What used to be associated with a slimey, spineless, destroyer of ocean depths puking ink at every moment as it runs scared to some den of misery under some aquatic rock, a squid. It is no longer a denizen but a much feared and intelligent predator of the seas of the world and its famous nom de guere has been taken back by the men and women United States Navy sailors.

Furthermore the squid has now officially become the silent mascot of the US Navy. It has become the landlord of the ocean and now can be said with a clear sounding voice that the “Sea Is Ours” and when it speaks it means us and by us it means the United States aka America!

The Sea Is Ours

US Navy Squid The Sea Is Ours Original Coin ™

Since October 3th, 1775, America’s Navy has fought, defended, and protected America all over the world. The honor, courage and commitment the US Navy has demonstrated has ensured America’s way of life and the people of the United States could never be as proud of the finest Navy in the world. America’s Navy!

US Navy Squid The Sea Is Ours Vintage Coin ™

Because of America’s love for her Navy, the history and her traditions the metal coin artisans of Vision-Strike-Coins.Com have created two US Navy squid coins that capture the connection of the US Navy, her passion for the seas, her command of the oceans and dominance across the globe.

So whether you are at military garrison, working the top deck or below deck of a US Navy warship, in the air, under the sea, active duty, retired US Navy or prior-service these cool US Navy squid coins are central to your coin collecting and no USN coin collection is complete without a US Navy squid coin.

We Will Never Forget Coin


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