Navy Chief Goatlocker Tavern Shirt

Navy Chief Goatlocker Tavern Shirt

Since April 1st, 1893!

Inspired, contemplated, suggested, ripped, approved, critiqued and tested by United States Navy Chiefs throughout the United States Navy comes this Goatlocker Tavern Navy Chief shirt.

After delivering shirts to the Navy Chief selects at NAS Whidbey Island one perfectly rainy Pacific Northwest day we sat down and spoke with a few past and present US Navy Chiefs in their goatlocker as they exhanged salty sea stories and let me tell you they are more amazing than you can imagine, we got a chance to take out a pencil and some scratch paper made up of a bar napkin and began to take down their suggestions and ides for how to create a US Navy Chief Goatlocker design they thought would be better than a blast of saltwater to the face.

After a few minutes the Goatloacker Tavern Since 1893 shirt design concept was conceived. Born in a bar, ie Chief’s Mess and no not every Chief’s Mess is filled with lovely bottles and spirits, the old salty dog stories filled with a few olives and a Mariner’s blessing and this US Navy design was ready to set sail.

Our many thanks goes out to the Navy Chiefs we had the most amazing time with and for their invitiation to sit with them in their den of US Navy solitude as we listened to generations of US Navy Chiefs discuss the Navy, their brothers and sisters, its history, honor, courage and the committment of what it takes to ensure the longevity and desire to maintain the finest naval power in history.

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