Whether it is an artillery unit, US Army infantry battalion, quartermaster unit or even US Army Special Forces Group then the desire to have quality and highly detailed custom Army shirts or hoodies or some other apparel item produced with cool military graphics with a hard edge is the finish line. Not some cut and paste cheapo rendition of something thrown together on the cheap from an image on Google but something that is all about quality. It has to have originality and it has to mean something because it is being worn on the backs of our United States Army men and women and it goes without saying they deserve the best.

A front shirt design accompanied with a large back military print is often the case when it comes to a standard shirt request but it can be so much more than that. Sleeve art. Adding text or making the location of the print somewhat interesting and unusual like in a corner of the shirt or across the shoulder blades along with a clever military graphic can make all the difference.

Each year Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has the opportunity and honor to serve the men and women of the United States Army by crafting custom original military shirt designs for quite a few military units. US Army Custom Military shirts designs for 2016 are displayed in this military blog to provide not just a glimpse of the work done this year but also to provide examples and ideas for your next US Army shirt design.

1st Platoon A Battery 2-77th FA FOB Connelly Shirts


Because the US Army comes to VSW frequently because of their custom military art and design capabilities they are often known as the ones “Where the military gets cover”!


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