Star Trek Live At The Oregon Symphony

Star Trek Live At The Oregon Symphony

On January 30th, 2015 in Portland, Oregon, Webmaster Matt went to see Star Trek (2009) with the Oregon Symphony playing the soundtrack live and it was fantastic! But did you know that Star Trek was based on the US Air Force? And that Gene Roddenberry was both a police officer and has flown combat missions?

Here is a short clip from the end of the show.


Gene Roddenberry Was A U.S. Combat Pilot

“In 1941, he joined the United States Army Air Corps, which in the same year became the United States Army Air Force. He began training at Goodfellow Field (now Goodfellow Air Force Base) in San Angelo, Texas with other Civilian Pilot Training alums and graduated as a second lieutenant in September 1942, Class G.[11] ”

“He flew combat missions in the Pacific Theatre with the “Bomber Barons” of the 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Group, of the Thirteenth Air Force and on August 2, 1943, Roddenberry was piloting a B-17E Flying Fortress named the “Yankee Doodle,” from Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, when mechanical failure caused it to crash on take-off. In total, he flew eighty-nine missions for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal before being honorably discharged at the rank of captain in July 1945.” (Source: Wikipedia)

After his military service, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department (Feb. 1, 1949). He became a Police Officer in 1951 and made Sergeant in 1953. It is widely believed that his experience as a combat pilot and police officer molded his vision for the future where “The Federation of Planets” would be a combined exploration, military and police force and later doing diplomatic and scientific missions. He original sold the series as a “Wagon Train To The Stars.”

 Rank Structures In Star Trek Based On United States Navy

“According to Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, Roddenberry’s original idea for the organization of the USS Enterprise was that the ship would be based on a merchant marine type organization with a Captain and various mates overseeing a large crew. In the pilot episode “The Cage”, the only ranks spoken of were Captain, Lieutenant, Chief and Crewman. All officers wore a single rank stripe and, according to Roddenberry, everyone aboard the Enterprise was a qualified astronaut making rank titles a formality since all crewmembers basically had the same type of training.

When the second pilot was being developed (TOS: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”), Roddenberry shifted focus from a merchant marine vessel to a military ship very clearly modeled after the United States Navy. The ranks of Lieutenant Commander and Commander were both spoken of and the Captain (James T. Kirk) wore a “two stripe” insignia to differentiate him from the rest of the crew. When Star Trek: The Original Series came into full production, Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade were both either seen or discussed and the concept of staff versus line officers was introduced, most predominately in “Court Martial” where an officer of the Judge Advocate General Corps is seen and Starfleet is referred to as “the service”.” (source: Ex Astris Scientia)

