Authentic Navy Chief Challenge Coins Set Sale !

The first ever release of a brand new coin from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com! The original US Navy Chief Released for the United States Navy Chief’s! Only 100 made then these color coins get cased never to produced again with this design!  Get yours in time for the Holidays!

US Navy Goatlocker Coin

Navy Chief “Anchored” Challenge Coin

The most copied Navy Chief design in the United States Navy has now become a coin designed by the original artist, Frost Call, of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

Navy Chief Goat Anchored Coin

Years In The Making ~

For the last 2 years the artists of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com have watched diligently as their designs had been copied by other companies often without permission, often with the excuse of gee wiz I didn’t know or they sent me the art and I just printed what they asked of me. The failure to respect and honor the original artists went on and on.

We called them and asked them politely to remove the designs from their website often meeting resistance followed by us providing evidence that the original art belonged to us. Always striving to take the high road with other small business we thanked them for their cooperation and tried to be understanding.

Then There Was The Not So Nice Copy Cats~ Who Are They Kidding?

One day a relationship fostered between Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and another coin company developed. It was developed because Mr. Coin Co thought the artwork of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com would look cool as heck on metallic challenge coins. We agreed. So a business relationship started.

Shortly after the artwork was sent to Mr. Coin with the request that the coin art be reviewed before it was put out for sale on its Ebay store location, it was found that Mr Coin was selling it anyway. Problem 1. Problem 2 occurred when the design supplied by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had been taken, altered, butchered and turned into what others referred to as a “hunk of metallic guano, ie. bat shit!” Nothing the design team of VSW would want to be associated with so it was requested that those designs be removed until updated and have the appearance of quality. Mr Coin in the most interesting turn of events said no.

Hard to imagine that theoir standards were so low but here we were. Military challenge coins that others thought looked terrible and no one wanted. This simply would not do.

So the end result was a severing of ties with Mr. Coin or so we thought.

It Gets Worse! ~

So Vision-Strike-Wear.Com moves on leaving Mr. Coin and his Ebay store to do what it has been doing. However, after a little bit of investigation and a review of Mr. Coins Ebay store it was discovered that during their relationship Mr. Coin had been copying the artwork of VSW without permission and without their knowledge. So while in a business relationship with Mr Coin he was copying and selling the VSW artwork out the back door without their permission and profiting from it. It had to end.

A sample of the knock off!


Lawyers ~

Scorched Earth policy sadly and from it the only parties that ever really win are the attorneys. Truth. So after the nuclear fallout of attorney letters and exhanges the coins came down from Mr. Coins Ebay store. It was either that or becasue no one was buying them. No way to really tell. Then comes the good news. Mr. Coin received a lot of hate mail from the US Navy Chiefs and others telling them to remove the extra coins they had made for the commands they had done business with. Only problem is that no one gave them permission to profit from this. It gets better and people wise up. Mr. Coin was actually selling the coins on Ebay as a different company than the one he was involved in with his coin business that had been handed down to him from a parent, even a Chief, that had served in the US Navy. So not really an arm’s length transaction and a way to not catch hell from the Chief community but eventually it was discovered and finally they decided at the request of the US Navy and its Chiefs to take down their Ebay coins.

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Peace at last ~

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com had had it and wanted desparately to produce quality coins in the waks of so many counterfeits and sad copy cats hell bent on stealing what was not theirs. We coined the phrase “Cheating but not competing!”

Answer. Make coins with our original artwork and do it better than the other guy. Why not? We did the art. We created it. We have the detail, the US Navy licensing to produce it and furthermore the desire to make sure the original art became metallic military challenge coins that had detail, style and quality the others lack. So now we are pleased to offer the first of many original, brand new and quality intensive military coins for our brothers and sisters in the US military, veterans, retirees, family and friends.


Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran’s the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.
Your purchase of the Helphealourvets.Org hoodie allows all proceeds to be donated to military charities and organizations who do the job right and take care of the veterans. No more red tape or layers of bureacratic salaries that produce little nothing for our veterans. These dollars go to the veterans. Your purchase of this hoodie makes this possible.
This Veteran’s Day will mark the beginning of the fundraising campaign created by Healp Heal Our Vets and between this Veteran’s Day and next years Veteran’s Day 2015 where we will announce the amount that will be donated to the organizations that do the most good within the veteran community. We are excited to partipcate and be part of a fundraising campaign whose sole purpose is to help heal our veterans.

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie


We Will Never Forget Coin


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