No 2d coins or thick as flim flam coins should ever be produced for US Marines. They really deserve the best. It doesn’t have to be flashy and colorful. What it does have to have is quality, dependability and longevity in its manufacture but also in how it is displayed. The US Marine Corps since 1775 has been recognized as elite warfighters for a reason and to produce something less than what they deserve just isn’t how one does things.

USMC Military coins need to be thick, sturdy and have both kick ass graphic but also a message that resonates with United States Marines. I am sorry but my USMC slogans like my Dad’s a Marine, OO-RAH, a simple EGA with Semper Fidelis although solid just isn’t enough anymore. Too many copycats and look over my shoulder coin companies. Instead originality and quality are the demands of the day and not this overused, overdone bullshit. So with that being said we have posted a number of killer US Marine coins produced with the original and copyrighted artwork of Vision-Strike-Coins.Com so that one can quickly see how the difference in quality USMC coins is being established over the past “get by” quality coins which are now obsolete.

USMC Spartan The Few The Proud Marines Coin

Become one of the first ever to own this limited edition Marine Corps military challenge coin.

The United States Marine Corps since 1775, a year older than the United States Of America, was first born in a small tavern A bar. Who could have imagined that? Tun Tavern is located located on Philadelphia’s historic waterfront at the corner of Water Street and Tun Alley leading to Carpenter’s Wharf near what is today known as “Penn’s Landing.” Here small group of highly patriotic American ansered the call and formed a regiment. A regiment that would lead to the birth of the United States Marine Corps. November 10th 1775.

The USMC has always been among the smalles of the military branches but it has endured as the most ferocious fighting branch of the US Military. Grunts. Jar Heads. Leathernecks. Devil Dogs. The US Marine has been distinguished as one of the most highly valued warior throughout the confrontations, battles and wars spanning the history of the US. This USMC Spartan The Few The Proud Marines Coin was created in their honor. There has been a long association between the Spartans of old, the brave 300 that fought off the Persians faced with impossible odds. The US Marine is the Spartan renewed and they been etched into the anals of history as one of the most fierce, highly trained and always faithful warriors ever. Semper Fidelis!

USCM Eagle Globe and Anchor Tribal Coin

The USCM Eagle Globe and Anchor Tribal Coin was designed for our brothers and sisters that serve in the United States Marine Corps. This 2 inch, 4mm coin displays the prominently featured Anchor, Globe and Anchor the famous and highly recognizable icon of the USMC. There is no mistaking the EGA when it is displayed like this. The deep 3D releife and etching of this coin stands apart from all other USMC coins and its quality and appearance was laid out and conceptualized by a team of US Marines who wanted to see this Marine Corps coin developed to perfection.

The reverse side of this USCM Eagle Globe and Anchor Tribal Coin is a mirror image except that it is crafted in antique gold coloring making its presention unique. Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful, is illustrated along with the birth year of the USMC, 1775. This USCM Eagle Globe and Anchor Tribal Coin stands apart from all others and makes an amazing part of your shadowbox, military coin collection or gift when given to a US Marine. OO-RAH!

USMC 0311 Rifleman Marine Corps Coin

Every Marine a Rifleman first. No lie. The backbone of the US Marines is its riflemen. Known as grunts, these warfighters are among the elite when it comes to taking the fight tot he enemy. Unpredictable. Ferocious. They are feared by enemies all over the world and fight at incredible levels of acuteness. They are grunts. They are Riflemen. They are US Marines and this coin was designed specifically for them and in their honor. The following video displays and discusses the detail and durability of this USMC 0311 coin which is unmatched in quality and craftsmanship in the industry!

The USMC 0341 Mortarman MOS Coin!

USMC 0341 Mortarman Marine Corps Coin

Hang! Fire! This USMC MOS Coin for the US Marine MOS 0341 was created for the Mortarmen of the United States Marine Corps. Detailed, crafted with precision and bearing the unique and singlular military coin art of Vision-Strike-Coins! This 0341 USMC MOS coin displays with ferocity the skull, cover, crossed mortar tubes, base plate, MOS and Mortarman description all making this a unique and finely made USMC coin.

The USMC 0351 Infantry Assaultman MOS Coin!

USMC 0351 Infantry Assaultman Marine Corps Coin

The 0351 don;t just fire at tangos hiding behind walls and cover. They wipe them out. The US Marine 0351 is trained to do one thing above all others: Infantry Assault. Mobile, hostile and carrying the equivalent of infantry destroying missile system they take care of the rooftops, the scrubs, trees, walls, houses and just about anything else one would find an enemy combatant hiding behind or in.

Their business is to destroy infantry and their business is good. This 0351 highly detailed coin was designed and crafted in their honor.

USMC Spartan Marine Corps Coin

How about them Spartans. I will take your Spartan Pahalanx and raise you a US Marine Company. Their Spartan 300 is a Marine rifle platoon on a bad day. The Persians would never have lasted against a snall group of US Marines and thats a fact. We all know that Sparta produced warriors and they were some of the most highly trained warriors of their day. In the modern world of combat and battle the US Marine is that warrior. At no time in history have men been so purposeful when it comes to dedication, training, accomplishment and loyalty as a US Marine. To draw the similarities between US Marine and Spartan warrior is an easy path to take since both are so well verses in their roles as warriors.

This USMC Spartan coin combined elements of both the USMC and Sparta as a way of illustrating their connection as the best of the best. This USMC Spartan coin makes that distinction.

USMC Rank coins from Vision-Strike-Coins.Com are also some of the most detailed and well built military coins in the industry. Each of these USMC coins are rolled out featuring a USMC rank, Kbar skulls, ammunition, crossed rifles and and more. These Us Marine Coins were inspired by US Marines for US Marines. The goal of VSC is to craft the finest in Marine coins from two standpoints: 1. Quality and 2. Detail. The originality of their artwork is medallic art form is what separates these coins from the pack so the goal from the beginning was to create a Marine coin from the rank of PFC to Sergeant major so they could be enjoyed by all.

USMC Private First Class Coin

USMC PFC Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

USMC Lance Corporal Rank Coin

USMC Lance Corporal Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

USMC Corporal Rank Coin

USMC Corporal Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin

USMC Sergeant Rank Coin

USMC Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

USMC Staff Sergeant Rank Coin

USMC Staff Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin

USMC Gunnery Sergeant Rank Coin

USMC Gunnery Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

USMC Master Sergeant Rank Coin

USMC Master Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

First Sergeant Your USMC Rank Coin Is in!

USMC First Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin ™

USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant Coin

USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant Skulls and Kbar Rank Coin

As it can be seen the United States Marines must have the finest in high quality coins because as the finest they demand it in return and they deserve it!

USMC artillery has been also at the heart of the tip of the speer when it comes to the United States Marine Corps. The Marines that man the Triple 7’s, (777) don’t jsut destroy the enemy from over the horizon. They destroy the enemy completely. This 0811 USMC Field Artillery Cannoneer coin was designed and crafted out of respect to the 0811’s of the US Marine Corps.

0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer USMC MOS Coin

We Will Never Forget Coin


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