It’s time to check out something by USM Marines for US Marines when it comes to a USMC Coin like this Teufelhunden USMC Devil Dogs Veteran’s Day Coin Released!

Since the Armistice signed in 1918 ending the First World War to today and the approach of Veteran’s Day in 2016, the United States Marine Corps has had a valiant career defending America at every twist and turn through her history as a Nation.


Since the battles fought at Belleau Wood and the hundreds of battles the USMC has fought in they have never wavered, never given up, and have never turned over their swords to any opposing force. The US Marine that fought off the Germans at the Battle Of Belleau Wood knew this including the coining of the forever famous slogans: Retreat Hell, We Just Got Here! has forever been encased in USMC history.


The newest coin developed by Vision-Strike-Coins.Com in honor of the US Marine Corps has been created in honor of the upcoming USMC Veterans on Veteran’s Day, to honor and celebrate all Marines that have been part of ┬áthe USMC brotherhood. This coin was crafted for you.

Own a piece of United states Marine Corps history when you take home one of these Teufelhunden Devil Dogs USMC Coins. From Bealleau Woods to the signing of the Armistice on Armistice Day in 1918 with their ferocity was first coined with their legendary fighting prowess. Retreat Hell, We Just Got Here became a USMC Slogan that has never tarnished.

Found at… it is time for you to be honored with a detailed coin made for you.

It is part of what makes the US Marine Corps the Corps and a brotherhood and sisterhood that is founded on the blood spilled on the battleground called Belleau Wood. Iron Mike displayed on one side and the famous USMC Bulldog on the other. A fitting pair!

We Will Never Forget Coin


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