Over the past 7 plus years at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com we have seen many things come and go! The departure from kick ass custom military designs have sadly taken a backseat to cheap! Cheap means something you wouldn’t get caught dead wearing to Uncle Groove’s Clam Bake and Chowder House.

America Is Waking Up from Cheap Quality!

The American public is waking up though and realizing very quickly that cheap is cheap and unless you do wish to get caught dead wearing a faded, heat transfer (last about once and then cracks and peels) shirt from a number of Mr. Cheap shirt companies then honestly you get what you paid for.

Custom? No it deasn’t mean expensive. It means someone took the time to actually design something verses throwing it up on their computer and copieed and pasted the art together. Worse still they most likely took it from someone else and are pushing it off as thei rown. Oh the stories we could tell you. The hits jsut keep on coming and things have gone from bad to worse. The average Joe on the street corner doesn’t realise that Uncle Groove wants one thing. Your money and the shortest distance and least amount of work to get there is what he is about.

Not us. Not today. Not tomorrow either. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com will not settle for the ambush tactics others take. Instead they will provide the best designs, based on affordable budgets, custom designed and custom printed.

You can have it all when it comes to custom designs and military graphics. Why? Cause we want to provide it. Does it have to cost a lot more? No. For less than the cost of a cup of Starbuck’s Coffee you can have what others will not offer or cannot offer.

American Made!

Seems a little funny putting shirts produced with cotton made in China, Honduras, Vietnam or even Mexico on the back of our military. We offer American Made apparel items to all the troops and give them the choice when it comes to having the finest American made shirts produced for them in the industry.

Let’s take a look!

Get some ideas for a custom US Army shirt and design!

1-41 Field Artillery Bn


US Navy designs for your Command!

NHC Hawaii SCPOA Shirts

US Air Force custom military shirts and designs!


USMC shirts and designs!


US Coast Guard designs for military apparel!

VSW722_USCG Chesapeake Bay

With custom designs delivered with a passion and zeal for our US military, the design team at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com takes custom military design very serious because they want the very best for the troops. Why? Cause at one time they also wore with pride the military uniform of the United States and were proud to call these same men and women in uniform brothers and sisters. Now they want to pay it forward by providing the very best designs they can for them.

So while you think about how to get the best in a design let’s take a moment to show you why going with someone that either doesn’t do artwork correctly or is going to give you copycat artwork that doesn’t even belong to them.

Vanguard Industries.

A few years ago a customer of ours contacted us and asked us if we could do a design for them. They sent in a proof from Vanguard Industries and wouldn’t you know it. They had copied our design and sent it back to us? It was like can we do this artwork? The answer was yes. We already did. Below is a copy of the copycat art. Below this you will find the original artwork created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com years before Vanguard tried to copy it.


The Vision-Strike-Wear.Com original design.

USS Gunston Hall LSD-44 Shirt

So the next time you want to look for affordable, custom made, American designed, made and printed apparel and shirts check out Vision-Strike-Wear.Com.

Cheap shirts. Cheaply made shirts printed cheaply for a cheap searching audience searching for cheaply made cheap shirts. Isn’t that sad.

So who are they?

They are the ones that advertise cheap shirts. They want to sell cheap shirts. Cutting corners and giving you what they want is their priority.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com makes a difference with custom shirt designs!

At Vision-Strike-Wear.Com we provide what our customers want and we develop custom artwork for them based on their descriptions and the types of design they want to see created for the CPOA, FCPOA, unit, command, artillery unit, infantry or grunt unit, warship, shore command, deployment designs and much more.


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