You really cannot go through a day without witnessing at least one or two funny military memes. There are companies out there that make it a practice to use these memes often within a Facebook page to set off some deliberate fight or way to get members of different military branches to take aim at each other in a fun and interesting way. Often they are successful because the bantering between branches never ends in this all too familiar competition of who is in the best branch within the United States military.

It doesn’t end cause 1. We love competition. 2. We love to win. And 3. We are Americans so it’s our god given right to bitch, complain moan, caste bricks in glass houses, and throw a storm in the general direction of a brother or sister military branch not to mention it can be find and you might just learn a thing or two.

So let’s start off with a few US Army memes!

The Japs Are Coming For Us

Well the Japanese have go to take this one!

Milatary Women

Maybe 4 centuries ago. but you have got to give them a hand for their uniformity.

Intense Army Training

If we can only find a bottle rocket and laucnh this guy into oribit like we used to around July 4th.

Life In Army

Join The Army They Said

Nothing. I have nothinbg cause I have been there.

The Greek Army

300? Man have the times changed.

Every Army Needs A Battle Cry

Every Army needs a battle cry!

You signed on the line. Here ya go!

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