had the coin pouches used to hold the coins printed with their name on each coin bag they produced further evidene that they had been produced by Kidder Corp. Lastly the US Navy unit was contacted and Vision-Strike-Coins.Com was informed by the Command Master Chief that the manufacturer was in fact Kidder Corp.



(Bag Used to Hold the unauthorized Corpman Coin design in).

Solution ~

Its simple.

  1. Get the written permission of the copyright holder or original artist.
  2. Don’t work with a coin company that fails to ask important questions like: Do you have written permission to produce this artwork? Please provide evidence you have permission.
  3. Make sure the coin company you choose to use has integrity and can create its own artwork and not copy the work of others. Taking the quick route is often not the right choice.
  4. Create your own artwork or have something created from scratch. If you created it then its yours.
  5. Remember that an intangle item like a work of art is still property. Just because you can’t drive it doesn’t mean that it doesn;t below to someone and that its not real. It is real and someone worked hard to make it. So if your coin company will take anything you send them without asking questions then don’t walk away. Run!

So the next time you decide to have a coin made keep in mind the company you will be working with and use only companies that don’t profit from the artwork of others and without the artists permission. Ethical behavior will over win over making a bad decision.


Jolly Roger US Navy Coin Takes Aim At Originality

Jolly Roger US Navy Coin Takes Aim At Originality

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com announced today that it has entered into the military coin arena with its sharp military designs created for military challenge coins. The arsenal of custom military designs have now fired a broadside as they have entered into the military challenge coin arena.

Over the past 7 plus years Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has been sought after for its unique and detailed approach to csutom US military custom designs for apparel. While that focus has never left the core of the work that VSW does it has been asked repeatedly to produce cutting edge designs for military coins.

So many companies have copied their artwork and most in a truly horrific way that the owners of VSW had to finally get involved and take charge of their designs and produce coins with their artwork the way it is deserved. The days of copycat coin companies has come to an end.

The United States Navy Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours coin is actually the 3rd coin produced by the military art leadership of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. Coin 1 was the highly successful US Navy Anchored coin inspired by a Navy Chief and made for Navy Chiefs. Coin 2 came shortly after which was the highly prized commemorative coin design created for Popeye fans the world over. Then arrived the US Army Eagle coin with a mascot look to this Army challenge coin featuring the American bald Eagle.

The lastest edition to the line of military challenge coins and one that is expected to be highly popular among the active duty and reserve components of the United States Navy, not to mention the retired US Navy sailors is a design that is based upon the Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours design originally created for shirts and apparel now updated to reflect how a VSW design should be done in true military coin form.

Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours Original US Navy Coin ™

2 inches in diameter, created with multiple metal types and colors and depicting the naval supremacy of the United States Navy. Serialized and with a custom die/mold shape makes this a great military coin collectible from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

And jsut in its wake of the Sea Is Ours US Navy coin comes another Jolly Roger coin that gets largers, weighs in more and is meaner and agressive like its brother United Tstaes Navy Coin. This one measures 3 inches and weighs in at 5 mm making it both incredible detailed, strong and perfect for your military coin collection.

Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones Coin

The Jolly Roger Skull and Bones coin LIVE!

We Will Never Forget Coin


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