Veterans Day in United States!

In America, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. On this day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which concluded World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in the year 1918. On this day veterans are thanked personally for their committments and services to the US on Veterans Day.┬áVeterans Day in United States is extremely important because it stands as a reminder that our men and women put country ahead of everything else. Our veterans traveled to far and distant locations in times of war, while on deployment, leaving family and friends behind. They put life on hold so they could deal with America’s enemies, terrorism, dictators hellbent on destroying their own countries and its citizens or bringing fairness, equality and freedom to cultures that had never known it.

101st Special Troops Battalion Memorial Military Shirt

Veterans and Digital Shadowboxes – Heroes Of Freedom!

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com as a labor of love to our veterans and their families instituted a program years ago whereby families of our veterans could show their freinds , family and loved ones a digital shadowbox which graphically displays their veterans image, often in uniform, history of their servie and career, units they served in, wars and battles they were involved in and their citations hostory and accomplishments while serving in any of the military branches of the United States. Below are examples of these military digital shadowboxes which serve as examples of the importance these American veterans have to all of us.





A New Chapter In Veteran Support!

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com recently got involved with a tremendous organization called Helphealourvets.Org. The mission to create awarnesss and fundraising and make donation to other very legit military organizations that put the veterans ahead of their own corporate payrolls. HHOV is a movement to ensure that funds get to the veterans who need it the msot with little red tape, no distractions and no resistrictions. Money going to the veterans. HHOV veterans in collaboration with VSW has created a wonderful hoodie designed specifically to fundraise for our veterans with all profits going to HHOV to be then put into our veteran’s hands. Please take a moment to check this out by clicking on the following image.

A Vetereran’s Day Gift!

In honor of our veterans Vision-Strike-Wear.Com would like to announce that this Veteran’s Day all purchases over 50.00 will receive a free commeorative veteran certificate for our Vieetnam, Desert Storm and OIF veterans. Each of these posters come with features that allow custom branch informatioin, unit and dates of service to be added. A great gift for your vetern.

Vietnam Veterans!

All our veterans are important as is their feedback. After receiving many inquires for commeorative certificates and posters Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has developed this Vietnam Commemorative design for our Vietnam veterans.

Vietnam War Memorial Poster

Desert Storm Veterans!

A commemorative plaque with options for updating text to make it personal and specific to your veteran of Desert Storm.

Operation Desert Storm Memorial Commemorative Plaque

We thank you for your time and recognition of all of our American veterans this Veteran’s Day! Vision-Strike-Wear.Com welcomes your thoughts, comments and support.

Never Forget Our Veterans! Ever.

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