ISIS Attacks the gates of Baghdad!

Terrorism is now becoming the norm and not the exception in downtown Baghdad!

Know that sound a vacuum makes when it is sucking air and nothing is being sucked in? Kind of like when the US military departs fun and exciting tropical vacation settings like Baghdad and then finds that all the rooms it has left occupied in the luxurious Baghdad Embassy Suites are now occupied with black pajama wearing ISIS cutthroats! So now that ISIS attacks at the gates of Baghdad are close the world turns to this high level terrorism threat.

Been there. Done that!

Baghdad beckons and now with US military interests no longer there the US and her allies plan, brief and disucss in the halls of military power, the Pentagon, another possible boots on the ground scenario that most Americans feel will be an eventuality.

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So what is it going to be? Cluster bombs? Maybe a little Napalm for those cool desert nights? How about a little firefight in downtown Bagdad?


When Search, Target and Acquisition (STA) Marine Snipers were in Baghdad heads were down and terrorism felt the sting of a trained long distance sniper round!


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5 Years and a few grains of sand ago!

Time to get your American Jihad on and join the ranks of the ISIS Hunting Club.

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