Custom US Navy Military Shirts Seen Across The Globe

Custom US Navy Military Shirts Seen Across The Globe

Custom US Navy Military Shirts Cross The Globe At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and its an every day thing. The custom military United States Navy shirts originally designed and printed at Vision-Strike-Wear have gone from Pearl Harbor to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, ATG Mayport and Jacksonville to Groton, Connecticut, New York Nuclear Training facilities to Subic Bay, Sasebo and Atsugi, Japan have travelled the world on US Navy destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibs, small boys and big boys alike and have graced the backs of US Navy Sailors from Seaman to Master Chiefs. Annapolis to Great Lakes and every major A School in the US Navy has enjoyed the morale building naval tees created by VSW and it has been an amazing journey for all.

US Navy Shellback designs, VBSS Teams, JEA, SCPOA, FCPOA and CPOAs, aka the Goat Lockers where the backbone of the United States Navy resides, The Chiefs, have had custom US Navy shirts created for them by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com with each new design bringing originality, flair, morale, creativity and overall kick ass unique US Navy designs to be enjoyed by US Navy Sailors the world over. If you are interested in having a design created please contact us at Custom US Navy shirts.

A custom US Navy shirt design created for the CPO 365 program at the USN Hospital located in Rota Spain.

Naval Hospital Rota Spain CPO 365 Shirt

Then came the phone call from Naval Submarine Base New London and the Sailors of the United States Navy. Give us a submarine, Kraken with dixie cup and strong tentacles hugging the submarine, make it black and white and make it cool. We responded!

Naval Submarine Base New London Shirt

Something Wicked This Way Comes! An opportunity to produce a wonderful design for VAQ-134!

Electronic Attack Squadron 134 (VAQ-134), also known as the “Garudas”, is a United States Navy EA-6B Prowler squadron based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ-134) was originally established on June 7, 1969 at Naval Air Station AlamedaCalifornia, flying the EKA-3B Skywarrior. VAQ-134 stood down in July 1971 and moved to its current homeport, NAS Whidbey Island. In 1972, the squadron received the EA-6B Prowler and became the Navy’s third operational Prowler squadron. (Source – Wikipedia)

VAQ-134 Garudas FCPOA US Navy Squadron Shirt

The EA-6B is to be replaced by the EA-18G in early 2015,[2] and the last deployment with the EA-6B was on USS George H.W. Bush in 2014.

A custom Navy shirt designed for VX-20 The Backbone of the US Navy!

VX-20 JPOA US Navy Command Shirt

There are some incredible US Squadrons like VQ-4 The Shadows. The Shadows borrowed from the 20 and 30s along with their E-6B aircraft and a whole lot of detail and color thrown in made this a wonderful custom US Navy shirt to create for them.

VQ-4 The Shadows Command Shirt

The USS Topeka SSN-754 called VSW and asked for a design that had their amazing warship, the Capitol of Kansas, Topeka and its state building, US Navy Officer’s Crest, Enlisted Rates, and Motto “Defenders Of The Heartland” created for their ship.

USS Topeka SSN-754 Fight Shirt

The Second Class Petty Officers Association aboard the USS Fort McHenry requested and amphibious design featuring an alligator, anchors, Eagle and chevrons and got it with the kind of detail found at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!

USS Fort McHenry LSD-43 2nd Class Petty Officer Association Shirt

When a Boomer calls we listen! The USS Tennessee SSBN-734 and its FCPOA did call and wanted a stunning design for their First Class Petty Officer Association and we listened!

USS Tennessee SSBN-734 FCPOA Shirt

The US Navy SEABEES! Amazing. this design created for a Seabees unit and Charlie Co was taken from the VSW Jolly Roger Navy design and updated with text and additional detail!

US Navy SEABEES Charlie Company Shirt

The First Class Petty Officer is an accomplished leader. Just below the rank of Navy Chief, the first classes prepare for their time as future senior leaders. The relationship between first class and chief is an interesting one. Driven hard by the Chiefs the First Class is looked at as the rising leaders and must be scrutinized to ensure they pass into the higher ranks ready to get the job done. The FCPOA is one place where their skills are tested and prepared whether in a CPO 365 environment or through communication and information exchange with other firsts. This US Navy VR-56 Globemasters FCPOA Shirt with male and female E-6 enlisted hold the world up in uniformity and equality as they show others they Have Got This!

