Purple Heart

American Sacrifice

An estimated 1.7 million Purple Heart recipients are still alive. Those were the ones who came home. Others didn’t. Americans are still sacrificing the very flesh on their bodies. Honor them.

In months past we have worked to help create awareness for PTSD, donating money to great causes to further mission of expanding the care and treatment of those experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. As it is often states that not all wounds are visible. For many who have experienced the trauma of war and were injured in battle the Purple Heart was created for them. General George Washington saw fit to acknowledge our men and women that experienced battle and were scarred from it.  For military merit it reads on the back of the United States Purple Heart medal given to those who sacrificed their bodies. It is important not just on a day like today but all days that we remember our warriors.


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Desert Storm




The Vietnam War

On this day August 7th, Purple Heart Day, lets remember those who have sacrificed, who wear a badge of honor, speak a little quieter in their presence and be more understanding and sympathetic to others out of respect.

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