Top ten cool things about the US Air Force

Top ten cool things about the US Air Force

Top ten cool things about the US Air Force

Top ten cool things about the US Air Force.  The US Air Force has a lot of advantages in logistics, worldwide coverage, speed, missions and role types and this creates a creative insight into what is cool about being in the United States Air Force!

10. If I want Chinese Food, I will fly to China!

Air Force Ranks

9. When the G-Forces pull back your face, you look and feel years younger!


8. One weekend a year, you get to take your jet home with you.

USAF Blue Falcon

7. You’re looking at a guy with one million frequent flier miles.

Air Force K-9

6. At 20,000 feet you see lots of clouds that look more like bunnies and stuff!


5. Always fun watching the new guy try to parallel park a C-130 Hercules.

Para Rescue

4. Seasickness is for losers — airsickness is the way to go!


3. Free headsets on transcontinental flights.

USAF Athletics

2. Whenever people ask where I’ve been, I can tell them “The Wild Blue Yonder”!

Military WoopAss

1. Chicks dig planes!

Peace Through Superior Firepower


UPDATE: Join the ISIS Hunting Club now!

Who Are the US Army Sugar Bears

Who Are the US Army Sugar Bears

Who Are the US Army Sugar Bears

Who Are the US Army Sugar Bears. Really? What kind of a military unit has the name Sugar Bears? You will be surprised at the answer!

B Co 1-52nd AVN Sugar Bears!

Let’s Start with what is a Chinook?

Sugar Bear History 

Recent Deployments like Task Force 49 – “A U.S. Navy SEAL Team work alongside U.S. Army pilots, from Task Force 49, 1-52 Aviation Battalion, B Company, also known as the “Sugar Bears,” in a training evolution designed to promote and develop interoperability between the two branches. The exercise was part of Exercise Northern Edge (2009).” (Source: Youtube)

 Sugar Bears helping their community in Alaska

“The Royal Dutch Shell Arctic drilling rig Kulluk Salvage was hit with a storm New Years Eve that ran it onto an Alaska island and caused a power outage. The Kulluk is a circular drill barge that does not have propulsion, and needed heavy equipment to restore operational power. The U.S. Army 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, out of Fort Wainwright, Alaska, was able to support the civilian operations as well as military.” (Source: Alaskastar.Com)



Provides aviation general support to United States Army Alaska. On order, deploy and conduct full spectrum aviation operations in support of Combatant Commanders.” (Source:

An elite unit with the United States Army based out of Fort Wainwright. They are a US Army aviation unit with a very long history, incredible lineage and dedication to serving the United States Army. They are the Sugar Bears!

Sugar Bears
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Coast Guard Breaks the Ice for North Pole

Coast Guard Breaks the Ice for North Pole

USCGC Polar Sea

Break The Ice!

Ever thought what it might be like to serve aboard a USCG ship sitting on hundreds of miles of ice shelf with only a forward gear to propel you through the waters of the North Pole?

The Coast Guard and its guardsmen have done it.

On this 20th anniversary “The Coast Guard icebreaker CGC Polar Sea and the CCCS Louis S. Ste Laurent became the first “North American surface ships” to reach the North Pole.

An HH-65A from Aviation Training Center Mobile, detached to the Polar Sea, became the first U.S. (and also Coast Guard) helicopter to reach the pole as well.” This occurred in 1994!

What Is The Polar Sea?

Polar-class icebreakers USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11) are heavy icebreakers operated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

These cutters, specifically designed for open-water icebreaking, have reinforced hulls, special icebreaking bows, and a system that allows rapid shifting of ballast to increase the effectiveness of their icebreaking.

The vessels conduct Arctic and Antarctic research and are the primary icebreakers that clear the channel into McMurdo Station for supply ships. All are homeported out of Seattle, Washington.” (Source: Wikipedia)


Here is the largest ice breaking party in the world!

Breaking ice 13 to 15 feet in depth.

Top 10 Custom Coast Guard T-Shirts at VSW

Top 10 Custom Coast Guard T-Shirts at VSW

Top 10 Custom Coast Guard T-Shirts at VSW

What is .  .  . 

Top 10 Custom Coast Guard T-Shirts at VSW ?

Quicker than the Goddess Nike?

Driven by molten steel?

