Inspired by a Chief. Collaborated by a United States Navy Chief’s wife. Designed by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com. What do you get from a team like this? A shirt design originally created for the US Navy ship USS Louisville which then later became one of the most widely known and often copied designs in Navy Chief recent history.

Now Master Chief Ruben Aguirre and his incredible and highly supportive spouse were instrumental in the development of an idea that would become the US Navy Chief Anchored design worn by more than a thousand Chiefs all over the US Navy.

The original design was created on October 13th, 2009 by lead designer Frost Call of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com for the Chiefs aboard the USS Louisville. Later it was adopted for a number of Chiefs messes with the occassional text drop or name change and then further developed into a design for Senior Chiefs as well as Master Chiefs.

Further development of the design came when a number of Chiefs contacted the design staff of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com requesting Surface Warfare, Submarine Dolphin Insigia and Air Warfare insignia also be added. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com responded quickly by providing these variations.

Now that the reception has been so welcomed in by the Goatloackers all over the US Navy other companies have waded in like sharks swallowing bait and added their interpretation to what was already a detailed and widely accepted design. It is pretty hard to compete with the original and some of the watered down versions kind of are embarassing to say the least.

The original from October of 2009 when it first was created.

USS Louisville Chief Petty Officer Association Military Shirt

Navychief.Com and its interpretation of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com’s design.

Exellence In Leadership CPO X Goat T-shirt, Navy

The Vision-Strike-Wear.Com interpretation published on NavyChief.Com website circa 2015 a full 5 years after the original artwork by VSW was created.


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