Star Trek Cast Members With Military Service

Individual Star Trek role Branch of service Years of service Service number Final rank
Lurry US Army 1943 – 1945 39 708 296 Sergeant
US Army 1942 – 1943 39 531 145 Private First Class
L. Coon
Original Series Producer US Marine Corps 1942 – 19461950 – 1951 442994 Sergeant
Script Writer
City on the Edge of Forever”)
US Army 1957 – 1959 51 403 352 Private First Class
Hacom/ Yang
US Army 1942 – 1945 530425 Second Lieutenant
US Navy 1918 – 1919 150 83 54 Hospital ApprenticeFirst Class
Original Series Producer US Army Air CorpsUS Air Force Reserve 1941 – 19461946 – 1957 32001877673530 First Lieutenant
Bele US Army 1953 – 1955 52 314 745 Not recorded
US Navy 1942 – 1945 647 86 69 Petty Officer1st Class
US Army 1953 51 214 821 Private
US Navy 1945 – 1946 960 39 80 Seaman1st Class
US Navy 1944 – 1946 566 72 38 Seaman1st Class
Original Series Producer US Navy 1944 – 1946 881 57 18 Petty Officer3rd Class
Mullibok US Marine Corps 1942 – 1945 385253 Corporal
US ArmyAir Corps 1943 – 1946 39 563 856 Private First Class
US Army 1943 – 1946 36 858 836 Technical Sergeant
Script Writer (TOS:
Enemy Within”)
US Army 1944 – 1945 12 229 310 Private
Decius/ Stonn US Marine Corps 1947 – 1950 1060247 Private First Class
US Marine Corps 1964 – 1990 2030237 Sergeant Major
Spock US Army Reserve 1953 – 1955 11 229 770 Sergeant
US Army 1942 – 1946 32 698 169 Technician5th Grade
Series Creator US ArmyAir Corps 1942 – 1945 662606 Captain
Security Guard (TOS:
of the Dove”)
Stunt Double (TOS:
for Methuselah”)
US ArmyAir Corps 1943 – 1945 522005 First Lieutenant
US Army 1946 – 19481951 – 1953 16 231 53302 103 964 First Lieutenant
Rojan Naval Academy / Army Air Corps 1937 – 1940 (Navy) 139 89 54 Midshipman
Rogerson US Navy 1966 – 1986 Researching Commander
Reger US Army 1942 – 1946 32 792 652 Corporal
US Army 1943 – 1946 33 455 116 Technician5th Grade
Septimus/ Atoz US Army 1917 – 1919 2371377 Sergeant
W. Zautcke
US Marine Corps 1981 – 1985 None First Lieutenant
Air Force Reserve / Air National Guard 1958 – 1964 28248934 Airman 3rd Class


In the end, Star Trek may not have been completely based on the US Air Force, but we will never truly know.  It is known that Gene’s Combat Pilot training and missions were a large factor in his choices of space combat in Star Trek shows.  Also his knowledge of the US Military led to help with ship designs, ideas and naming conventions and the military structure of The Federation in the show.

Shellbacks Making a Comeback in the US Navy

Shellbacks Making a Comeback in the US Navy

Hazing has been a part of the “Shellback” ceremonies in the US Navy for years, but the new Hazing Prevention task force is trying to end that. Hazing is classified as any and all actions that are, “cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning or harmful.” It is nice to know that Shellbacks Making a Comeback might be at hand.

SECNAV Instruction and the new task force say that their mission is clear, and that mission is to end hazing. However, the Navy does not want to stop the comradery and team building associated with these ceremonies.

What is Acceptable and What is Banned

Throwing a bucket of water on someone, or a flavored/color drink, small amounts of non-poisonous grease or other non dangerous agents is considered to be “OK”. Engine Lube, or poisonous substances are out. Beating someone with a rubber hose is out, but covering someone with vegetable shortening sounds like it’s good “clean” fun still.

The object here to still let people have a good time but in a way that endangers someone’s life or well being. In other cases something is allowed based on their classification. Such as shaving someone’s eyebrows is considered hazing, yet is not if you are a Navy SEAL, as it is considered special circumstances and “a unique requirement of their job.”

Only 30 cases of hazing have been reported in fiscal 2013 by the Navy. Some more serious than others and a few reported to include “abusive sexual contact.”

Often these ceremonies will also contain gifts, and mementos such as special coins called Challenge Coins. These are made with specific designs emblematic of the location of the Shellback Ceremony. Also decals, sticker, custom unit shirts and other products are used to give the new sailors a lasting memory of the events and the accomplishment of the ceremony itself.


An Important Right of Passage

The Shellback ceremonies are still an important right of passage for those in the US Navy. the definition of the ceremony is “Crossing line ceremonies involving  ‘Shellbacks’ or sailors who have crossed the equator before and initiating  ‘Pollywogs’ or new sailors, crossing for their first time.”

Bronze Statue of King Neptune’s Court




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Shellback King Neptune’s Court in Bronze!


This important right of passage can build a feeling of accomplishment as well as comradery, as long as things are not taken too far as leave people injured, physically or mentally.

