The oldest division of the United States’ Armed Forces, at 377 years this month, still remains an important part of our military since it’s inception in 1636. With the two sectors of the National Guard, the AIR National Guard and ARMY National Guard sharing the dual mission to protect life and property within the individual states of our great nation, as well as to protect the nation against opposing forces worldwide.The slogan, Always Ready, Always There, reminds us that the National Guard is there to protect and defend its nations people, leaders and land. Whether they’ve been deployed here in our own states or overseas, the National Guard IS Always Ready, Always There!!

The only branch required by the Constitution is different from the rest in that it answers to both state and federal governments. They are ready when needed and called upon to defend their state at home or the nation as a whole, overseas. As a reserve force, its members serve one weekend a month and a two week period a year after an initial 8-1/2 weeks of training. National Guard members serve a total of eight years or can serve a minimum of 3 years and then become a part of the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve). Their MOS (Military Occupational Specialty can range from aviation, infantry, religious and medical support. After initial training, soldiers move on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in their field of choice.

During colonial times, the soldiers of the National Guard were known as the militias, changing their name to National Guard in 1903. They became the official reserve force of the United States Army. Additionally, they were instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War, making up the majority of the troops. They also helped in the Mexican War, Civil War and the Spanish-American War and later World War I and II and the Cold and Vietnam and more recently in the Iraqi War as well as aiding in national disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the tragic 9-11 incident.


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