ISIS Nostradamus Anti Christ Rising in the Middle East ?

As a boy I watched a very disturbing documentary narrated by the great Orson Wells that foreshadows perhaps an ISIS Nostradamus Anti Christ Rising in the Middle East ? Remembering the dark forecast by this medieval seer gave me chills as he described the vision concerning the 21st century and beyond.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s the cold war was still effecting everyone’s subconscious and Hollywood perpetuated the fomentation with Red Army Russian film after another.  Red Storm Rising! The Hunt For Red October!  Red Heat! “Rush ‘n’ Attack” the video game! The fear of nuclear attack was always in the back of our minds day in and day out.  I had numerous books on the topic with granular detail and scenarios outlined first response timelines calculated for counter attack etc etc etc.

Biological and Thermonuclear war were now terms we became familiar with thanks to films like “Wargames’ with Mathew Broderick and Ally Sheedy of the “Breakfast Club” Rat Pack.  The Main stream was wired into the fear factor of  DECOM 5 and Sphincter Factor 10!  Then a documentary about Michelle Nostradamus predicting a 3rd Anti Christ rising out of the east.  Out of Babylon supported by a Soviet Warsaw Pact supplying this Persian Warlord with the ability to hurl javelins into the New City.  Presumably “New York” is the target of this Islamic Tyrant who first threatens the west before launching a sortie of Soviet ICBMs.

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ISIS Nostradamus 3rd Anti-Christ Rising in the East

Perhaps ISIS is this rising Babylon in the East supported by old school Soviet patriots that wish to see the west fall.  Watch this video on Nostradamus and find out more and see what you think?

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