Emerald Shellback T-Shirt


Titles of Shellback Accomplishments

  • Ancient Order of the Deep
  • Court of Aurora Borealis
  • Emerald Shellback
  • Golden Shellback
  • Imperium Neptuni Regis
  • Mossback
  • Order of the Ditch
  • Order of the Lakes
  • Order of Magellan
  • Order of the Golden Dragon
  • Order of the Red Nose
  • Order of the Rock
  • Realm of the Czars
  • Royal Diamond Shellback

The Safari to Suez

VSWA152_Safari to Suez

Controversy vs Comradery

Today’s ceremonies have calmed down considerably. The new sailors will most times dress funny, sing and chant and get hosed down or splashed on by water buckets.

A corpsman in Virginia was quoted saying, “War is stressful, battles are dangerous. We need to be tough on each other so that we know we can count on each other when things go downhill.”

We hope that the Navy will allow the ceremonies to continue as it is an important moment for many Navy Men and Women. As long as the ceremonies are done in a safe and non-damaging way to our brave soldiers and sailors, we believe the benefits outweigh the issues involved.

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Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

Stationed overseas at one or several of the United States Naval Air Stations? Keflavik, Subic Bay or perhaps you were in Sicily or even Jacksonville or Pensacola but you were there. You might have worked with the aircraft on the tarmac, administratively in support of a US Navy squadron, or performing medical assistance as a Hospital Corpsman? Truth is you served and whether your job took you to Pearl Harbor or colder destinations somewhere in the far reaches of the globe you served honorably with the United States Navy!

Awesome Naval Air Station Shirt for the US Navy

What is a Naval Air Station?

VSW1024_Naval Air Station

Wiki ~ naval air station is a military airbase, and consists of a permanent land-based operations locations for the military aviation division of the relevant branch of a navy. These bases are populated by squadrons and their support commands. They are located all over the world and are selected based on their tactical and strategic importance to the defense and support of the Navy in a specific region of the world. 

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Where are they?

Just a short and not exhaustible list of US Navy Air Stations:

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Naval Air Station Kingsville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Naval Air Station Key West
Naval Air Station Pensacola
Naval Air Station Whiting Field (Milton)

Naval Air Station Lemoore
Naval Air Station North Island (Coronado)
Naval Base Ventura County (Oxnard)

Naval Air Station Fallon – Fallon, Nevada
Naval Air Station Meridian – Meridian, Mississippi
Naval Air Station Oceana – Oceana, Virginia
Naval Air Station Patuxent River – Patuxent River, Maryland
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island – Oak Harbor, Washington
Naval Air Station Sigonella – Sicily, Italy

Uncle Zim!

So like a vacation to some balmy tropical destination while on some family vacation you pick up  shirt at some local off the beaten path destination like Uncle Zim’s US Navy Frog Shack or Haze Gray and Underway Shirts & More but it does get better! Uncle Zim and Haze Gray do not have your NAS shirt and they certainly have no idea the years and time you spent removing the barnacles from a warship or chipping 150 pounds of ice of the wings of an F-18. But guess what? Your shirt exists!





Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

And right before Veteran’s ay wouldn’t you know it. I know a few vets right now that are scratching their heads and asking to be put right back intot he fight when they heard the news that Mars had jsut assualted the beaches of Andros Island in the Bahamas. Never has the United States Navy repelled invading swarms of Martians during a beach assault! Reminiscent of the US Marines hitting the beaches at Tarawa, Tinian and Saipan and of course Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Now the US Navy gets into the fight as they defend a little island called Andros. So in the clamor of bullets and anchors and alien invaders Mars attacks and the US Navy defends.

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

 The Invasion Begins!

So either sit idly by and watch the attack unfold and US Navy enlisted battle a small but determined Martian invader or get in the fight, grab your assault rifle and wade in on the fighting. Your choice!

Take Up Arms!

