Top 10 Marine Corps Memes

We have seen them all or have we? It never astonishes us when along comes a new military meme, or better a Marine Corps meme that just is amazing. We have comprised a lsit of top 10 Marine Corps memes to get your opinion, feedback or even encourage you to offer up your own one or two USMC memes and show us the best!

Lets take a look down Leatherneck Highway as we find the top USMC memes!

72 Virgin Dating Service!

Never ceases to amaze us!

Copy that!

Opinions Vary!

God Bless The Marine Corps!

 Pretty much! One mind, any weapon!

Works in any military branch!

 Not what entirely what was meant. Damn recruiters!

 I’ll raise you one Freedom and toss in a Liberty too!


Now with these exceptional USMC memes advancing down the page now comes serious bad ass Marine Corps aircraft right over the the Vision-Strike-Wear.Com headquarters!

USMC Cobra buzzes VSW HQ!

 USMC Blackhawk Flies Over Vision-Strike-Wear.Com Headquarters. CEO Captures the intensity of this Marine Corps aircraft.

 V22 Osprey flyover near Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Marine Corps buzzes Pacific Beach photographed by CEO of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Semper Fidelis From Vision-Strike-Wear.Com where the military gets its cover!

Marine Bulldog Semper Fidelis Shirt

We Will Never Forget Coin


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