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United States Coast Guard Adopts Kodiak Bear . Since the inception of the United States Coast Guard, and prior to that the Revenue Cutter Service, there has always been a connection between the United States Coast GuardUSCG and mascots often a variety of breeds of dogs manning lighthouses with their Guardsman or on board a US Coast Guard Cutter. Never really has there been a specific mascot or identity with a type of animal until more recently.

The United States Coast Guard Academy, located in New London is the hub of training for our men and women that wear the uniform of the United States Coast Guard and as the cornerstone of USCG training has already made a strong connection with the Kodiak Bear as evidenced by the USCG racing stripe displayed on the paw print of this amazing animal.


Now that the Kodiak has begun to see more of a connection throughout the smallest branch of the US military it is becoming more widely accepted and not just in places like Air Station Kodiak!

(Source: uscg.mil) – “Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is a Seventeenth Coast Guard District(D17) unit on beautiful Kodiak Island approximately 250 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The Air Station was commissioned as an Air Detachment April 17, 1947, with one PBY Catalina aircraft, seven pilots, and 30 crewmen. It represented the first permanent Coast Guard aviation resource in Alaska. The Air Station is the major tenant of Coast Guard Base Kodiak. It is the largest Coast Guard command in D17 and the entire Pacific Area (PACAREA). The present complement of HC-130Hs, MH-60Ts, MH-65Ds aids in completing our mission and saving lives.”

Now that the USCG has begun the adoption of its very new mascot, the Kodiak Bear, it is becoming highly recognized as a force to be recognized with when it comes to its mission types and roles from drug interdiction to search and rescue.

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