From behind the coconut tree you set up with your spotter and pick off these green blooded creatures hellbent on destroying our US Navy location. Not today. Not on this watch. Or better yet have the US Navy squadrons, submarines and surface warships bring the fight to the enemy. They have just the thing for this sort of incursion.

US Navy We Rise Above The Rest Shirt

Navy Calls in USMC attack aircraft!

Just to keep control of the skies the USMC entered the fray and along withthe US Navy and its F-18 Hornets have been keeping the alien heads down. A few image of the Marine Corps aircraft enroute to the battlefield! Time to pushback!

USMC Blackhawks inbound!

Here come the Hornets!

USMC Osprey making its way to the attack zone!

Shortly after the fighting concluded, the Maritian buriel detail commencing with a few able bodied Seabees the enlisted got together and thought up a good one….let’s make a shirt to memorilize this event when the US Navy defended a little know Bahamian island called Andros.  With the little but eventful battle now over and victory assigned to the US Navy life can return to hammocks, waterfalls and enjoying the sunny days and tropical nights.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com enjoyed being called upon to create the only shirt ever made in remembrance of the Mars Attacks US Defends Andros Island.

A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Though I have not personally served in the military, I humbly reached the rank of  Eagle Scout as a youth.  As a child and well into adulthood, grew up in the company of military heroes who have shared their stories of sacrifice, insights, memorabilia and instilled in me an immeasurable respect for the fighting men and women of this great country.
My family’s lineage dates back to the 2nd Mayflower’s voyage to the new world that we now know as the United States of America. His heritage includes a considerable share of Iroquois Indian blood and extensive history of defending freedom that begins with the French-Indian and Revolutionary War and includes every call-to-arms to date.
US Revolutionary War

US Revolutionary War- General Washington Crossing the Delaware

I have a great appreciation for all of the efforts his family has contributed to the military which has resulted in allowing all Americans, including myself, the opportunity to attend college, care for our families, and strive for our American Dream.
Needless to say, I was drawn to create military designs and have been doing so for over 20 years. At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Im lucky to be creating amazing, unique and dare I say, “bad-ass” designs for the military.
VSW asked me  to share my family’s military lineage.  Below is list of my known ancestors both past and present who have served…

A Salute to My Father, Uncle and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Military Service on Frost Call’s Mother’s side include:

A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day begins with my Great Grandfather, Paul Jerome Denning, served in the Army with the 28th Division 112th Infantry, American Expeditionary Force during World War I.
A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Army Sergeant Paul Jerome Denning

Served with 28th Division 112th Infantry American Expeditionary Force in World War I

Enlisted August 5, 1917 and Honorably Discharged on May 8, 1919

Enlisted in Co. C 16th Pennsylvania Infantry National Guard in Bradford, PA. and was later trasferred to Company B in Oil City, PA. Had basic training in Augusta, GA. Later was attached to battalion headquarters of the 112th Infantry and was promoted to sergeant of scouts. Known as the “Keystone Division”, the 28th and Sgt Denning participated in the following engagements during World War I.

5th German Offensive, July 14th – July 27, 1918
Advance on Oureq and Vesle, July 28 – September 7, 1918
Chateau Thurry and Marne Valley
Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 26th – October 7, 1918
Thiaucourt Sector, October 15th – November 11, 1918

The division suffered 2,531 battle deaths, 13,746 wounded and 726 captured by the enemy.