US Navy VR-56 Globemasters FCPOA Shirt

When the USS Mustin DDG-89 requested a shirt for the crew the concept was a goat wielding a large Thor like hammer, crow displayed on the shirt, surface warfare insignia along with first class petty officer chevrons. The result was a highly developed and detailed US Navy custom shirt for the crew of the USS Mustin and their FCPOA.

USS Mustin DDG-89 Seventh Fleets Finest Shirt

A satellite phone call from NMC Sigonella made this shirt design for this command a reality. Skulls, crossed cannons, anchor, American and Italian crossed flags and more detail than you can shake a stick at became a reality for this United States Navy command.

NMC Det Sigonella Arms Of The Fleet Shirt

Sometimes we gt to design for US Navy squadrons like VR-62 The Nomads!

VR-62 Nomads FCPOA Hercules Squadron Shirt

The USS Princeton CG-59 an Aegis missile cruiser with the sleek and fine look of a Ticonderoga cruiser. A design with Jolly Roger, knife in mouth, crossed bones, porthole, rough waters in the background, anchors, tridents and the slogan “Honor And Glory!” A wonderful black and white custom US Navy shirt design for an  amazing warship and its crew.

USN USS Princeton CG-59 Honor And Glory Shirt

The warships of the US navy frequently contact VSW with details and information about how they want their crew shirts to look. Within the crew there are divisions like the Engineering Division on board the USS Ramage. They wanted a razor sharp design for their department and that is what they got!


USS Ramage DDG-61 Shirt

Of course Second Class Petty Officer’s Associations of the United States Navy order shirts. As future senior leads in the US Navy these associations (SCPOA) are critical to the development of training and skills preparing these future leaders for this role. On occasion they also request some of the coolest military shirts around. So when the SCPOA at FRCMA Oceana gave us a call about their shirts we were overjoyed! Backbone of the Navy!

USN 2nd Class Petty Officers Association Shirt

Coastal Riverine Group 2 wanted a shirt designed for their CPO Mess and they got it. Featuring the US Navy Goat with crossed arms, cover, anchors, fast boats barbed wire and the various commands this important USN Command is associated with all came together for their mess. The moment they ordered their shirts they came back for a second round almost immediately. Semper Fortis!

Coastal Riverine Group 2 CPO Mess Shirt

The US Navy operates at the top of the world and at the lowest geographically but when it comes to the last mile marker and the most southern part of Florida and the US there is a detachment that handles high explosives and is part of the US Navy IYAOYAS community. NC Detachment Key West is that unit and command and they wanted something special when it came to their US Navy shirts.

NMC Det Key West AO IYAOYAS Shirt

Patrol Squadron 1 of the United States Navy requested a Jolly Roger design featuring the USN Rate symbol for Aviation Ordnancemen and the all too famous wording, IYAOYAS.  black and white design with tremendous detail and character which when printed on a black or dark colored shirt really stands out and pops.

VP-1 Patrol Squadron IYAOYAS Shirt

The USS McCampbell CPO Mess requested a custom US Navy shirt featuring their ship US  Flag and Japanese flag showing the support and relationship each country has to one another. The ship’s Motto “Relentless In Battle” along with each of the US Navy Chief’s anchors were also designed.

USS McCampbell CPO Mess Shirt

At the request of the Chief Of The Boat comes this USN shirt design for the USS Columbia. Warrior SSN-771!

USS Columbia Warrior SSN-771 Attack Submarine Shirt

The USS Winston Churchill the only US Navy ship named for a foreign dignitary. The Chief’s Mess wanted a design with a Goat and Greek like look displaying shield, goat, spears and helmet and that is what they got. They reordered almost immediately! “We Steer The Course”

USS Winston S Churchill Chiefs Shirt

Don;t Worry We Got This a common saying among enlisted First Classy Petty Officers when responding to a US Navy Chief. The definite working class among the ranks. Experienced leadership. Hard working and still working to make it among the senior enlisted. The FCPOA’s of the US Navy are developing skills, teaching each other and gaining valuable information. This design created for NAS Fallon FCPOA is one example of the custom US Navy shirts created for the FCPOAs of the US Navy.

