US Army Custom T shirt Designs 2014

From Joint Base McChord to Fort Drum, Fort Bragg to Fort Benning, Fort Sill to Fort Wainright it has been the pleasure of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to design custom military Army shirts for the United States Army. Infantry, Quartermasters, Special Forces, Kiowa and Blackhawk Squadrons, Artillery units, designs for US Army on deployment from Iraq to Afghanistan and a variety of specialized interests.

Big Army is large and expansive and often has a desire for the finest in custom military design and printing. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com offers the finest designs for domestic or deployed units. Designs and printing can be delivered all over the world to our US Army personnel so whether crossing the wire or going outside the gate, VSW can make it happen.

 HHT 2-116 Cavalry Medical Hellraisers Shirt

HHT 2-116 Cavalry Medical Hellraisers received their shirts. Created for this specialized compenent of medical experts.

HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment Shirt

HHT 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment live in the belly of beasts!

B Co 1-52nd Aviation Sugar Bears Shirt

B Co 1-52nd Sugar Bears and this incredible Chinooks asked for a color design based on their military patches.

4-3 Cavalry Killer Troop Army Shirt

4-3 Killer Troop asked for a mdern version of their skull with bandana design and crossed cavalry sabres for their recent deployment.

A Co 563rd Aviation Support Battalion Bagram Shirt

A Co 563rd Aviation Support design for their recent deplyment to Bagram, Afghanistan.

4th Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment Longknife Shirt

4-3 Headhunters deplyment shirt! Longknife!

1st Squadron 10th Cavalry Bandit Troop Shirt

1-10th Cavalry Bandt Troop for their deployment.

1st Battalion 21st Field Artillery B battery Shirt

1-121st FA Battery 2nd Platoon No Mercy!

HHT, RSS, 2CR Shirt

Created for the Hellraisers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment!

1-41 Field Artillery Bn Shirt

1-41st Field Artillery design created in a sepia bronze style.

1st Infantry Division B Battery 3-1 IBCT Shirt

1st Infantry Division B Battery 3-1 IBCT custom Army tees from VSW.

HHT 1-10 CAV Havoc Troop Shirt

1-10th Havoc Troops. A skull and a stetson. Perfect for scaring the daylights out of Tangos.

 767th EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company Shirt

A custom design made for the US Army 767th EOD.

Task Force 10th Medical Army Shirt

Task Force 10th “Alpha Blood Angels” At War With Death deployment Army shirt.

1st Sqdrn 10th Cav Regiment Buffalo Soldiers Shirt

1st Squadron 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers custim unit design and shirts.

Romeo Company The Citadel Shirt

4th Battalion Romeo Co The Citadel!

Task Force Attack OEF Deployment Shirt

Task Force Attack!

3-116th Armored Cavalry Shirt

3-116th Cavalry. Charlie Heads. Lead from the side deploymnt shirt design created by VSW.

B Battery 1-143rd Field Artillery Crusaders Shirt

B Battery 1-143rd Field Artillery Crusaders!

2-2 Field Artillery Automatic Steel Shirt

Alpha Batter 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery Fort Sill, Ok unit shirts created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

 Golf Company 3rd BSB Army Shirt

Golf Co. 3rd BSB Gladiators shirt for PT.

MFT Hammer, B Co 303D MI BN Army Shirt

MFT Battle Hammer. B Co 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion.

48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Shirt

48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

B Co 704BSB 4IBCT 4ID Bulldogs Shirt

B Co 704th BSB 4th IBCT 4th ID Bulldogs

Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran’s the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.
Your purchase of the Helphealourvets.Org hoodie allows all proceeds to be donated to military charities and organizations who do the job right and take care of the veterans. No more red tape or layers of bureacratic salaries that produce little nothing for our veterans. These dollars go to the veterans. Your purchase of this hoodie makes this possible.
This Veteran’s Day will mark the beginning of the fundraising campaign created by Healp Heal Our Vets and between this Veteran’s Day and next years Veteran’s Day 2015 where we will announce the amount that will be donated to the organizations that do the most good within the veteran community. We are excited to partipcate and be part of a fundraising campaign whose sole purpose is to help heal our veterans.

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie

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