Mars Attacks US Navy Defends

And right before Veteran’s ay wouldn’t you know it. I know a few vets right now that are scratching their heads and asking to be put right back intot he fight when they heard the news that Mars had jsut assualted the beaches of Andros Island in the Bahamas. Never has the United States Navy repelled invading swarms of Martians during a beach assault! Reminiscent of the US Marines hitting the beaches at Tarawa, Tinian and Saipan and of course Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Now the US Navy gets into the fight as they defend a little island called Andros. So in the clamor of bullets and anchors and alien invaders Mars attacks and the US Navy defends.

Mars Attacks US Navy Defends Andros Island Bahamas Shirt

 The Invasion Begins!

So either sit idly by and watch the attack unfold and US Navy enlisted battle a small but determined Martian invader or get in the fight, grab your assault rifle and wade in on the fighting. Your choice!

Take Up Arms!

From behind the coconut tree you set up with your spotter and pick off these green blooded creatures hellbent on destroying our US Navy location. Not today. Not on this watch. Or better yet have the US Navy squadrons, submarines and surface warships bring the fight to the enemy. They have just the thing for this sort of incursion.

US Navy We Rise Above The Rest Shirt

Navy Calls in USMC attack aircraft!

Just to keep control of the skies the USMC entered the fray and along withthe US Navy and its F-18 Hornets have been keeping the alien heads down. A few image of the Marine Corps aircraft enroute to the battlefield! Time to pushback!

USMC Blackhawks inbound!

Here come the Hornets!

USMC Osprey making its way to the attack zone!

Shortly after the fighting concluded, the Maritian buriel detail commencing with a few able bodied Seabees the enlisted got together and thought up a good one….let’s make a shirt to memorilize this event when the US Navy defended a little know Bahamian island called Andros.  With the little but eventful battle now over and victory assigned to the US Navy life can return to hammocks, waterfalls and enjoying the sunny days and tropical nights.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com enjoyed being called upon to create the only shirt ever made in remembrance of the Mars Attacks US Defends Andros Island.

We Will Never Forget Coin


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