Awards and Citations

Distinguished Service Cross
3 Bravery citations
Victory Medal
My Grandfather, David Foyle England, served in the 1st Marine Division in Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester and Peleliu in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater during World War II.
 A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Marine Corps Sgt David Foyle England

Served with 1st Marine Division Asiatic-Pacific Theater World War II
Enlisted January 6th, 1942 and Honorably Discharged on January 24th, 1946

Enlisted in Stockton, NY one month after Pearl Harbor and joined the hard-boiled grunts of the 1st Marine Division. After a grueling 2 months on Guatalcanal eating mullet and rice he contracted malaria. Later as Bomb Disposal Technician, Sgt, England received 2 field commissions for performing duties at great risk to himself disarming all types of unexploded ordnance for both United States and Japanese forces during operations against the enemy on Cape Gloucester, New Britain, handling dangerously sensitive fuses under enemy fire and again in Peleliu Island Palau Group. He volunteered with great risk to his life on many occasions clearing enemy mine fields as well as disposing of numerous unexploded bombs and projectiles most of which were in a highly sensitive condition with no prior knowledge of enemy weaponry.
Guadalcanal, November 11th, 1942 – January 5th, 1943
Cape Gloucester, New Britain, December 26th, 1943 – March 1st, 1944
Peleliu, Palua Group, September 15th, 1944 – October 14th, 1944
Awards and Citations 
Presidential Unit Citation w/ Star
Asiatic Pacific Ribbon w/ 3 Stars
Good Conduct Medal

Military Service on Frost Call’s Father’s side include:

My father, Donald Raymond Frost, served in the Navy as an Aviation Machinists Mate, 2nd Class from 1966 to 1970. His service with the Patrol Squadron 44 took him to the North Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian, and North Sea during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.
A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Donald Ray Frost

Served with Patrol Squadron 44 in the North Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian, and North Sea during Cold War operations against the Soviet Union Enlisted January 18th 1966 and Honorably Discharged on January 17th 1970 After enlisting, he quickly shipped out to the Navy Great Lakes Training Center in Great Lakes, IL for 2 and half months of boot camp. Afterwards he completed 6 months of “A” School training in NAS Memphis, TN to learn how to maintenance and repair aircraft. After completing his training he was sent to duty station Patrol Squdron 44, ASW, P3A, B Orion’s, NAX Pax River, MD. His deployment stations throughout the North Atlantic and Baltics engaged primarily in maritime patrol, reconnaissance, anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare with P-3 Orions and other aircraft against Soviet submarine and surface ships for the next 2 years in the brutal Arctic circle.
NAS Keflavik, Iceland
Boda, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Azores Islands
My Uncle, Dan Ernest Frost (his father’s brother), who served in the 1st Air Cavalry as an Army Specialist Five during the Vietnam war.
A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Army Specialist Five Dan Ernest Frost

Awards and CitationsArmy Combat Infantry Badge
Army Bronze Star with Cluster
Purple Heart
Air Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (Unit Award)
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
Presidential Unit Citation with Cluster
Army Meritorious Unit Commendation
Rifle Markemanship Badge
My Grandfather, Ernest Raymond Frost (on his father’s side), who served with the 3rd Division “Cotton Balers” 7th Army European Theater during World War II from Naples, Southern France, Battle of the Bulge, The Rhine, Colmar Pocket Campaign and Strasbourg, Germany.

A Salute to My Father Uncles and Grandfathers on Veterans Day

Army Private First Class Ernest Raymond Frost

Served with 3rd Division 7th Army European Theater World War II

Enlisted December 17th 1943 and Honorably Discharged on January 31st 1946

On March 25, 1943 he was drafted in the United States Army. He received his basic training in Camp Croft, South Carolina for 17 weeks. He was shipped out with the famous 7th Infantry 3rd Division to Europe. There he saw combat in Italy, France, and Germany from 1944-1945. He participated in the Battle of the Bulge, The Valley of Purple Hearts and many small skirmishes along the way primarily as a scout and sniper. He received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart with clusters from two wounds received from mortar fire and an anti-tank shell as well as the French Croix de Guerre with palm.


Wounded France January 25th 1945 and January 30th 1945

Awards and Citations

Bronze Star
Purple Heart with cluster
French Croix de Guerre with palm
Presidential Unit Citation
Good Conduct Medal
American Campaign Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
European-African-Middle East Medal WW II
Victory Medal WW II
Combat Infantry Badge

Numerous video interviews of Ernest Raymond Frost are available on our site. Listen to his first-hand accounts of his military experience during World War II.

