Inherent Issues With Inherent Resolve USA Announces

The United States government announced Friday that ISIS could get as far as the Baghdad airport potentially threatening Baghdad. The coalition in name is created but in terms of long term strategy. The coalition agrees that ISIS must be defeated but agree on little else.

So inherently there are major problems that continue to sap the strength of countries engaged with ISIS.

1. There is no military objective or collective solution among participating countries.

2. The solution appears to be what to do with the political system in ISIS held areas and presently there is no idea of how best to solve the poltical isue due to the cultural and ideological differences between Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

With these issue the US has announced the name of a new Task Force “Inherent Resolve” with a forward headquarters located possibly in Kuwait. The idea with this Task Force is to control more effectively military forces from the region and not Washington. We feel this is a direction towards what will ultimately mean boots on the ground. You can’t win a war in the sky alone.

The air warfare continues and with ISIS striking forward at locations like Kolbani, this coupled with other cities it has already invaded the US and its colation allies have stepped up the air warfare.

The Word On The Street ~

Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom are wondering the obvious hasn’t already been done? Why aren’ we already on the ground hitting them in the face over and over and over again. The opinion is that we armed Iraq’s military and its their fight. Either they step up and take care of business or they allow us to do so without any issues as to the outcome. They cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Other passions turn to anger when after we hundreds of millions of dollars that we are right back where we started with little to show for it except a sizeable bill our kids get to pay. Not fair. Not right.

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The Butcher’s Bill ~

“As of Thursday the U.S. had launched nearly 300 airstrikes in Iraq and nearly 200 in Syria, and allies had tallied fewer than 100, according to Central Command. Those figures don’t capture the full scope of the effort because many airstrikes launch multiple bombs on multiple targets. Central Command said that as of Wednesday, U.S. and partner-nation air forces had dropped early 1,400 munitions.” (Source: Foxnews.Com)

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No Present Solution ~

So the American public continues to receive reports of this city or villiage being overrun by ISIS and the fighter strike packages sent to upset and throw a blow in the face of ISIS but little is being discussed about what the end game is. Just like Afghanistan 1, Iraq 1 and Afghanistan 2 there is more than ever a need for the United States to finally make a decision on how to best handle the fallout these countries expeience when airplanes and troops leave and a country is left in a void of uncertainty.


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