Naval Air Station Fallon FCPOA Shirt

A US Navy Gator in a pea coat? We actually did get that request and to top it off we added a Dixie Cup.

US Gator Navy Amphibious Alligator Shirt

When the USS Connecticut called and requested a custom US Navy shirt we answered. The request was taking our Navy Squid with tentacles, dixie cup and pea coat and adding their motto “Arsenal Of A Nation” to the bottom text before printed them on highly durable moisture wicking shirts for the Chief Petty Officers aboard this grand warship.

USS Connecticut SSN-22 Arsenal Of A Nation Shirt

Associations and non-profits also have received a number of wonderful custom shirts and military designs over the years from Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. One such organization, the Tin Can Sailor Association, requested of course a squid ripping open a can of Whoop Ass, with full color and nautical elements. The title “Strength From The Seas” was added and finished this wonderful Tin Can Sailor shirt design.

Tin Can Sailors Squid Can Of Whoopass Shirt

VP-10 Navy Patrol Squadron. We Got This. Orions and tactical control screens were the central theme for this US Navy Squadron which we were proud to work on.

US Navy Patrol Squadron 10 We Got This FCPOA Shirt

Below please find VSW designs that have been originally designed specifically for the commands, ships, squadrons and men and women of the United States Navy. It is an honor to serve you.

Custom US Navy Shirts

A design created for Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 FCPOA of the United States Navy. They wanted a highly detailed and very colorful look for their First Class Petty Officer shirts.

The USS Wayne E Meyer needed a shirt 90 days out from their return to home and something with a twist aimed at their galley and they got it. Straight Out Of The Scullery. DDG-108 custom shirts designs for the US Navy and its sailorsl

USS Wayne E Meyer DDG-108 Galley Shirts

A design created for the crew aboard the United States Navy Cruiser USS San Jacinto CG-56

USS San Jacinto CG-56 Shirt

The USS Harpers Ferry LSD-49 FCPOA Shirt created with gators and bulldogs symbolizing the toughness and relationship between the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.

USS Harpers Ferry LSD-49 FCPOA Shirt

MALS-24! Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24 (MALS-24) is an aviation logistics support unit of the United States Marine Corps. Known as the “Warriors”, they fall under the command of Marine Aircraft Group 24 (MAG-24) and the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW) and are currently based at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. (Source – Wikipedia) Here is the shirt custom US Navy shirt design requested by the US Navy Chiefs in the MALS-24 Mess.

MALS-24 CPO Mess We Steer The Course Shirt

USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

USCG Protects our Ports Waterways Coastal Security

United States Coast Guard shirts and designs have been created for the Amazing Guardsmen of the USCG!


Harbor Master Port Authority PWCS All American Detect Intercept Interdict

The Ports Waterways Coastal Security Harbor Master USCG Shirt design at can be found at

The Ports Waterways Coastal Security Harbor Master USCG Shirt created for Coasties and one of the 11 major mission types the USCG focuses in when conducting operations all over the world PWCS. Even though the smallest of the United States military branches, the US Coast Guard no less has some of the finest men and women in uniform working extremely hard each and every day helping to protect our shorelines, harbors, sea lanes with their incredible skills and talents.  Detect Intercept Interdict!
PWCS, one of the many roles the USCG performs involves the employment of awareness activities including; counterterrorism, antiterrorism, preparedness and response operations; and the establishment and oversight of a maritime security regime.  PWCS also includes the national defense role of protecting military outload operations.
This USCG design was created specifically for those involved in PWCS activities both active duty, reserve, retirees and veterans alike.




6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt

There are 6 Ways to Customize Your Badass Military T-Shirt at using many options for selecting what YOU want to have based on your specific military history and career.

1. Shirt Color

This is the most common customization which most shops will offer. At Vision Strike Wear, we  don’t offer every color under the rainbow. We stick to colors that we know print well with our designs and will make the design of your choice stand out. Vision Strike Wear (VSW) is committed to only the best quality products for our military men, women, veterans and their families.

2. Design Placement

We don’t force you to print only on one spot on your T Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt or Hoodie! You can select full back and front left chest, full front and back, front only, back only or even just the front small left chest design.


