Help Heal Our Vets is an military organization that supports other military non profits and get the much needed funds to the right people for the right people: Our Veterans.

Truth be told there is far too much red tape and too high salaried executives with many of the larger non-profits these days that it raises large concerns about their effectiveness and ability to deliver on their promises. Help Heal Our Vets (HHOV) is all about putting the funds where their mouth is and ensuring that those deemed responsbile to take their monies must provide evidence that the mony donated is provided to the veterans with photos and documentation to support their claims.

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Where does the HHOV logo come from?

Military artist and designer, Frost Call, was essential in the development of the HHOV logo. Ever since the Red Cross and its founder, Clara Barton, while during the Civil War she witnessed what seemed like an infinite number of soldiers wounded and dyting felt the need to help these men brought in fromn the battlefield. The symbol of the Red Cross would become the central component of the Red Cross and recognized the world over as an organization of healing and care.

Because of the intimate connection between care and our veterans there was a need for the cross to be integrated into the design.


The Heart 

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. The heart of our soldiers, the heart to reach out and care for our veterans, the heart to recognize our men and women veterans as people and not second hand people to be thrown away after many years of wear and tear. The heart of our veterans is as sound today as it has ever been and without their sacrifice we as a people would not have endured. The heart found within th HHOV logo is there out of both respect to our veterans and a reminder that we are here for them.


Combat Medics

The worn and whethered look of the HHOV logo is purposeful. The Combat Medics that were called into battle to carry the wounded, provide air in the field, under fire, often risj=king both life and limb to enemy fire while delivering medicine, bandages or relief was tantamount to their role in World War 1, 2, Korea and Vietnam. The arm bands worn by our Combat Medics were a distinct look that made them a prized target by the enemy but also identified them as battlefield angels for those who needed help in the most dire of situations. The slightly worn look of the HHOV logo is a testimony and sign of respect to these men that went into harm’s way to help others.


Remember that our veterans that have seen combat have had their lives changed and their views, attitudes and how they go about their daily lives is different than those who have never known combat. Everyone needs help and for the men and women that have worn the uniform of the United States military we should be respectful, more understanding and offer assistance where and and when we can. This is jsut part of what HHOV does. With every purchase, donation or even a kind word we can do our part to bring some measure of peace to them and assist them in their lives.


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