Lineage from Frost Calls’ Grandmother, Musette Cobb Frost, wife of Ernest R. Frost:

His Great Uncle, Donald C. Cobb, (his Grandmother Musette’s Brother) was killed in action near the French/Belgium border in 1944.

Army Private First Class Donald C. Cobb

Killed in Action French/Belgium Border 1944

His Great Uncle, Morris Cobb, (his Grandmother Musette’s Younger Brother) served in the U.S. Air Force as Airman Second Class.

Frost Call’s family military lineage dates back to the Revolutionary and French Indian Wars.

Below is a copy of the original Calvary Certification issued for Samuel Richey, a family lineage linked through Frost Call’s Grandmother, Musette (Cobb) Frost’s family.

It states the date of enlistment and specific wars that Samuel Richey (Richie) participated in during the Civil War from 1864 to 1865.

In addition, it is noted that Samuel Richey’s Great Grandfather Richey served under Captain George Washington during both the French Indian Wars (1754 to 1763) and the Revolutionary War (1775 to 1783).

Samuel Richey’s Grandfather also served as Captain in the War of 1812.

Samuel’s brother, Benjamin Richey served for a term of three years in the Civil War under served in COC Reg. 115th Ohio Infantry.

Andrew Gardner, Greatgrandfather of Mrs. Richey, Samuel Richey’s wife, served as Captain of Morgan Riflemen, which served as General Washington’s Body Guard.

Frost Call’s Grandmother, Musette Cobb Frost, is a descendant of Samuel Richey by way of his youngest daughter, Blanche, his Great Grandmother.
Richey Muster Sheet
Below is a closer look at the text inscribed in the above document:
Enlisted from Alleheny County, State of Pennsylvania, September 9, 1864 and was mustered into the United States Service at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a Private to server for a term of one year or spring during the war under Captain Guy Bryan and Col. T.F. Rodenbaughm.  Company A 18th Regiment Pennsylvania Voluntary Calvary.
The Regiment was attached to Calvary Brigade Army of the Shenandoah and Comrade Richey participated in the following engagements:
* Battle of Opequon Winchester, September 19, 1864 near to Cedarville September 20th,
* Frank Royal September 21st,
* Fishers Hill September 22nd,
* Milford September 22nd,
* Waynesboro September, Near Brock Gap October 6th,
* Toms Brook October 8th & 9th, 1864,
* Cedar Creek November 11th, Newton November 12th,
* Mount Jackson November 22, 1864,
* Expedition to Lacy Springs December 19th to 22nd,
* Duty Winchester till May 1865,
* Scout to Edenburg March 17th to 19th, 1865

The regiment was on duty at Cumberland, Maryland till June 1865. He was honorably discharged June 13th, 1865 at Cumberland, Maryland by reason of close of war.

Memo of Gen. Griffin, Post G.H.R.  No. 207, Homestead, Pennsylvania. Samuel Richey, Great grandfather of Comrade Richey served during Revolutionary War also in French and Indian Wars under Captain George Washington. Samuel Richey, Grandfather of Comrade Richey, served as Captain in the War of 1812 with distinction.
Samuel, father of Comrade Richey, enlisted in COC 24th Ohio Infantry and re-enlisted as a veteran for three years.
Benjamin, brother, served in COC Reg. 115th Ohio Infantry and served for a term of three years.
Andrew Gardner, Greatgrandfather of Mrs. Richey, served in Revolutionary War, as Captain of Morgan’s Riflemen, which served as General Washington’s body guard.
Presented by Comrade Richey to his wife Ella and children: James, Samuel, Ella, George, Stella and Blanche.

We were certainly amazed at how well Frost Call has maintained a close tie to his family’s impressive military lineage dating so far back in American history.

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