10 Worst Black Friday Moments in History

Some people just dont give a damn.  Sad to say the “Money Changers are in the Temple” as the Saturn worshipers exemplify materialism, greed, selfishness, carelessness, and most of all violence to get what they want for the lowest base price.  People are definitely spending the wrong “Mon-Eye”.  They should SPEND more time on caring for one another and PAY attention to what is most important- FAMILY.  Wake up Merica!

10.  Man Threatens to Stab Customers at Kmart

“Push one of my kids and I will stab one of you Mutherfuckers!”.  Customers said he was not joking!  See video and judge for yourself!

9. Knife Fight in parking lot at a Walmart in CA

 At least three customers fought outside a Rialto, Calif., Walmart Thanksgiving night. The brawl that broke out ahead of Black Friday was apparently sparked after some customers were caught cutting in line. [Read More] 

Black Friday!

8. A police officer shoots alleged shoplifter at Kohls in Chicago

 Kohl’s shooting: A duo of fleeing shoplifting suspects allegedly dragged a Romeoville, Ill., police officer with their car on Thursday evening outside of a Kohl’s department store during Black Friday. [Read More]


7.  10 Injured in Southern California Black Friday Mall Stampede

Black Friday spurs the largest stampede in Torrance as shoppers trample over others leaving 10 injured from charging Sheeple!


6. Walmart Shoppers Brawl it out for Sales!

Some Black Friday bystanders seemed amused by the chaos, others looked a little frightened. [Read More]


5. Police Pepper Spray Beauty Salon Customers on Black Friday in Florida

Police used pepper spray on shoppers after a scene broke out at a beauty supply store on Friday. The incident was reported at Beauty Exchange on Pine Hills Circle. [Read More]

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4. Female Shopper decides to Pepper Spray fellow customers injures 20

 A mother of three shot pepper spray to keep shoppers from grabbing a video game system she wanted during a Black Friday sale, leaving 20 people with minor injuries, authorities said.  [Read More]


3. Family and friends were stunned by the loss of a West Virginia man who died while shopping on Black Friday

Fellow bargain hunters reportedly walked around — and even over — the man’s body.  Off Duty Nurses took notice and tried to help the man but it was too late.  Thank goodness for the Nurses!


2. Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

When the madness ended, 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour was dead and four shoppers, including a woman eight months pregnant, were injured.  Read original news story…

Temple of Saturn


1. Toy-R-Us Shootout leaves gunfighters dead

Instead of the usual frantic chaos on Black Friday, the year’s busiest shopping day, mayhem erupted in the electronics department about 11:30 a.m., leaving two men dead in a gunfight and crowds of shoppers ducking for cover. Read more in the LA times article…

Temple of Saturn


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