The backbone of the US Navy. The Leadership from the Deckplates. This line in the sand you do not cross. The United States Navy Chief. Goatfellas the Navy Goats that you will never cross and when they take you down you will never hear them coming. Worse than a knife in the ear, heavier than cement shoes and hitting harder than a pipe to the knees comes this wise guy Goatfellas design that captures the look and feel of the Goodfellas movie that gave America a good look into the Costra Nostra, the Mob, Our Thing.

US NAVY Chiefs Goatfellas

US NAVY Chiefs Goatfellas

Chief, Senior Chief, Master Chief watch over their sailors and if they don’t pass muster they could be sleeping with the fishes. Robert Dinero, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci have nothing over the Goatfellas who command the seas, their ships, their commands and make sure things get done. They get done or you get done. The choice is yours.

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