Hammered with the force of a battalion of fire breathing horses?

It’s the most geographically prepared military branch in the US arsenal: The United States Coast Guard!


Here are the TOP 10 Custom USCG Designs from VSW

(As determined by Frost Call, Sarge Strike and Webmaster Matt, arguing for a while about which ones are the coolest. It’s all very scientific!)

10. USCG Sector Long Island Sound


The backbone of the United States Coast Guard are the Chiefs! The Chiefs train and lead the Guardsmen and their messes are the meeting places where decisive decisions are made about their commands, their cutters and crews and the personnel that serve as US Guardsmen. Sector Long Island Mess for the USCG Chief’s asked for a custom design that had colorful elements including the single most identifying element: The anchors of the Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief!



Trivia Time!

Was the USCG in Operation Iraqi Freedom?


Ever seen a sand Scorpion at the bow of a US Coast Guard boat? This colorful shirt displays a concept VSW created during OIF.

The United States Coast Guard has also served in Afghanistan.  The mission of the Raid Team is extremely important.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s RAID in Afghanistan. 

8. Station Portsmouth Chesapeake Bay


Deter. Protect. Save. A design created for USCG Station Portsmouth! Blue Crabs were in season!

7. Station Grand Isle


Created for the men and women of the USCG stationed at Grand Isle. Wanting elements of the storm, Lousiana, the Flir De Lis, motor life boats and life saver with station named emblazoned on it this group of Guarsdmen wanted a custom USCG shirt design specifically for them.

6. Atlantic Beach, NC


Lifesavers of the Crystal Coast! The USCG complement of Guardsmen made this Coast Guard design one of the year with the details like the Fort Macon lighthouse, Cape Lookout, Nautical compasses and maps along with the rates for Boatswain’s Mate and Enginemen!

5. Anchoring The Gulf Coast


Remember the Deepwater Horizon accident? Miles upon miles of Gold Coast Cleanup where the United States Coast Guard provided the most essential personnel and equipment to wage war on a fiery sub oceanic oil well blazing fire and spewing oil and devastation! The US Coast Guard asked for a custom shirt design that would help keep the morale of the hours of hours of no sleep while the pressure to put out the fire and do everything possible to stop the consuming oil spill. This design became one of the most popular and well known design throughout the USCG.

4. USCG Grand Isle


The US Coast Guard Cutter Grand Isle, a powerful and important asset within the US Coast Guard arsenal requested a custom design for their ship and crew.

3. Harriet Lane Cutter


Detect. Intercept. Interdict. The crew aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane requested a design that illustrated her bow, with crossed M-4’s, and its pursuit of a fast boat.

(Source: Wikipedia)

2. Guardians of the Graveyard


The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, the graveyard of the Atlantic, where ships are strewn about the floor of the ocean’s depths. These wrecks attempted to make landfall amidst the terryifying storms of the deep Atlantic.

All these elements and the navigational maps are displayed on this USCG rescuers t-shirt.

1. Kodiak Bear Charger


Kodiak Facts:

    • Settled by Russians in 1792
    • Sixth largest city in Alaska
    • Average annual rainfall 74.2 inches
    • Average annual snowfall 84.5 inches
    • Home of the largest Coast Guard Base
    • 252 air miles southwest of Anchorage
    • Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge —2491 square miles
    • Second largest island in the United States
    • Home of the Kodiak brown bear the worlds largest carnivore


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US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare

US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare United States Navy Chiefs Honored at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com!


 New Navy Chief T-Shirts

The United States Navy Chief’s are the backbone of the United States Navy and in honor of their never ending loyalty, dedication and hard work to preserving the time honored traditions and maintaining the level of expertise to keep America’s Navy fit we honor them with three brand new designs for them.

The US Navy Chief Surface Warfare, Aviation Warfare and Dolphin insignia are displayed on these colorful, professional and exclusively offered Vision-Strike-Wear.Com designs created by lead artist Frost Call!

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VSWA192 NAVY Chief Enlisted Aviation Pin

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All Vision-Strike-Wear.Com designs like the ones displayed above are copyrighted and their reproduction in part or whole without written approval is not granted. If your company is interested in licensing a Vision-Strike-Wear.Com design please contact us at US Navy Chief Design Launch Dolphin Air and Surface Warfare !


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