3. Custom Left Chest and Upper Sleeve Art Designs

Vision Strike Wear has hundreds of custom front left chest designs. When you design your shirt with a full back and a front left chest, you can select from our designs. We have designs for every branch as well as several hundred custom unit designs with the logos we created for those units at their request! That way you know the design is not only customized, but is true to the spirit of that unit. The design is also available ONLY at Vision Strike Wear!


Airborne-Wings Airborne-Wings-Senior Airborne-Wings-Master

 Aviation-Boatswain-Anchors Aviation-Structural-Mechanic  Boatswain-Anchors

 Crossed-Anchors Crossed-Anchors-Gold

Crossed-Cannons Crossed-Cannons-Gold

 WiredBarbed Barbed-Wire

Navy_IYAOYAS Bullet-Holes

 Navy-Anchor-Goldr Navy-Anchor-Silver

Purple_Heart Purple_Heart-Star

4. Lower and Full Sleeve Art

Select from 20+ designs for sleeve art such as American flags, a Purple Heart, the Ace of Spades, Airborne, Anchors and other cool artwork. Sleeve art can be on the shoulders, forearms, or we also offer custom designed full sleeve art.


Ace of Spades


Army Artillery




Army Combat Action Badge CAB


Army Combat Infantry Badge CIB


Army Combat Medic Badge


Army Ordnance


Barbed Wire


Army Cavalry




Lightning Flight WIngs




US Air Force Metallic Silver


USCG Anchors




USCG Anchors Old English




USCG Anchors Stencil




Navy Crow and Anchors Latin




Navy Crow and Anchors






Navy Submarine Force



Full sleeve art runs from the shoulder to the mid forearm. Full sleeve art designs are ready for your long sleeve shirt, hoodie or crewneck shirt for all branches.  We have Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard designs as well as other cool full sleeve designs.

5. Custom Text

Add your own custom text drop to the front and back design, just the front design or just the back. Any text you want! Put the words you want on your shirt that no one else will have. Have a saying you or your unit go by? Nickname? Want to put your ship or designation on your shirt? A place and a date? Make your custom shirt a complete original.


6. Battle Rattle

New from! Even more customization when you see the BATTLE RATTLE logo. Choose your Cover, Weapon or War Paint. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com has created MORE military customization to change your BATTLE RATTLE design into a one-of-a-kind shirt, plaque or decal for yourself or a gift to someone you love serving in theArmy, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.










M16A2 – M16A3 – M4/M4A1 carbines – M4/M4A1 – M203 – M249(SAW) – M240G – M40A1 – M24 – M82A1M – M2 – MP-5N – M252 – M224 – M120 – SMAW, MK-19 – SA-80 rifles – Galils – UZI – AK-47s – HK MP5 – MK18 – M-14 – Rocket Launchers – Shotguns – Wrenches – Blow Torches – Swords and more!








Customize Now!

I hope this short blog post will help you see the ways you can customize your military t shirt, custom unit shirt, hoodie, crewneck or other apparel. Remember, that we also have customization for other products, such as decals, posters, license plates, mugs and plaques.

Customize your own shirt now!



Top ten cool things about being in the US Air Force

Top ten cool things about being in the US Air Force

The US Air Force has a lot of advantages in logistics, worldwide coverage, speed, missions and role types and this creates a creative insight into what is cool about being in the United States Air Force!

10. If I want Chinese Food, I will fly to China!

Air Force Ranks

9. When the G-Forces pull back your face, you look and feel years younger!


8. One weekend a year, you get to take your jet home with you.

USAF Blue Falcon

7. You’re looking at a guy with one million frequent flier miles.

Air Force K-9

6. At 20,000 feet you see lots of clouds that look more like bunnies and stuff!


5. Always fun watching the new guy try to parallel park a C-130 Hercules.

Para Rescue


USAF Pararescue is the first of the line of arcade style games for the United States Air Force beginning with the men and women of the air forces!  In Pararescue airman leap from their incredible CV-22 Osprey into the rice paddies of southeast Asia! Pararescue!

4. Seasickness is for losers — airsickness is the way to go!



Don’t get caught! Ever! In the modern day it might be an Osprey that grabs you and takes you to safety. Now for a great military Osprey Game try your hand!


