Vision Strike Wear Supports Purpleheartfoundation.Org

Raising PTSD Awareness In June Through Organizational Support Every time a sale for more than $50.00 is generated at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com a percentage of every sale is donated to the Purpleheartfoundation.Org to support their mission and activities related to our men and women in uniform. This is the month that Vision Strike Wear Supports Purpleheartfoundation.Org!

PTSD is too important not to discuss, raise awareness and support when our men and women in uniform past and present need our help the most. Now is our turn to do for them. Their selfless sacrifices we must acknowledge and for many that do not know how to ask we need to help them and provide assistance, information and the proper care they more than definitely deserve and have more than earned.

June is PTSD Awareness Month

June is PTSD Awareness month and there is no better time to get the word out, the message and inform your friends, family members and those you work with about the importance of recognizing what PTSD is, what is does and how it can be treated effectively. This month three brand new PTSD military shirts have been created to spread awareness and when sold the necessary revenue to send to organizations whose mission it is to identify and treat PTSD.

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PTSD Military Awareness Shirts and Designs

Don’t Give Up The Ship PTSD Awareness Shirt


2000 Yard Marine Stare PTSD Awareness Shirt

VSWA157 PTSD - Marine - 2000 yd Stare

The Soldier May Leave The Valley But the Valley Will Never Leave The Soldier PTSD Awareness Shirt


Giving Back To The Military Community

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has received several orders over the 50.00 dollar threshold already this month. Below are the names and links to the variety of military designs and PTSD designs that have been purchased so far. It is important to thank the individuals who feel as you do that PTSD is important and needs to be recognized. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com would like to thank the following customers for their patronage and for supporting June PTSD Awareness Month and their support for the All these customers participated with their over 50.00 purchases made in the month of June.

Our Donors This Month

Mr Burgess – US Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer Rank Shirt VSWA1529_USCG_MCPO




Mr Pease – US NAVY Devil Doc Shirt DEVILDOC




Mr. Powell – US NAVY Tin Can Sailor Shirt vsw020_tincan_sailor_org_thumbnail




Mr Hoard US NAVY – Shellback Shirt VSWA027_Navy_Shellback_v (1)




Ms. Gagnon – US COAST GUARD AMT Aviation Maintenance Technician Shirt vsw379_uscg_amt_thumbnail




Mr Cramer – US NAVY VBSS Shirts VSWA057_Navy_VBSS




Mr Johnson – US NAVY Shellback Court OF Neptune Rex Shirt VSWA146_Shellback_2013




Ms Eystad -USCG – Coast Guard Veteran Shirt VSWA108_USCG_Veteran




Mr Brown – US NAVY Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Lighters vswa052_navy_seabee_thumbnail




Mr. Benton – US NAVY Corpsman Up!








New supporters helping to raise awareness during PTSD in June month!


Mr. Brown with his over 50.00 purchase of the VSW NMCB design!




Mr. Doherty with the US Coast Guard and his purchase of the VSW USCGC Northland WMEC-904 Cutter Shirt.







Mr Richards with a purchase of the USCG Joint Maritime Training Center Coast Guard Shirt from VSW. Thank you sir.

VSWA1507_USCG Joint Maritime Training Center

We Will Never Forget Coin


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