What do you mean that was in Ferguson MO ?

The latest pictures from Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the shooting Michael Brown look like they are from a war zone, not the USA- What do you mean that was in Ferguson MO ?! And they aren’t even pictures of Detroit! (Anyone see those old spoof movies that always made fun of Detroit?)

Anyway, we thought these captions would be more appropriate. Not taking sides here, just saying, WTF is going on in Ferguson?

The after effects of a suicide bomber in southern Gaza… oh wait, that’s Missouri.
Armored SWAT vehicles are now being used by Iraqi Police to fight ISIS in Fallujah… just kidding, that’s Ferguson, MO.

A terrorist bomb destroys a store in the south of Kabul… my bad, that was actually in Ferguson, Missouri.

Take Him To Detroit!

From the movies I mentioned earlier…

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