3. Free headsets on transcontinental flights.

USAF Athletics


2. Whenever people ask where I’ve been, I can tell them “The Wild Blue Yonder“!

Military WoopAss


1. Chicks dig planes!

Peace Through Superior Firepower

Top 10 Pool League Memes that will rack your balls

Top 10 Pool League Memes that will rack your balls

Check out the UPDATED POST on the Real Heroes Wear Blog!

Click here to see the updated post

On The Snap!

8-Ball On The Snap Cool Excellence Billiard and Pool League Shirt

Top 10 Pool League Memes that will rack your balls ! The 8 Ball and 9 Ball pool leagues have geared up and no better time than now to display what we all know goes on at pool night getting soused with spouse or the boyfriend, girlfriend toss me a beer night or just your pals that show up during the week to play and share a story or two. Now is the time for pool league memes!

The top 10 Pool league memes!

Pool league

 Doesn’t grasp the concept!

8 Ball

This is true focus for a great sport!

9 Ball

If its good to you then its good for you!

8 Ball

 Somewhere in Alaska!

Pool league



Hopefully one or the other isn’t a playuh!

Aliens v Predators

 A sign that actually makes sense!

9 Ball Sign

Ah yes. The power of suggestion!

pocket billiards

Run the table. Amen!

Run the table

So now that the pool craze is on come check out where the On the Snap and Cool Excellence pool league players pick up their swag! Real-Heroes-Wear.Com!

On The Snap 9-Ball Cool Excellence Shirts

Top US Navy T-Shirt Designs Ever

Top US Navy T-Shirt Designs Ever

October is US Navy Month!

Birthdays, promotions, naval history, specials and balls! It is a month that celebrates the 239th Birthday of the United States Navy and honors its men and women both past and present, its veterans, prior service, naval warriors and is a time to recognize the accomplishments of the greatest naval power in the history of the world.

Top Navy Shirt Designs

Over many years custom naval tees have displayed the courage and dedication felt in the hearts of American sailors and we salute these incredible military naval designs in anticipation of the many exciting things this month foretells.

What are the Top US Navy designs ever? Let’s start!


First, let’s check out the latest 5 designs from Vision Strike Wear!

Navy Seabee We Build We Fight Shirt


VSWA202NavyGoatChiefGeneric-vVSWA201NAVYCrowGeneric-v (1)VSWA199NavySquidGeneric-v (1)VSWA204NAVYNavyAmphibAlligatorXArmsGen-v


The US Navy squid. Not to be tangled with!

VSWA199NavySquidGeneric-v (1)


The USS Halsey gets into the top Navy list. This lady brings her A game to the US Navy fleet!

USS Halsey Heavy Damage Shirt



When the Navy works as a team with the other military branches it sets the standard of excellence.



Then of course their are those that are part of the IYAOYAS red shirt community. High explosive sailors.






The Junior Enlisted Sailors and their JEA Associations have asked for top custom military naval tees over the years. They too wanted a squid that was aggressive and removed all doubts as to whom Owned The Seas!

VSW890_1st-MADIV-JEA-v (1)



Then there are the US Navy squadrons and in one case the Black Lions of VFA-213 who clearly has been a part of the top 50 Navy designs!

VSW852_VFA-213BlackLionsFCPOA-v (1)


No one commands the seas like Trident except the United States Navy!




When the USS Maine calls for a design then designs come flying faster than a Trident Missile out of the vertical launch tube of a Boomer!



From the biggest of the US Navy ships to the smallest there is a Top 50 Navy design waiting for you!



The FCPOAs of the United States Navy asked for a design that displayed in sepia style the bold Spartan look along with their crows!




Guantanamo Bay Cuba gets into gear with a highly colorful custom US Navy shirt design for their Junior Enlisted Association!

VSW1099_NAVY JEA US Navy Guantanamo Bay-v



AUTEC The Bahamas! The US Navy’s Area 51!



VFA-31 Tomcatters get in on the action of being one of the more popular US Navy shirt designs!



SWOS Pearl Harbor gets on the board with this colorful military design!



IYAOYAS community in Okinawa design!

VSW1057_USMCOrdnance-v (1)


PACOM Hawaii gets their design thrown into the top designs!





Check out some great mobile game apps during US Navy October Birthday and Appreciation Month!

You cannot beat a great submarine game like Dive! Dive!

Or spend time navigating ruthless obstacles flying your own Osprey!

We Will Never Forget Coin


See All Custom Coins