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February is National Military Coin month, aka the month of Cha Ching and Vision-Strike-Coins.Com is at the forefront of military design and manufacturing of the newest in military coins and manufacturing. So when the statement Got Coins is sounded across the land be sure to know that National Military Coin month should ring loud and clear like that favorite coin you slam down on the bar when challenge is made!

Having the most kick ass coin in the room can and does happen frequently and the design and the quality of the military coin makes all the difference. 2D coins are largely hitting the bricks. Why? Because they often look about as cheap as a rat bitten hand I down towel twice sold at 3 garage sales. The kind of thing that you never wished you had bought in the first place. It’s a pariah. A sad testimony to challenge coins. Then there are the photo coins. Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse you see a spectacular design covered in epoxy. Is it a metal coin or is it plastic? It’s both! If you bought a photo coin challenge coin we would like to invite you to the photo coin hotline at 1-800-I-Got-Taken cause what you have is a sad version of greatness three times removed but we digress and yes there is hope!

So where does that leave us at the advent of National Coin Month aka Got Coin Month? #gotcoins it leaves you looking for new designs and styles for the military branch you are or were part or maybe a rank coin or possibly a unit coin. All good. All great. So take a swim around the internet and you will quickly learn that of all the coin guys out there really are only two that specialize in cool coins and originality. Vision-Strike-Coins.Com and Northwest Territorial Mint. Each produces quality and each has its own style, look, flair and great quality. You cannot go wrong with either company.

In preparation of National Military Coin Month we focus on several top-of-the-line military coins as an illustration of how the military coin market is changing with higher quality coins that are made to demanding requirements. Now is the time for quality and not the 2nd hand cheap looking coin of yester year. So let’s talk Popeye!

Popeye! Don’t Mess With The US. Popular to say the least.. Who doesn’t love this American icon and when the US threatended even Popeye stands the watch!


Popeye Don't Mess With The US Spinach Can Coin

The United States Navy SAR coin. Search and Rescue Swimmer. So Others May Live has been one of the msot exciting coins to be developed at Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. At 2 inches and 4mm this is a top performing coin due to its detail and overall appeal. Bearing the original art of VSC it can be easily seen as a popular military coin due to its originality and connection tot hese dedicated men that serve to save the lives of others.

US Navy SAR So Others May Live Rescue Swimmer Coin

Check out the live version of this US Navy SAR coin.

EOD! Explosive Ordnance Disposal Coin

You have got to have Nerves Of Steel to operate in the vacinity of high explosives. Whether involved in road clearing and the removal of IEDs, exploding mine fields, disarming the numerous ways an enemy can create a frightning array of improvised exposive devives the EOD specialists in the US militayr are trained operators and good at what they do. This EOD coin was created in their honor displaying the EOD Crab, technolofy display in the text EOD, a skull which symbolizes life and death which stands in the balance when these operators are at work and the Nerves of Steel slogan which signifies the focus and mental aptitude it takes to be an EOD tech.

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Nerves Of Steel Coin

How about a US Marine Corps Bulldog? One cannot think of separating the concept of a United States Marine with a Devil Dog or an English bulldog for that matter. So with that said Vision-Strike-Coins.Com set out to create what easily be argued has become the msot popular coin in its arsenal of US military challenge coins. This USMC bulldog coin has even been purchased from us from Sgt Grit a world recognized and wonderful company specializing in US Marine products and services. We were proud to offer it to them.

USMC Bulldog Semper Fidelis Coin ™

As popular as this US Marine Bulldog coin has become the artist of this design Frost Call put a small video together showing how detailed and special this USMC coins is.

Warheafs on foreheads? The IYAOYAS communit of the US Military knows a great looking coin when they see one and no better than to have aa Grim Reaper with Scythe coming out of an exploding bomb which is highly iconic for the red shirts of the United States Military.




We Will Never Forget Coin


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