Originality in design and concept separates quality in terms of a US Army coin from the mediocrity that has until now been prevalent in the scene of US military coins. Second best is no longer good enough. Ther is no award for 10th best Army coin in the marketplace. Up to this point many small businesses in the military coin industry relied on its customers to provide a way to find a design whether captured from a website on on some Google image search often leading them to someone else’s art in the first place. There seems to be plenty of followers and too few original art developers, aka the leaders.

So where where does that naviate towards in the game of high stakes military coin design. Well quite simply it takes us to the original art of Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. Possibly the most copied (frequently without permission) and leading military coin designers in the military marketplace. Their level of quality when it comes to their Army and National Guard coins is unsurpassed. Their art is original and their passion for creating unique, quality intensive coins has no equal.

Below find a few of the most recent designs featuring Army coins illustrating the detailed art found in these 2 inch, 4mm coins crafted for our US Army soldiers and National Guardsmen. The atwork is both origially designed and copyrighted to ensure you receive only the finest licensed and approved quality military coins.

The 11 Bravos, The Infantrymen of the US Army had in their honor a US Army Infantry coin created jsut for them! The detail, creativity and presence of this 11 Bravo coin was made for them.

US Army 11 Bravo Infantry MOS Coin

Combat Medics. The 68 Whiskey Coin was developed right after the 11 Bravo because having a coin for the battlefield doctors was a necessity. The Combat Medics work hand in hand with our Infantry and their committment, dedication and professionalism needed to be addressed by having a coin made in their honor.

The Army nurse pinup after a great deal of discussion with the 68 Whiskeys was selected as the central figure for this US Army Combat Medic Coin. The Louder You Scream The Faster We Come!

Army Combat Medic The Louder You Scream The Faster We Come Coin

The oldest militsary branch, the National Guard had to have a coin for its Guardsmen and the coin artists went yto work immediately creating this Always Ready, Always There National Guard coin. The crossed rifles, tri-cornered hat, skull, American flag and wongs depicting and symbolic of its air wing capabilities were encapsulated into this highly detailed ARNG coin.

US Army National Guard Coin

Since 1636 the National Guard has answered the call of battle since even before the birth of the United States. It is only fitting to have a coin made out of respect and honor to them.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the men with Nerves Of Steel are an elite group of borderline crazy as shit, daring, inventive, adrenaline junkies (and certainly some of the most professional and skilled operators) that literally take their lives intot heir own hands by disassembling IEDS, explosives, charges, mines, artillery rounds, dynamite and anything you can virtually throw together with a cellphone and rigged to high explosives. Their courage knows no bounds and the risks they have to take on an unparalleled level.

They are the explosives warriors. They are the EOD. This EOD coin was made out of 100% pure respect for these incredible soldiers that perform these life saving tasks on a daily basis. We are so amazed by their work that we had to design and create this coin in their honor.

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Nerves Of Steel Coin



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